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1st Jan 2014, 17:23
Mission impossible: Private plane lands on highway in Betul, Madhya Pradesh, DGCA orders probe - Financial Express (http://www.financialexpress.com/news/mission-impossible-private-plane-lands-on-highway-in-betul-madhya-pradesh-dgca-orders-probe/1214137)

1st Jan 2014, 20:31
Looks like a Cessna 172 to me despite the article calling it a Piper PA-30.


A A Gruntpuddock
1st Jan 2014, 21:00
Cessna 172 (http://dgca.nic.in/caris/Reg-Sep06.pdf)

I think the 'impossible' part probably refers to it missing the traffic!

2nd Jan 2014, 00:33
In nice weather, s/he could get back in the plane and take-off. Problem solved.

As to its being a Piper... :} :D :D