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4th Jan 2014, 01:59
It's 42 C (107.6) under the pergola at Chez Fliegen right now!!

Queensland heatwave: Brisbane set to roast as weekend temperatures soar - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) (http://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-01-03/brisbane-set-to-roast-as-heatwave-continues/5184242)

Haven't read the whole article so can't say if someone somewhere has said it's all man made, being Aunty I wouldn't be surprised :rolleyes: ....that said, It's still freaking hot!!, no doubt I would have no trouble frying an egg on the tin roof of the shed!

Looks like another afternoon floating about in the pool sinking cold beers.....:ok:

Dak Man
4th Jan 2014, 02:01
We (Toronto) hit -32C yesterday while it got down to -55C in Manitoba.

4th Jan 2014, 02:08
Jaysus Dak!, that's Cold!

Found an appropriate song for today...

Dave Warner's from the Suburbs - Australian Heat - YouTube

Dak Man
4th Jan 2014, 02:11
Yep, I had to put a T shirt on to clear my driveway to soak up the sweat otherwise it would have frozen on contact with the air.

I like the cold.

Pinky the pilot
4th Jan 2014, 02:22
Enjoy it Fliegs!:E Tis a mild 29C here out the back of the Pinky household and was 32C yesterday.

Earlier in the week though, we had two days of aroung 48C.:ooh:

Hottest I've ever seen here was a tad under 50C one day a few years back.:eek: And this was shade temp, under a stand of trees.

Airey Belvoir
4th Jan 2014, 03:02
Eastern Staters pah!!

You are only experiencing what the West had just before Christmas. It's just moved across. I had 46 on my patio (in the shade) for 5 days on the trot.

Didn't see too much mention of that in the MSM at the time.

4th Jan 2014, 03:50
Pinky / Airey! Thats ridiculous!....OK then I am a ( albeit melting) East Coast pu$$y...:{

4th Jan 2014, 04:17
42C? I guess that'd mean I'd have to put my greatcoat on a peg for a couple of days, and strip down to a single pullover. :)

There's nothing like living and working in Marble Bar, to make you realise what HOT really means!
During one March I was there, we never had a day under 42C, and we had many a 48C.

The Man from Marble Bar (courtesy Victor Courtney)

Satan sat by the fires of Hell
As from endless time he's sat,
And he sniffed great draughts of the brimstone's smell
That came as the tongue-flames spat;

Then all at once the devil looked stern
For there in the depths of Hell,
Was a fellow whom never a flame could burn
Or goad to an anguished yell;

So Satan stalked to the lonely scene
And growled with a stormy brow,
"Now, stranger, tell me what does this mean?
You should be well scorched by now!"

But the chappie replied with a laugh quite new;
"This place is too cold by far!
Just chuck on an extra log or two!

4th Jan 2014, 04:26
2013 was Australias warmest year since records began in 1910. Mean temperatures across Australia have generally been well above average since September 2012. Long periods of warmer-than-average days have been common, with a distinct lack of cold weather. Nights have also been warmer than average, but less so than days.
The Australian area-averaged mean temperature for 2013 was +1.20 C above the 19611990 average. Maximum temperatures were +1.45 C above average, and minimum temperatures +0.94 C above average. Temperatures were above average across nearly all of Australia for maximum, mean and minimum temperatures, with large areas of inland and southern Australia experiencing the highest on record for each.

Annual climate statement 2013 (http://www.bom.gov.au/climate/current/annual/aus/)

4th Jan 2014, 05:26
Thank you mate. It's -19C here right now.


4th Jan 2014, 05:34
Well I arrived in Oz on thursday for some warm weather and it is a miserable 18C here in Melbourne, what kind of a summer do you call that?

Airey Belvoir
4th Jan 2014, 05:44
It's Melbourne FFS! It's a law unto itself - four seasons every hour. No holiday refunds - you should have come West.

Pinky the pilot
4th Jan 2014, 07:07
Saw that in the SA paper as well as in the Weekend Oz, indicipline_girl and to be perfectly honest I don't believe it.:*

As far as memory serves anyway, the last two summers here in Waikerie have been relatively mild compared to about four or five years ago. The winters I would have classed as average.

But WTF would I know?:E

Curious about your 'handle'? care to elaborate or is that classified information?:E

4th Jan 2014, 07:47
Saw that in the SA paper as well as in the Weekend Oz, indicipline_girl and to be perfectly honest I don't believe it.

Well, if you don't believe it, the raw data is here (http://www.bom.gov.au/climate/data/) for you to check for yourself.
But then, all those scientists are fudging the data, aren't they.

But WTF would I know?


4th Jan 2014, 07:52
Hitting -12C in Dehli.

4th Jan 2014, 07:58
I often wonder about how much more precise, the weather-measuring instruments (thermometers) of today are, as compared to those of 100 yrs ago? :hmm:

After all - to be scientifically precise, all the measurements should have been taken with the same calibrated instrument, or instruments, over the entire, climate-measuring period, of however many hundred years? :hmm:

I personally don't believe one year being fractionally hotter than any of the last 100 yrs, indicates a permanent and major warming trend.
The climate is one of cycles, and this has been proven in centuries past, with accurately-recorded, "little Ice-Ages", and extended droughts that wiped out some civilisations.

Takan Inchovit
4th Jan 2014, 08:06
I'm off to Darwin tonight, where it's noice and cool.

4th Jan 2014, 08:27
Some of my family emigrated to Oz a few years back, and this Christmas several more have joined them.

Their Facebook pages are crammed with pictures- Fred in pool, Charlie in Pool, Emily in pool, all of us in the pool - etc etc.

What the heck do you do in an Australian summer when you get sick of going in the pool? I cant imagine anything involving the slightest exertion (like working?) can be much fun.

Anyway, got to go and check that my roof is still intact this morning!

4th Jan 2014, 08:39
Only country in the world, I think, where shorts can be part of a business suit.

4th Jan 2014, 08:44
In terms of accuracy of measurement of atmospheric temperatures, theres little practical difference between the mercury thermometers developed in the 18th century and those of today. The major errors will come from non-standard siting of measuring equipment.

It's long been recognised that to record the air temperature accurately, the thermometer needs to be in the shade. However, the means of achieving this on land wasn't standardised until the 1st half of the 20th century. Also, the height of the instrument and it's location, i.e. not over a bitumen pad etc. also needs to be standardised. However, while the exact method of standardisation may not have been defined before this, the standard was derived from common practices of the time.

I suspect that from the 18th C. mariners may have had a sort of standardisation, but have no evidence for that.

4th Jan 2014, 08:57
Alright for you lot, but it's been quite chilly down here. I still have Winter blankets on my bed and stil using them. We've had one warm day so far this Summer. That's 50km South of Melbourne. Warm was just 32 degC.

Airey Belvoir
4th Jan 2014, 09:28
What the heck do you do in an Australian summer when you get sick of going in the pool?

Go to the cricket and watch the Poms wilt.

4th Jan 2014, 09:29
What the heck do you do in an Australian summer when you get sick of going in the pool? I cant imagine anything involving the slightest exertion (like working?) can be much fun.

Well you 'Psych' yourself for it........For example my local Gym had a class scheduled at 07:00 this morning, a 400 metre run around the track as a warm up had us all sweating like pigs, actually sweating like dogs in a Chinese restaurant!...but we knew by 8, we'd be done, and in the pool, chilled fruit for breakfast, washed down with Guava nectar :ok:

Regrettably I tore the right calf muscle early on, so pulled up short on the running / cardio side of the class!

But you are right I have a few jobs around the house that will require some physical exertion that I am putting off.... but as for getting sick of going into the pool??? What???, Dive in, hop out, to be cooled by the Sou Easterly trades, fetch cold beer, dive back in.....float about supping said cold beverage until 'Champagne O'Clock' rolls around....about 15:00 local, pop a few corks and linger in the warm water until about 18:30/19:00 local....fresh light dinner of, say, tonight was Vietnamese rice paper rolls with dipping sauce....:ok:....linger over more wine before maybe a Margarita...back in the pool of course....Mojito....or Bahama Mama...maybe, just maybe a puff on a cuban.....essentially one never grows sick of sipping yummy drinks in a pool...:cool:...especially a pool you know that other kids or guests haven't pi$$ed in! :cool::cool:

Get sick of that?....slip inside to watch movies in the air con? Post stuff like this on Pprune?? Me?.....Well......I'm back to the bar.....and then I'm sliding into a warm water bliss, with waterfall water caressing my shoulders...sipping some yummy concoction...:cool:....no, really don't get sick of hopping in the pool....

Curiously, Mrs Fliegs and I go on Holidays searching out exactly what we do in the back yard......:confused:

Cheers :ok:

4th Jan 2014, 09:34
The PM was out for a surf today and didn't mind a quick interview before he towelled off.Where else would you be able to do this ? ;)

No Cookies | Herald Sun (http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/prime-minister-tony-abbott-surprised-by-wake-up-show-after-surfing-in-sydney/story-fni0fiyv-1226794418509)

4th Jan 2014, 09:53
Not much of a wave!, but better than anything we've had up here! The worst Christmas / New year surf wise I can remember!!

SURFERS PARADISE SURF CAM & SURF REPORT | Coastalwatch.com (http://www.coastalwatch.com/surf-cams-surf-reports/qld/surfers-paradise)

May need to 'refresh ' this? (...above?)....So much for a town named 'Surfers Paradise'...... no doubt great 'Beachies' will return.....below..:ok:

https://www.google.com.au/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&docid=4wS2l3yCHqo2uM&tbnid=aR0mB03PuJS7QM:&ved=0CAUQjRw&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.wannasurf.com%2Fspot%2FAustralia_Pacifi c%2FAustralia%2FQLD%2FGold_Coast%2Fmain_beach%2Fphoto%2Finde x.html%3Fwdaction%3Dlib.WDPagePhoto.show%26page%3D5&ei=EujHUqzmFof1kQWa24HgDw&bvm=bv.58187178,d.dGI&psig=AFQjCNErPWR7w5kT9uFDEd4o91737IgOuw&ust=1388919181402748

4th Jan 2014, 11:54
Only country in the world, I think, where shorts can be part of a business suit.


Actor Ian Turpie playing the typical Sydney boss.

4th Jan 2014, 22:41
That was a damn funny TV show Cattletruck! I think mostly because we knew Amanda Keller & Turpie in mostly straight roles before that!

5th Jan 2014, 05:29
"I'm off to Darwin tonight, where it's noice and cool."

Just got back from up there, hotter than usual this year,
thanks to the WA Cyclone sucking the weather away
to the west.

God it was hot, dry but humid with no wind for quite a few days
but nothing like what we were reading in the papers about Qld, SA et al.

"What the heck do you do in an Australian summer when you get sick of going in the pool? I cant imagine anything involving the slightest exertion (like working?) can be much fun."

Worse thing is living in a nice place up north , Qld or NT but not being'
able to swim in the sea or nice clear creeks etc. I find it a bit frustrating
fishing but not being able to jump in and cool off.

Solid Rust Twotter
5th Jan 2014, 07:35
Nothing to stop you hopping in Mr Nitro. As in Africa, it's the getting out again that's the tricky bit....:}

5th Jan 2014, 09:09

Is that wishful thinking on your part :p

Happens to be a 17 ft Croc where I fish and a couple of 14 footers as well
who are very brazen when the 17 footer is not around - like taking fish off the lines.

I heard the 17 footer crush / crunch the bones of a pig leg with one last week, not exactly where I'd like my legs to be :rolleyes:

So I will decline if you don't mind.

Worrals in the wilds
5th Jan 2014, 09:48
I cant imagine anything involving the slightest exertion (like working?) can be much fun.
It isn't, particularly if you work outdoors:( and your workplace inexplicably lacks a pool :}. However it could be worse; Brisbane City Council scheduled a complete resurfacing of the Story Bridge during what turned out to be the hottest weekend on record. I'd say the asphalt crew nearly melted onto the pavement :{.

It's also very smoky at the moment due to a massive bushfire on Straddie. :sad:

Edit; my last boss looked and dressed exactly like Turpie in that picture. What show is it from?

Pinky the pilot
6th Jan 2014, 00:16
Happens to be a 17 ft Croc where I fish and a couple of 14 footers as well who are very brazen when the 17 footer is not around - like taking fish off the lines.

A pity you can't apply rule 303 under those circumstances 500N. I'd suggest that the Nitro would be a slight case of 'overkill.':ooh:

6th Jan 2014, 01:37

Swift & Swift Couriers, an SBS effort from the crew that gave us Pizza and Housies.

6th Jan 2014, 01:53
"Swift & Swift Couriers,"

For what it is, it's a god laugh of wogs et al
taking the piss out of each other.

6th Jan 2014, 03:01

Accuracy has always been more important than firepower / energy/ size for Crocs. You need to / must hit the brain first shot or you shouldn't be firing. You don't get a second chance.

Pinky the pilot
6th Jan 2014, 03:35
Accuracy has always been more important than firepower / energy/ size for Crocs

No argument from me on that.:ok:

A nice mild 26C here today. Both the local swimming pool and the Murray river are only about 5 minutes walk away. No crocs in the Murray at least!

West Coast
6th Jan 2014, 04:12
26C at the house today. Gonna sit by the pool and sip margaritas tomorrow.

Makes writing the house payment check almost tolerable.

6th Jan 2014, 04:34
Not too sure why I picked yesterday to return to Melbourne but
the 10 degree drop to 15 degrees made it a bit chilly after
"enduring" 35 + or two weeks.

26 by the Murray sounds idyllic !

Metro man
6th Jan 2014, 04:50
The crocks aren't as big a problem up North in Australia as the Irukandji jellyfish. Signs next to the beach give advice on how to deal with someone who has been stung by one:

1. Retrieve victim from the water.
2. Restrain
3. Resuscitate if necessary.
4. Call ambulance


6th Jan 2014, 07:35
Yes, Swift and er.. Shift.

Turpie's still got a good set of legs for his age :}.

Worrals in the wilds
6th Jan 2014, 08:23
Cheers, I'll check it out. :ok:
We've just had a thumper of a storm that's cooled it down and cleared the smoke. Hopefully it hasn't done too much damage.

6th Jan 2014, 08:27
Er...had a good set of legs.... :(

Ian Turpie - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ian_Turpie)

It was base humour, refreshingly un PC, but very Aussie...and very funny :}

6th Jan 2014, 08:33
Just read your reply WitW, and yes that was a hell of a storm!!...I just came back from the 'Big Gun'., and my boy had broken up with his girl....utterly shattered the poor kid is :sad:, you do what you do, I gave him a big hug and was a shoulder to cry on as best I could...and we went for a surf together.....that is until we walked down the beach and noticed a sky behind us straight out of a Hollywood movie!!! :eek: 'One quick one and back to the car!' Says I..... we watched sun lounges flying off balconies and into the street below, people running and screaming.....driving back home, still in wet boardies and rashie, some of the bolts of lightning were insane!!! :}

7th Jan 2014, 09:35
Meanwhile in the USA

'Illinois declares Disaster!'
'Indianapolis Bans Driving!'
'Polar Vortex!'

It's just so much more dramatic than

'USA a bit warmer than Canada, as usual'

Dak Man
7th Jan 2014, 12:59
-41C when I left home this morning.

Here's today's outlook, fortunatley I'm off to LA for a few days. :cool:


7th Jan 2014, 13:01
Dak Man wrote:

We (Toronto) hit -32C yesterday while it got down to -55C in Manitoba.

Manitoba? Is that in Germany? :}:E

It's freezin' ass here too. Big time.

This morning as I got into my car to drive to work it was -15F/-26C.

Yesterday morning as I got into my car to drive to work it was 51F/10C.

Thus, yesterday morning my balls were toasty. This morning they froze. :}

Dak Man
7th Jan 2014, 13:03
Frohes Neues Jahr fr Sie und Ihre Familie.

Worrals in the wilds
7th Jan 2014, 13:04
Wherever you are on our little planet, one way or another it's definitely Extreme Season! :eek:

Stay warm/cool either way. :cool:

7th Jan 2014, 13:06
Dak Man:


PS: It's not Sie and it's not Ihre Familie. (unless, of course, you would like to refer to me as sire!)

It would be more appropriate to say "Frohes neues Jahr fuer dich und deine Familie."

<anal mode off>

Dak Man
7th Jan 2014, 13:08
...........I was being polite, hence I wasn't talking to you..........;)

7th Jan 2014, 13:10
Oh, okay, I thought as much.

What did you do to deserve a trip to Hell-A? Were you naughty, and not so nice, so Santa is sending you to Hell-A to do some penance? :}:}

Dak Man
7th Jan 2014, 13:23
Vitamin D deficiency.

Ancient Mariner
7th Jan 2014, 13:42
Hot? Not really, but unseasonably mild. We'd normally have between minus 10 to 30 C in Januray, but it has been hovering around 0 to minus 3 these last weeks.
Makes for plastic snow though. Pictures from Saturday.

http://i1339.photobucket.com/albums/o702/perebs/DSC_0787cropped_zps6a1b4486.jpg (http://s1339.photobucket.com/user/perebs/media/DSC_0787cropped_zps6a1b4486.jpg.html)
http://i1339.photobucket.com/albums/o702/perebs/DSC_0783cropped_zps372ad97d.jpg (http://s1339.photobucket.com/user/perebs/media/DSC_0783cropped_zps372ad97d.jpg.html)
http://i1339.photobucket.com/albums/o702/perebs/DSC_0788cropped_zps8d2b56f8.jpg (http://s1339.photobucket.com/user/perebs/media/DSC_0788cropped_zps8d2b56f8.jpg.html)

dubbleyew eight
7th Jan 2014, 15:27
Ancient why on earth did you paint your roof with polystyrene foam?
is that to make it look christmassy?

yesterday it was 50 celcius in my workshop.:E

Ancient Mariner
7th Jan 2014, 16:19
Indeed W8, just to make it look X-Massy. This view from other end of cabin. Much loved by SWMBO. :rolleyes:
Guess in which direction the wind blows.

http://i1339.photobucket.com/albums/o702/perebs/DSC_0670cropped_zps62361bef.jpg (http://s1339.photobucket.com/user/perebs/media/DSC_0670cropped_zps62361bef.jpg.html)

14th Jan 2014, 10:18
Adelaide,South Australia will be 45C tomorrow and 46C on Thursday.That's warm :}

14th Jan 2014, 10:25
Ancient Mariner

What I would do to be where you are at the moment.

It was 35 degrees at 9 am this morning and got to just above
43 degrees today West of Melbourne.

Only 3 days to go of over 40 degrees !!!

Luckily the GF picked up a new bottle of Gin this morning
so that got a bit of a hammering today :O

14th Jan 2014, 10:29
And to make it interesting, in South Oz today we are seeing a steady series of mostly dry thunderstorms with resulting fires all over the southern areas of the state. Many of them are still going at 2200 hours.

Fire bomber and aerial rec crews will sleep well tonight. They need to; tomorrow many of the fires will still be still be going. Lots of flying hours accumulated today.

Loading crew for AT802s and anything else that comes along.

14th Jan 2014, 10:37
I'm driving a 9yo commercial vehicle from MEL>ADL on Thursday for the Tour Down Under cycling.I'm leaving at 0300.My vehicle and I will wilt and perish on the way if I leave it too late.

14th Jan 2014, 10:48
I hope it's got air conditioning.

The road is good but I reckon the scenery leaves a bit to be desired :O,
especially that Horsham / Vic / SA Border region.

Ancient Mariner
14th Jan 2014, 10:59
500N, drop by anytime, no need to bring gin, bring whisky, we've got ice.

14th Jan 2014, 11:02
Having just done two weeks in the tropics (Darwin) where this year was hotter and drier than normal, I didn't expect it to be so hot in Melbourne.

Cold snow would be most welcome at the moment !

14th Jan 2014, 12:27
43 degrees Celsius in Melbourne today, so I went to the beach at 7pm to cool down a little.

Took great pleasure watching a hot looking tall blonde chick kick and mark (catch) an Aussie rules football like a professional but in a tiny bikini. I wish I had a GF like that :{

Buggah about Turps, I must have been OS when it was announced and missed it, poor fella.