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Dak Man
5th Jan 2014, 03:04
BBC News - Richard Parks claiming 'fastest Briton' record to reach South Pole (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-25603576)

The incredible Richard Parks: Ex-Wales flanker makes history in Antarctica | Live Rugby News | ESPN Scrum (http://www.espnscrum.com/wales/rugby/story/210161.html)

About time that the legend got some recognition.

Richard Parks has recorded the fastest solo, unsupported and unassisted journey to the South Pole by a Brit in history.

Parks reached the South Pole at 5.24am GMT on Saturday and completed the journey in 29 days, 19 hours and 24 minutes, the second fastest time in history. Parks has beaten the existing record by just under 10 days, held up Hannah McKeand from back in 2006.

Parks skied 715 miles in 29 days and was understandably "exhausted" when he reached the South Pole.

"Physically I am absolutely shattered, mentally I am frazzled, it is just a lot to take in," Parks said. "I have a lot of emotions bouncing around but I am happy, proud and grateful."

Parks is no stranger to endurance challenges. In 2011 he became the first person to climb the highest mountain on each of the world's seven continents and stand on all three poles - North, South and Everest - in seven months.