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30th Dec 2013, 16:49
Watch hilarious video as bunny refuses to shift out of vehicle's way on Scottish road - Daily Record (http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/weird-news/watch-hilarious-video-bunny-refuses-2357429)

Hilarious as van cannot pass it.

DX Wombat
30th Dec 2013, 17:52
Around here the moorland roads have lots of woolly roadblocks who reckon they own the roads. :\ Heaven help you if you get too near one of their lambs. :ooh:

30th Dec 2013, 17:58
Creatures that get 'trapped' on roads with steep banks either side will just keep running if they are being 'chased' by a vehicle at night. The animal only sees the lights and hears the engine noise.

It also happens with larger animals such as badgers. The only solution is to stop and switch off the lights and allow the creature to find its way into the undergrowth.

30th Dec 2013, 18:09
A graphic demonstration of the powerful survival instinct, shown by a not very bright panic-stricken bunny taking the daft option of running for its life in the most dangerous direction along the smooth highway, helpfully lit by the vehicle's lights. Moderately funny, but not deserving of the hysterical, sustained laughter by the not very bright pinheads in the van.

And as an aside, the soundtrack is yet another example of how totally devalued the f*** word has become in common speech, to the extent that it is no more than tedious, meaningless, repetitious padding, not worthy of utterance.

Myself, I prefer the following naive little ditty from a more innocent time, to the sterile cussing of those foul-mouthed morons:


30th Dec 2013, 21:57
Dununder, we have two animals on our coat of arms that display similar intelligence to the rabbit. Their usual stunt, when safely on the side of the road, is to hop/run parallel to the road, pacing the vehicle until they are just ahead of it, when they will turn 90 degrees in front of the vehicle, with grievous results for both vehicle and beast.

30th Dec 2013, 23:56
This one did the rounds some months ago.

But a "Bunny rabbit" it certainly ain't!