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31st Dec 2013, 06:44
waiting for the new pot shops to open? :)


Colorado To Blaze Marijuana Tourism Trail In 2014 With Legal Pot Shops (http://www.ibtimes.com/colorado-blaze-marijuana-tourism-trail-2014-legal-pot-shops-1521984)

While the blogosphere is buzzing with excitement over marijuana tourism in 2014, the particulars of the new law remain shrouded in a green haze. For instance, regulations only permit the use of marijuana in a private place, but what exactly constitutes “private” is the subject of much debate.
“This is a very big unanswered question,” Brown explained. “Strictly speaking, you can smoke in any designated smoking hotel room or in a private residence (rented or staying with friends). But in Denver there are only 609 hotel rooms in the entire city that allow smoking in the room or on a private balcony. “In 2012, before legalizing pot, we had 10,775,000 adult tourists to the city of Denver,” Brown continued. “Assuming that 10.8 percent of them smoke pot (the U.S. national average), then we had an average of 6,400 pot-friendly tourists every night of the year. That is at least five-times more people than total smoking-friendly rooms. So, the real question for visitors at the moment is where to legally consume pot without worrying they will get fined or kicked out of their hotel room.”
actually I wonder. If it's legal from Jan. 1, then growing it before would be illegal?

Ancient Observer
31st Dec 2013, 17:01
Well, stone me! Posted for a full day and not a single pun. I suspect the whole country will go up in smoke.

I'm off to the fridge. I feel the munchies coming on.

Mostly Harmless
31st Dec 2013, 17:19
Shops selling those particular wares will pop up like weeds. Competition will be fierce and price wars will ensue, profits may go up in smoke. Hungry for new markets, and new tax money, the idea will spread to other states.

I would invest in fast food company stocks... everything you have... those numbers are going to be high.

31st Dec 2013, 18:28
John Denver had a big hit with "Rocky Mountain High"

John Denver - Rocky Mountain High (From "Around The World Live" DVD) - YouTube

31st Dec 2013, 19:06
Roll up, Roll up? Thank you, don't mind if I do!:cool:

31st Dec 2013, 19:51
Doonesbury has been having fun with this subject recently.