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31st Dec 2013, 22:24
Okay, I've posted my disdain about social media here prior, but I've changed my mind and at the same time reinforced my belief in God.

This came about Sunday night. For those that do not know this, we have three dogs, a Great Pyrenees and two Malamutes and five cats, the cats having nothing to do with this story.

Sunday night at 7pm (19:00) their normal feeding time, I could not find the Great Pyrenees, age 10, or the older Malamute, age 6. Now for those that do not know this, Great Pyrenees are professional escape artists, given any opening they are off like a shot. Now she has escaped before and usualy we find her in the neighborhood after a short search, usualy because about everyone in the neighborhood know her and will grab her, then call us.

A few years ago I made the back yard (garden) escape proof, unless one of the grandkids leaves a gate open. Which is not problem, because the grandkids will chase her down and bring her home. But the last time before Sunday night, the older Malamute went with her, which she never had before.

Sunday night, she actually broke the lock on the west gate and we had no idea how long she and the Malamute had been gone. The last that I knew she was in the back yard was around 5pm (17:00).

So we start searching the neighborhood and not a sign, I stop some people on their evening walks, none of them had seen them. Now it was getting late. My wife, while searching on her own had sent out message on Facebook with a picture of the two dogs.

About 10 she calls me all excited, someone had found the dogs and took them to their home, where they cleaned them up a little and treated a cut on the Pyrenees. Now their home is about a mile and half from where we live. But they did not find the dogs near their home, not even close really.

This is where what I consider a miracle had occured. The dogs were found walking along a busy street over eight miles from where we live. To get to were they were found, they had to cross a very, very busy intersection, then two other busy intersection, walked the entire lenght of Wiley Post airport and then another mile past that. How they avoided being killed or seriously injured is where my belief in God was reinforced, it was a miracle, pure and simple. Oh, and at one point they had to have crossed the busy street they were traveling next to, they were on the east side of the street and our home is about a half mile west of that street.

Now the social media bit. As posted earlier, my wife had posted about the dogs on facebook in her group of freinds. One of her/our friends, Barbie, had recieved the message, then a little while later, a friend of hers that belonged to a different group than my wife's, posted that they had found two dogs that were walking down Rockwell, the street the dogs had been on and posted a photo of the dogs.

They were our dogs. Barbie immediately recognized the dogs as ours, as she has been at our home many times and knew the dogs, called the lady that had found our dogs and then called us.

So I went and picked them and brought them home. They were a pair of sore, tired and hungry dogs, even though the folks that found them fed them a couple of left over hamburgers.

Therefore in conclusion, my belief in God being reinforced, I've decided to give Facebook another try. Can't hurt.

What a great New Year's present. Thank you God. :ok:

Oh, please remember that it is religion I have no use for, any religion.

31st Dec 2013, 22:44
A good news story, on the New Year's Eve. Very heartwarming.

31st Dec 2013, 22:48
Glad you got your pets back C-P.

A few years ago, I was driving along not too far from my house when I saw a very old looking basset hound walking straight across a busy main road without making any attempt to dodge the traffic.
He managed to get to the far side (where I was) so I decided to grab him as there are no houses in the area and he was obviously lost.

After getting him in my car (no easy feat as he was stone deaf and very scared), I called around the local police stations to see if anyone had reported him as lost, and it turned out that he was owned by someone who lived well over 100 miles away and who was visiting friends in the area.
The dog had wandered off from their garden and had walked about 5 miles before I found him.
His owners were a very elderly couple who were out of their minds with worry and were extremely grateful to get their pet back.

Another time I saw an extremely large Rottweiler attempting to navigate a busy roundabout, and again, he ended up in my car. (luckily he was very friendly and well trained). He ended up at the local police station, where I would hope his owners managed to find him.

I work in a country where there are always large numbers of dogs wandering about and generally they seem to be traffic aware than a lot of the local population.

31st Dec 2013, 22:49
Mrs. D is very happy you found the dogs and wants to see a picture of them as she is astounded that people would not be afraid to approach them as they are very big (we assume).

31st Dec 2013, 23:16
Here you go.

http://i28.photobucket.com/albums/c246/con-pilot/IMG_3043.jpg (http://s28.photobucket.com/user/con-pilot/media/IMG_3043.jpg.html)http://

And yes, they are rather big dogs, especialy the Great Pyr, the white one that is laying down, the escape artist.

Here is just a picture of the Great Pyr, that gives a better idea of how big she is, and how gentle. Note the kitty next to her.

http://i28.photobucket.com/albums/c246/con-pilot/IMG_3637.jpg (http://s28.photobucket.com/user/con-pilot/media/IMG_3637.jpg.html)http://

31st Dec 2013, 23:34
Great story con. Kinda restores your faith in human nature, dunnit? :ok:

Airey Belvoir
31st Dec 2013, 23:44
Great story Con. Glad everything worked out in the end. It augurs well for a good 2014.

The Pyr looks like a big version of my Golden Retriever.

1st Jan 2014, 00:00
Glad the pooches were recovered. You'd think they'd learn - "Hey, when I leave, I don't get fed as much, things hurt, and it's cold..."

As to God, I think the Guy has a sense of humor and a special fondness for the species. Why else use the same letters as His name?

1st Jan 2014, 00:01
Con :ok::ok::ok:

I specially like your closing sentence - belief in God and religion are not one and the same thing :)

Pinky the pilot
1st Jan 2014, 00:55
[B]con-pilot; :ok::ok: A really great read and an especially good ending. And going to give facebook another try? Struth!!:D

I sincerely hope that you don't back down on the brussells sprouts issue though.

Kinda restores your faith in human nature, dunnit?

Amen to that.:ok:

Loose rivets
1st Jan 2014, 01:18
What beautiful dogs! So glad they're back home. The hours I've spent looking for my son's dogs:ugh: Oh, my. Just when I thought they were in Mexico, all three would turn up tired and hungry. 36 hours, one time.

Baloo was a . . . Oh, heck, my memory! A big fury thing with a blue tongue. She hated cats, but when we looked after her, she'd watch the cat eat her dinner with a tolerance only found in a higher place. However, one night she sat there as the cat gouged her food and in a moment of intolerable frustration, let out one solitary bark that nearly shattered the windows. Kitty Park (a long story) looked at her disdainfully and went back to eating her food.

Rushing to celebrate. Happy new year everyone . . . and their pets.

1st Jan 2014, 01:32
Kewl Beans....

Captain Dart
1st Jan 2014, 05:31
There is no 'god'. If your dogs had not been found you would not be posting about their return and probably not posting on PPRuNE about the fact that they were missing, which you had not done at time of writing. Fortunate coincidence, bolstered by human technology.

It's like those who believe survival of a terrible accident is a 'miracle'. If they had not survived they would not be here to proclaim it as such.

But I am glad that you got your doggies back.

1st Jan 2014, 06:20
There is no 'god'.

Really....? As a dyslexic, agnostic insomniac, I lie awake at nights wondering if there is a dog.... Clearly con-pilot has assured me there is....

Happy New Years to one and all.......

1st Jan 2014, 06:36
Well done on getting your mutts back:)

There is no 'god'

Well I'm a physicist and an Atheist, and I can't say there is no god. I can only say what the evidence looks like to me as I interpret it. I also have to accept the fact that as a human being I could be wrong in my conclusions, to do otherwise is hubris of the extreme.

tony draper
1st Jan 2014, 06:41
Good stuff Mr Con,:ok:

Captain Dart
1st Jan 2014, 07:21
Some 'god' that miraculously returns pets to their owners but allows such atrocities as terrorist bombings is about as believable as your 117,000 electric kettles melting out an ice bound ship, Mr Draper.

But yours is a far more entertaining story!

1st Jan 2014, 07:33
Captain Dart.

Captain of what exactly.

If you don't believe in God, you are a fool.

1st Jan 2014, 08:24
So glad you got them back Con.

When we had the pair of Newfoundlands they would pull off some incredible escapes, the smaller one even climbing trees and hedges to get out, they seemed to egg each other on. As I'm left with just the one now there hasn't been any more escapes. It's a horrible sick feeling in the pit of the stomach when you realise they've gone missing and the mind goes into overdrive thinking up more and more horrific scenarios.

A great relief and a good way to start off 2014. :D

Curious Pax
1st Jan 2014, 08:41
Fortunately my 2 have never gone further than the front garden across the road ( we're in a v quiet cul de sac so no real traffic issue). On one occasion though Thea did go in and eat the food belonging to the 2 Rhodesian ridge backs living there. Despite being much bigger they just stood there looking close to tears!

Great outcome C-P - it's at times like that that you wish they had a camera collar on so you can see what they got up to!

tony draper
1st Jan 2014, 08:50
Dogs are not street wise now,in the old days they were chucked out in the street to roam in the way cats still are,hence they knew their way around,had their adventure and returned home at grub time.
They get out now they think great, freedom!! rush about sniffing and leg cocking looking at new places then suddenly they realize they are lost,you can spot a lost dog half a mile away,unfortunately lost dogs are hard to approach,their panic makes even the friendliest of hounds distrust anyone trying to get close enough to help them.

1st Jan 2014, 09:45
Our old dog used to be put out at night in winter wearing one of my old jumpers. As we believed, she would go to her snug kennel, to await our rising the next day.
One morning when we went outside, she came out of her kennel without the jumper, which was nowhere to be found.
The kids found it caught up on a barbed wire fence about a mile away. The old dear had scaled a 5' fence to escape. Who knows what she had been up to.

1st Jan 2014, 10:14
A couple of years ago friends of mine went on holiday and left their dog with me. He was from a rescue home, had clearly been abused and was very nervous, specially of men, but was reasonably relaxed with me. He was a big strong dog, more like a Newfie than anything else.

Things went fine for a couple of days until he got into my car prior to going for a walk in the woods. He'd happily been in the car before but this time he decided for no obvious reason to jump out and started running around in ever increasing circles until he jumped the fence and ran up the road. I tried everything I could to find him and lure him back but without success. Reluctantly after two days I had to call my friends and tell them, knowing that it would spoil their holiday as they would curtail the trip and come back to look for him.

They went straight to their house and he was in the garden waiting for them. Why had I not done the obvious and gone over there to look for him? For a start it was over 20 kilometres away. He'd never been to my house before and it seemed inconceivable that he would have found his way back, through a forested area, across two main roads and a motorway, through a village, and somehow getting through, or over, a security fence.

They are extraordinary animals and we should never underestimate their capabilities.

Solid Rust Twotter
1st Jan 2014, 10:32
They're definitely brighter than most humans I meet.

Better company too...

1st Jan 2014, 11:05
Hi. In 1985, as I was sailing around the West Med in my 30 foot Colin Archer wooden yacht, my dog, a fox terrier cross and I went for what was going to be a two days treck inland southern Italy (near Napoli). After about 22 miles inland, mainly on footpath and in the middle of the wine yards, we heard a gun shot. There was nothing this dog was afraid of apart from thunder and gunshots... I shouted his name when he bolted in the opposite direction the blast was coming from but he would not listen and disappeared. After hours of looking for him, exhausted and worried about him, wondering how on earth I would break the news of his disparition to my wife at home, two thousand miles away, I decided to go back to the boat, rest for a few hours and come back to the area next day. When I got back to the marina, at two O'clock in the morning, hardly able to walk, who was patiently waiting for me on the quay side by the yacht? You guessed it, my best friend, wagging his tail like an out of control metronome and a look of guilt like I'd never seen before on his face... Relief.
Our current dog, a fox terrier, when at the farm in Normandy is roaming the country side for miles around. I often get a phone call from people miles away asking me to come and get my dog back as their bitch is destroying the conservatory door trying to join him outside since he has been standing in the rain for hours waiting to say "hello" to her...... In fact, I sometimes find ads in the local paper... For sale, lovely foxterrier cross pups...
Edited to add that, as a responsable dog owner, I always ask the bitch owners if they want me to provide them with a "day after" abortion pill but so far they all refused, he is so cute looking and good charactered that in fact, many of them made good money without having to pay a stud fee....

1st Jan 2014, 13:20
Great story Con :ok:

WRT the Book of Face, keep an eye on the settings and use the tools to manage your postings. ;)

1st Jan 2014, 13:31
I recalled that when we had dinner with our friends at their house, the dog came and sat with his head on my lap the whole evening, but refused to meet my eyes at any point, as if he felt guilty and was asking for forgiveness.

DX Wombat
1st Jan 2014, 14:51
I'm delighted C-P. What an excellent start to 2014. Happy New Year to all. :)

1st Jan 2014, 15:48
Great story con. Kinda restores your faith in human nature, dunnit?

ditto. Whatever Cptn Dart says. Sometimes we're lucky and sometimes we aren't - why spoil the good moments' joy?
Says a proud caretaker of two tails this night (canine/feline).

The funny part of the post was about making the back yard "escape proof", of course. As if that's possibly possible! :\
I've got the impression that our dachs does not wriggle out from under anything (mostly, and I wouldn't even mention the gate specifically) just because she thinks it wouldn't be polite.
When we had the full pack of 3, it was easy. Didn't happen often, but when one of them was sitting close to the fence and looking somewhere intently, you had to follow the gaze and there was someone familiar at the other end for sure.
Lovely dogs, good pic!

1st Jan 2014, 17:02
The funny part of the post was about making the back yard "escape proof", of course. As if that's possibly possible!

Exactly. :p

So Monday night Mrs. C-P got on the internet and found GPS trackers that you can put on the collars, so she ordered three of them. Not going to take any more chances, if they get out, we can call up this website and find them.

Or just call the NSA. :E

Thank all of you for your kind remarks and for those that don't believe in God, that's okay, it is your choice and I have no problem with that. God might, but not me.

Thanks again everybody. :ok:

1st Jan 2014, 17:20
GPS trackers for dogs, why not. I know they make children's clothes with GPS trackers in them, I hear helicopter parents love 'em.

1st Jan 2014, 22:56
A big fury thing with a blue tongue ?

Chow ? or do they have black tongues ?

eastern wiseguy
2nd Jan 2014, 00:06
Sop monkey......really?

Glad you got your guys back safely.....really glad. Any divine intervention though has to be dubious at best.

I like this piece of logic,

Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able?
Then he is not omnipotent.
Is he able, but not willing?
Then he is malevolent.
Is he both able and willing?
Then whence cometh evil?
Is he neither able nor willing?
Then why call him God?

For evil substitute "dogs escaping" :)

Again really DELIGHTED that the guys are safe.:ok:

2nd Jan 2014, 05:38
Hello Eastern Wiseguy.

Happy New Year to you.

I don't want to hijack con's thread or rain on your parade.

As sure as the sun will rise tomorrow this will happen. The very moment we die, we will know there is a God. This needs to given some thought.

2nd Jan 2014, 07:25
The scriptures, for what they are worth (which may not be much) imply that God has left us to manage ourselves during our allotted span and when we're done, we'll be judged on our performance.

I believe that those who haven't shared their lives with at least one dog will join the wife beaters, mass murderers and war criminals as fuel for the universal heating system.

2nd Jan 2014, 07:53
The very moment we die, we will know there is a God
Very true:)

imply that God has left us to manage ourselves during our allotted span and when we're done, we'll be judged on our performance.

And if you where to try and make a scientific phsycological analysis of why he/she/it would do this, you would find it has a very logical basis of why it is so.

I believe that those who haven't shared their lives with at least one dog will join the wife beaters, mass murderers and war criminals as fuel for the universal heating system.

I'm screwed:{, whoops no forgot I'm an atheist. So I would still be stuffed anyway:p

2nd Jan 2014, 08:04
Good to see you got the dogs back, love those Pyrennees, had one as a friend many years ago, still remember him.

If you don't believe in God, you are a fool.

If there was a God, and if he had any power at all, he would not let religion exist. Therefore there is no God (or he has no power which amounts to much the same thing). Sorry, C-P.

2nd Jan 2014, 08:13
If there was a God
if we went along that alley, we'd have to start with "what is God" first. God forgive us. :sad:

2nd Jan 2014, 09:42
A great relief and a good way to start off 2014.

I'm feeling left out - I know where my dogs were all over the holiday period.

That's it, I'm cancelling my Facebook account. :mad: And as for Godů. :E

2nd Jan 2014, 12:44
I know where our dogs are. They own the sofa. That's why me and Missus sit on the floor. :(

2nd Jan 2014, 13:14
Sounds familiar.:rolleyes:


2nd Jan 2014, 13:35
DOGGONE IT?! I think both brickhistory and Gordy who introduced the subject of anagrams may be onto something...


My favourite though must be: DOGS FOUND = "DOGS DO FUN".

Personally though, I reckon the dogs got fed-up with all the deep-fried turkey... :ok:

2nd Jan 2014, 13:51
I can't get on the settee either !


ps airship I apologise for being rude to you the other day.

2nd Jan 2014, 13:54

The only part of your story I don't quite understand is: WHY did the doggies venture so far? Having owned dogs in the past I know they are territorial and usually won't venture too far. I just can't imagine what caused your dogs to stray 8+ miles. Any ideas?

tony draper
2nd Jan 2014, 14:29
SBWH has his own sofa,though it dont fit him now.:rolleyes:
http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a194/Deaddogbay/second%20album/080120131175_zps8f779fd3.jpg (http://s11.photobucket.com/user/Deaddogbay/media/second%20album/080120131175_zps8f779fd3.jpg.html)

2nd Jan 2014, 15:11
We have two cats. They go out every night and come back unharmed every morning.
It's a miracle?
I don't believe in gods.

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2nd Jan 2014, 15:19
Cats, man, they're CATS!


2nd Jan 2014, 16:41

The only part of your story I don't quite understand is: WHY did the doggies venture so far? Having owned dogs in the past I know they are territorial and usually won't venture too far. I just can't imagine what caused your dogs to stray 8+ miles. Any ideas?

This bothered us as well. Our Vet is also a freind of ours and I talked to him about them going so far, as until now they have never left the neighborhood.

He thinks that the Great Pyr, who is 10, has a form of canine Alzheimer's. Her eyesight is not what it used to be and she has hearing problems, but her sense of smell is just as powerful as it has always been. So his theory is that after she escaped, she picked up a scent, followed that until she picked up another scent and so on. By then she had gotten so far away from home, that she became confused and just kept going in the same direction trying to find something famliar.

But then again, Great Pyrs are well known for wandering off after they leave home. My wife dang near caused a big traffic jam, not to mention a couple of accidents, on one of our busiest streets one day when she saw a Great Pyr crossing said busy street. She stopped traffic, got the dog into her car and brought it home. When we found its owners, he was over five miles from their house.

We are supporters of a local Great Pyrenees rescue organization and there are Great Pyrs being found and being reported lost nearly every week. People that own Great Pyrs will always try and catch any Great Pry that they see loose and on their own. As Great Pyrs are so gentle, they nearly always go to anyone that stops to pick them up when they are lost.

As for the Malamute, she is best buddies with Onya, the Great Pyr, being raised with her since she was just a few months old. So she was not about to leave the side of the Great Pyr after they left the neighborhood. However, there was only one other time the Malamute had wandered off with the Great Pyr. Before then and this time, she would usually start barking when the Great Pry wandered off. Sometimes the Malamute would leave the back yard with Onya, but would turn around, come back home and sit on the front porch.

Our Vet said that he believes that the Malamute knows that there is something wrong with the Great Pyr now and that is why she did not turn around and come home the last two times, but stayed with her.

Anyway, the gates are reinforced now with double ties and latches. So unless someone leaves a gate open, she should not be able to get out.

I hope. :uhoh:

But I'll rest easier when the GPS tags can be put on them.

2nd Jan 2014, 16:52

Interesting. Have you ever thought of installing one of those so-called "invisible fences"? I know you also have to buy the contraption which you put around the dog's collar and which gives them a bit of a jolt but it might be worth it if the Pyr is as you described.

2nd Jan 2014, 16:55
I would be delighted if any one (or all) of those beauties wandered into my garden.

Don't suppose they do transatlantic though http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/src:www.pprune.org/get/images/smilies/boohoo.gif

2nd Jan 2014, 17:16
Interesting. Have you ever thought of installing one of those so-called "invisible fences"? I know you also have to buy the contraption which you put around the dog's collar and which gives them a bit of a jolt but it might be worth it if the Pyr is as you described.

Ah well, we tried that, didn't work. The fur around the neck of a Great Pyrenees is so thick, they cannot feel the shock. Great Pyrenees dogs were bred to defend livestock against wolves, hence the thick fur around the neck.

Now there is also a warning sound emitted by the collar that comes with invisible fence, but after she figured out the sound didn't hurt her, she just ingnored it.

So it was just a waste of time and money.

2nd Jan 2014, 18:59
What a lovely story (albeit horrifying for you while they were missing!).

And that photo! They truly look very, very happy to be home. Both are "smiling."

As for wandering so far, that scent idea may have merit. And for her buddy to come with her--well, we had a similar situation with a pair we had years ago. One 11 years and a bit weak, with bad eyesight and not as agile or fast as when young. And a young'un only 2 who was her best friend.

The young one never left the older one's sight. She "protected" her, led her around to avoid furniture and objects as the leader of the two.

Once when they did an escape job out the front door when a repair person left it ajar, the younger one seemed to follow, and they were both found several blocks away; the younger dog we surmised went along to take care of the older one, just like she did every day at home and on walks. They were found by a residential fence, the older dog resting exhausted against the fence while the young one stood staunchly in front of her daring anybody to bother her. LOL

The well adjusted dogs do instinctively know when a weaker dog needs support.