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31st Dec 2013, 10:02
BBC News - New coin designs for 2014 unveiled by The Royal Mint (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-25558632)

Why would anyone wish to commemorate the start of World War 1?


DX Wombat
31st Dec 2013, 10:17
To remind people of the great sacrifices made ad honour the memory of those who died or were injured.

Lon More
31st Dec 2013, 10:21
With TCF on this. Far better to commemorate the end of it. Remember the fact that, for a few years, the sacrifices had stopped.

31st Dec 2013, 10:37
Interesting. As I understand it from the article there will be a Great War design for the next five years. Kitchener nor a bad choice for 1914-2014, I wonder what they have in mind for subsequent years - Im guessing a poppy is going to feature on the 2018 design.

31st Dec 2013, 10:41
It would be better to celebrate the end of WW1.

Just so the Americans have the correct date.

Noah Zark.
31st Dec 2013, 11:17
Just so the Americans have the correct date

But, the Americans don't use our coinage. (;))

Buster Hyman
31st Dec 2013, 11:49
Celebrate the Victory in 2018, Commemorate the sacrifices, leading to the victory, of the previous years.

31st Dec 2013, 13:01
Many many fewer children of the heroes of WW1 will not be here in 2018. They might want their Dads' sacrifices 'celebrated' with their own children.


31st Dec 2013, 16:12
Nothing Great about the Great war, the murder of an entire generation that ended in a stalemate or an ARMISTICE.
It was why we had Armistice day when I were a lad.
Lest we forget

As for coins a commemorative Kings Shilling might be more on an Honour for the Old Pals. Struck in silver like the original.