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3rd Jan 2014, 20:58
For Slasher......

Stress Analysis (http://m.neatorama.com/2013/12/31/A-Stress-Analysis-of-a-Strapless-Evening-Gown/#!rgGlk)

4th Jan 2014, 18:01
ORAC, thanks for posting that.

As if the problem were not complex enough, some females require that the back of the gown be lowered to increase the exposure and correspondingly attract more attention.

In this case, the horizontal forces F1 and F2 (Figure 1) are no longer acting horizontally, but are acting downward at an angle shown (on one side only) by T. Therefore, there is a total downward force equal to the weight of the dress below B + the vector summation of T1 and T2. This vector sum increases in magnitude as the back is lowered because F = 2Ts in a, and the angle a increases as the back is lowered. Therefore, the vertical uplifting force which has to be supplied for equilibrium is increased for low-back gowns.