View Full Version : New Year Eve "celebrations" (as viewed by a pudicat maybe)

31st Dec 2013, 19:15
Less than 4 hours before the New Year hits France. A pudicat is mostly asleep, languishing inches away from the electric heater. Completely oblivious to what will follow later on this night.

Cutting a long story short, the pudicat will probably spend the next few hours (starting about 10pm, until the last / most bi-peds eventually go home leaving the streets quiet about 3am), mostly under the bed / sofa or behind the WC in the bathroom. Terrorised by all the fire-crackers / fireworks, yachts equipped with Kahlenberg air-horns sounding off in port, general shouting and mayhem etc.

Most of the birdies will also be rudely-awoken from their difficult and cold slumbers this winter night.

And all because so many of us bi-peds tend to make a big issue of welcoming-in a new year with a lot of (perhaps commercially-induced) noisy fanfare. Instead of mostly reflecting on the past year quietly, and perhaps raising a glass of Scotch, toasting those recently, or long gone.

Whether or not they be bi-peds, pudicats, birdies or whatever...?! :ok: SHHHHHHHH?! :}

31st Dec 2013, 19:54
Said creatures (especially dogs) never had much sympathy for my sleeping habits when I was living in Spain and Africa. I used to get their racket every night so I'm sure they can put up with ours once a year. :}

Solid Rust Twotter
1st Jan 2014, 06:04
For once I can't argue with the OP.

Lon More
1st Jan 2014, 08:00
and a harpy new year to you too Eclan.

1st Jan 2014, 11:02
and a harpy new year to you too Eclan.

Don't encourage him too much Lon or we'll have a full blown "debate" with the usual suspects from the anti cat brigade joining in (with or without guns):ouch:

Krystal n chips
1st Jan 2014, 11:25
Both Cats and dogs have my sympathy when confronted with humans "enjoying" themselves......thankfully, last night was decidedly wet and windy here, which appealed to this human as he wasn't disturbed in the exactly the same way as animals are when such events take place.

1st Jan 2014, 12:27
Woke here at 0615 to find the house cold and no central heating. Look at boiler and find a hose off the blower. Put it back, but boiler will not fire up. Usual central heating man away until Monday and after an hour on the 'phone, gave up trying to find anyone who can service oil fired heating today.......

Cats not approving, although one has gone out despite wind and rain - probably so she can claim sympathy when she comes back!

1st Jan 2014, 12:35
Well our 7 month old cat must be the exception to the rule as he is fascinated by fire and after last night by fireworks also. So far I have had to stop him from jumping into the outside fire place and we now have to keep the fire guard in place when the indoor fire place is lit as he views flames as being playthings.

We let off a few small fireworks last night which to our amazement he thought were great. Anything that went airborne was to be chased and things on the ground were to be investigated fully although when things went bang he would run full tilt to his hideout under the shed, but would reappear a short time after.

I don't think he's right in the head.

1st Jan 2014, 15:01
Say what you like about Cats.

The truth, the reality, is that some humans form extremely close bonds with them.

3rd Jan 2014, 16:01
Jenkins - Indeed, a shame. But rest assured, we toasted Puddy's health at the turn of the year. So 2014 did not start without him getting a good mention down these parts. We're sure he was looking on - and approving.:)

3rd Jan 2014, 21:38
In the radeng household, it seems the cats rule. They ensure there are no mice, voles or other vermin entering the house and they are very affectionate, if at times greedy. They are certainly less over all trouble than children - certainly when the children hit puberty - as well as cheaper overall.

Glad I don't have any kids that I know of - and if I have, the poor sods, if male, can look forward to being diabetic, whether they like it or not. If female, they'll pass it on. Genes are not necessarily good news.

Mrs radeng has run Girl Guide companies for over 30 years. Best reason going for contraception.

3rd Jan 2014, 23:19
I've yet to meet a cat who gives a toss about my beauty sleep if there is the opportunity for a good hiss, screech and spit at some ungodly hour.:* Its usually due to some perceived transgression in an ongoing feline turf war. Much as like cats, if it goes on for more than a few minutes, a bucket of water goes in the general direction of the noise. :E

If they have to put up with the noise of fireworks two or three times a year, then too bad!

4th Jan 2014, 01:14
cats rule - oh yes.
we had a new door fitted, so we gave them a cat flap.
we now have the utter joy of playing - guess what live creature they have bought in for "the baby to learn to hunt with"

get woken at all hours by the long drawn out mrrrooowwwwwwlllllllll grraawwlll

sigh heavily and stagger out of bed in jammies - in my christmas jammies! and then go and play rescue, dispose of or dismantle house in vain attempt to capture said creature...

The male cat's best achievement - he is sitting on the stairs glaring at TWO live birdies he has bought in - in one go, ever so pleased with himself.

we wont speak about the mousey that ran up my arm and over my shirt shitting himself as I tried to rescue him the other day - nor the one about me driving to work with a mousie jammed in the end of my trainer......