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Jim Reed
13th May 2002, 14:17
The Classic Boeing C-97(377)STRATOCRUISER owned & operated by the BAHF from Toms River NJ USA completed the last leg of HER ferry flight on Fri 10 MAY & landed successfully at HER home base at Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn NYC. SHE will go into the big hangar & there the work on the COLD WAR MUSEUM/EXIBIT will start to take shape inside HER fuselage. The Millville NJ airshow was a big success & the C-97 made HER public DEBUT on 4 & 5 MAY. See some pics & info on the BAHF at www.spiritoffreedom.org

13th May 2002, 14:54
A flying a/c to be parked and put on (non-flying) display ? that's sad IMO

14th May 2002, 00:28
I think you misunderstood the first post.

This is not a flying aircraft for static display.

We plan to keep her airworthy, so the Museum insside the large fuselage can TRAVEL around the country for public display.

The "Angel of Deliverance", as she is called, will be hangared for 2 years approx. so we can install a museum in her fuselage. Also we need to do crew training and repairs.

Mostly, we need funding. There are only 2 Stratofreighter/Stratocruisers airworthy today, ours and a fire fighting airplane. In order to keep that from becoming one, we need to replace 1 Pratt & Whitney R-4360-59B radial engine at a cost of $150,000 ea.

We are a Tax exempt charity under the 501 c 3 provision.

For further updates, please log on to our website at www.spiritoffreedom.org

Kevin Kearney
Berlin Airlift Historical Foundation
Douglas C-54E "Spirit of Freedom"
Boeing C-97G "Angel of Deliverance"

14th May 2002, 20:23
Nice picture on the website- looks like a prop-powered Flash Gordon rocket :D
Good Luck - hope you get the support you (and the aircraft) deserve.