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2nd Jan 2014, 12:17
As if we here in the Northeast of the United States haven't been warned often enough, I awoke this morning to news headlines such as:

"Do you live in the Northeast? Get ready to get pummeled".

"Northeast set for blizzard".

"Northeastern U.S. to get socked with a foot of snow in blizzard conditions."

Yeah, yeah, yeah. We know all about it. What's the big deal anyway? So what if we're expecting a foot of snow? So what if at times tonight the winds will be gusting to 30mph in heavy snow with visibilities reduced to 1/4 mile? So what if the temperature is supposed to drop to -15F? So what if we all freeze to death, what's the big deal?

O Canada? I'm looking at y'all. This is YOUR fault again. Well, partly anyway. The "Alberta Clipper" headed this way is going to have sex, and mingle, with a low-pressure system coming up out of the SE U.S. And they're gonna party!!!!

2nd Jan 2014, 12:28
CBC informs me it is currently colder than Mars outside right now and, Vancouver excepted as always, we are one of the warmest places in Canada.
Another 20 cm of snow tomorrow.
It's sunny, warm inside, and Russia has just eliminated the US from the World Junior Hockey Champs, after the US was beaten by Canada on Tuesday - all's well with the World:ok:

2nd Jan 2014, 12:59

Don't forget that the Maple Leafs beat the Red Wings yesterday, with 105,000 people watching outdoors in the snow and freezing cold. No word from BenThere or Dushan...

2nd Jan 2014, 13:01
That's probably because both Dushan and BenThere are still frozen and haven't quite thawed out yet!

2nd Jan 2014, 13:08
didn't wish to embarrass them.;)

At the US v Canada game on Tuesday, in Malmo, Sweden, the crowd was 90% Canadian. 24 Canadian flags on display, 1 US, 1 Swedish. The official Swedish reporter said it felt like being in Medicine Hat, not Malmo.


and tomorrow's headlines will include...


2nd Jan 2014, 14:35
11 degrees outside today and walked into town wearing fleece :)

Where is this snow of which you speak (ok wait 2 weeks).

2nd Jan 2014, 15:25
Yup, bring on the white stuff, I for one am fed up with the amount of wind & rain we've had.http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/src:www.pprune.org/get/images/smilies/wbored.gif :ugh: http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/src:www.pprune.org/get/images/smilies/wbored.gif :ugh: http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/src:www.pprune.org/get/images/smilies/wbored.gif

I'm sure that even in deepest darkest England-shire the reservoirs are brim full by now & the last hosepipe ban has been rescinded.

A period of Proper winter is what's needed now.......http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/src:www.pprune.org/get/images/smilies/thumbs.gifhttp://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/src:www.pprune.org/get/images/smilies/thumbs.gifhttp://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/src:www.pprune.org/get/images/smilies/thumbs.gif

2nd Jan 2014, 16:49
Imagine if all that recent rain had fallen as snow http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/src:www.pprune.org/get/images/smilies/eek.gif

....and then frozen http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/src:www.pprune.org/get/images/smilies/eek.gifhttp://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/src:www.pprune.org/get/images/smilies/eek.gif

2nd Jan 2014, 16:52
Imagine if all that recent rain had fallen as snow http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/src:www.pprune.org/get/images/smilies/eek.gif

....and then frozen

Imagine if it freezes now ?

Ice skating from Gatwick to Heathrow.

2nd Jan 2014, 17:20
it is currently colder than Mars

Colleagues in the biz. tell me that the surface temperature of the planet Mars is increasing right now. There is also an unexplained but massive variation in wind speeds on Venus.

Al Gore has come up with reasons for neither. Yet.

2nd Jan 2014, 17:58

Does that mean Mars is also experiencing "global warming"?
Does Al Gore know about this? If not, he should be informed so he can travel to Mars (one-way of course along with Justin Bieber) and tell the Martians all about it. :}:}

2nd Jan 2014, 18:34
I do get a kick out of the hyper coverage (well sometimes).

Gosh, snow the first week of January? In dead of winter? Wow. Who knew?

Was looking at some journals I kept in the late 70s in Washington D.C. area.

"Jan. 4. Snowed today. Snow predicted every day for next several days. Got snow shovel out of trunk. Hope Metro runs."

"Jan. 5. Work was busy. Snowed today, 9 inches I think. Not sure."

"Jan. 6. Made birthday cake for Paige. (roommate). Snowed today. Lost cars in drifts over last few days, so Paige and Mary and I dug out our cars so we can go shopping later if some stores open. May snow tomorrow."

And so on.

Where was the panic? "Oh the humanity!!!"

The journals for 1979 were similar for February---when there were two back to back 24 inches falls in the same week. Only mention of snow really was "Snow has caused Metro to close and no buses, so cannot get to work. Telephones down too. So we'll watch TV, I guess."

And that was the worst snow event of the century. But people just kind of shrugged.


2nd Jan 2014, 19:50
Mary and I dug out our cars

Ever dug out the wrong car? I helped a friend once out who had got caught in a mutli car snow-in in the sticks. We found out when we got to the number plate.

spInY nORmAn
2nd Jan 2014, 22:13
More than happy to send it all down your way. It's up to a balmy -23C today after a couple of weeks of these types of temps:


Had a power outage the other day at -42C. Only lasted about 3 hours but did things get chilly quickly!

Let us know when you need some more arctic air - we'll get right on it :}

3rd Jan 2014, 00:15
Meanwhile the cente of the universe is -19C with windchill of -32C. More of the same tomorrow.

3rd Jan 2014, 00:32
So you had a row with your Mrs too? Oh sorry, colder than Mars, I misread it.

3rd Jan 2014, 01:08
Current Conditions
Observed at: Sept-les Airport Date: 9:00 PM EST Thursday 2 January 2014
Condition: Clear Pressure:102.9 kPa
Tendency: rising
Visibility:24 km
Temperature:-32.5C Dewpoint:-39.0C
Wind:NNW 9 km/h
Wind Chill: -42

spInY just talked to a friend in Whitehorse. Heat wave at -12. :eek:

3rd Jan 2014, 01:18
But, but, but, Pigboat, the centre of the universe is cold. Brrrrrr.

spInY nORmAn
3rd Jan 2014, 06:39
Pigboat - those lucky bastards in Whitehorse don't know how good they've got it! We're dipping back down to -40C by Sunday. :eek: Hibernation time methinks!

3rd Jan 2014, 07:18
Reached 28C ( 82F) in Northern New Zealand today. Bliss.

but I do recall spending time in Winnipeg one Winter, mates' car suffered a flat tyre, and with temps. in the -30's and snowing, 4 of us took it in turns to change the tyre, about 5 mins per person, then back inside where we kept the engine and heater going !

The performance of the T-33 ( F-80) R.R. Nene powered jet trainer was mightily enhanced tho' !!