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31st Dec 2013, 11:07
So many people asked what did you eat on your 70th birthday" that I have translated the menu and here it is. At the beginning of December, I chose Francesc's "Sea and Mountain" menu which is a set menu, only we all got some extras which aren't on the printed menu I have in front of me, and I insisted on grilled artichokes - his are to die for. Needless to say, everything fresh, many ingredients local. They grow their own herbs.

My memory is blurred, so this list is incomplete - did we also eat a roast swan with capons ? The representative of PPRuNe who was there may care to refresh my memory.

Starters: (called entreteniments especials on the menu)we each got

1) Olives, Chips
2) Mussels steamed
3) Mussels Fried
4) Llangostines steamed
5) Croquetes
6) Anchovies on toast with marinade of olives
7) Octopus a la Galega
8) Calameres fried
9) Calameres grilled
10) Whole potato filled with cod
11) Mussels in sauce
12) Gambas fried
13) Gambas boiled
14) Anchovies grilled
15) Toast with Iberian ham
16) Snails with garlic
17) Wild mushrooms with rice
18) Bread with tomato and garlic rubbed into it

Main Course: we could choose from the following

1) Roasted pork cheeks
2) Sausages from the grill with haricot beans (Catalan speciality)
3) Braised Leg of lamb with rosemary
4) Grilled lamb chops from the barbecue
5) Roasted shoulder of lamb
6) Braised duck breast
7) Roasted duck breast with apple and sauce of rafatia (wine sauce)
8) Roast duck
9) Casserole of beef cheeks
10) Braised beef with wild mushrooms
11) Entrecote steak with roqueforte sauce
12) Entrecot sauce with ceps
13) Pigs trotters
14) Pigs trotters with sepia
15) Braised beefsteak with garlic and parsley
16) Beefsteak with roqueforte sauce
17) Beefsteak with ceps
18) Cod with musroom cream sauce
19) Wild boar with mushrooms
20) Cod Catalan style with samfine and potatoes
21) Sea bass, grilled or roasted
22) Monkfish, grilled or roasted
23) Calimari stuffed with fish and mushrooms, "roasted to your preference"


Milfulles pastry of joghurt cream and wild fruits, made by their Pastiserie Chef to our request Served with lit fireworks on top and "Happy Birthday" in English and Catalan.

Lots of other freshly prepared sauces on the table, I don't know what. And of course limitless cava and red & white wine.

Yes, it seems a lot. It seemed even more at the table, but we all managed to walk away. Just.

31st Dec 2013, 11:58
I wish I hadn't read that
I'm now starving

cockney steve
31st Dec 2013, 13:47
Cor! bet you're strong, after all them muscles :p

Of course,....if they were Mussels..........
oilskins and souwester donned.....bye!

31st Dec 2013, 14:53
Obviously I'm not only fat but brain-dead, Mr Steve. The part of my brain that does translations got a work-out this Christmas while having substantial amounts of C2H60 poured over it.....

31st Dec 2013, 15:07
Of that very extensive menu what did you actally order and consume?

PS You forgot to translate Gambas.

PPS Some very appetising breakfasts amongst those entradas.

PPPS Mouth Watering:ok:

31st Dec 2013, 15:35
I thought Gambas were known world wide !

I think I had something of everything except snails and pigs' trotters. Not much of the rice or langoustines. And of SOME things more than others - gambas, artichokes, lark's tongues, mouse testicles, roast swan stuffed with almonds and sugar-plums, quite a lot.

Solid Rust Twotter
31st Dec 2013, 15:40
Gambas = BFO prawns.

G&T ice n slice
31st Dec 2013, 15:48
substantial amounts of C2H60 poured over it

I looked at that for a long time before I realised you meant C2-H5-OH

I think it's time for some H3C-CH2OH

31st Dec 2013, 15:48
Wot? No camarones?

31st Dec 2013, 15:58
I looked at that for a long time before I realised you meant C2-H5-OH

In view of your handle you'll be pleased to know we only have Bombay Sapphire !

31st Dec 2013, 16:42
As the Pprune delegate, I must speak up. Let me start by saying 'I am going on a diet tomorrow', and if I had a tenner in almost any currency for every time I heard someone around the lunch table say the same, in any of the multiple languages of the assembled troops, I'd be driving a Maserati and probably have a spare in the garage.

It is often said, at least by me, that the further you get from Madrid, the better the food becomes, and Catalan food is probably the pinnacle of it all (although our friends from Galicia would dispute this). Despite many years experience of Catalan food, I have to say that OFSO's birthday lunch surpassed them all. We were given a choice of 23 main courses. Yes, 23. In all of Spain, it's normal to get tapas, usually 3 or 4 options. As listed above, we got 18 ..... or so. Portions, muy grande. I opted out halfway through knowing that I'd never accomplish the main event if I carried on.

The restaurant was outstanding, by a river in a village in the countryside. The company was congenial and interesting, and a great time was had by all. It was an honour and a pleasure to share the occasion with the OFSOs! Thank you. Moltes Gracies.

31st Dec 2013, 22:48
and a happy new year!


G&T ice n slice
1st Jan 2014, 08:16
we only have Bombay Sapphire

I have been converted to run on Hendrick's with a splash of Fever Tree

1st Jan 2014, 08:54
I have been converted

I say, G & T, was this a ritual done by a priest, or some ghastly contraption of tubes and wires thrust up your rear portal ?

We have been given a few bottles of makes of gin unbeknownst to us and will be giving them a test run over the next few days to eradicate our memories of events recent and distressing.

Takan Inchovit
1st Jan 2014, 09:40
I can feel a heart attack coming on. But happy birthday anyway.

G&T ice n slice
1st Jan 2014, 13:23
a ritual done by a priest

Well, my neighbour who in reverent silence loads a pair of tall glasses with (each) two paper-thin slices of lime, same of cucumber, 3 ice-cubes, then gin up to "here" then Fever Tree tonic to "here" and finally a lime wedge is lodged onto the rim of said glass.

In silence a glass is handed to the supplicant (me) and then we hold our glasses up to the evening sunlight and admire the palest palest colour, the beads of condensation on the exterior surface of the glass and the effervescent haze from the surface of the contents.

Then, according to some unknown cue the word "Cheers" is said and we drink...

"Hmmm, not bad" ..... "fancy another?" ... "well, if you insist" etc etc

Mind you some of the Menorquin stuff is OK

1st Jan 2014, 14:34
Well, OFSO, SWMBO has the same birthday as you, and I took her for a very nice curry (her choice) with cake and a complimentary bottle of wine from the management for her 65th.

BUT - I'll be 70 next year, and your chosen eaterie sounds a bit superior, so I'm going to suggest it to her as my choice for her to treat me.

Cheers and Happy Birthday