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Sir George Cayley
30th Dec 2013, 08:39
Yet again Luis Suarez's antics in the penalty area have highlighted gamesmanship of the worst kind.

But instead of condemnation, how about awarding points for the best dive? There could be additional points awarded for the 'rolling around in agony' part and a special bonus for the speed of recovery after not being awarded a penalty.

What we need is some categories for the types of Dive - any suggestions.

At the end of the season the International Football Diving Champion would be crowned (and we need a suitable trophy) and then banned for life.

What does the team think?


Lon More
30th Dec 2013, 08:42
An independent jury in the stands with the possibility to detonate a couple of well-placed Claymore mines might deter persistent offenders

30th Dec 2013, 09:43
I love the way they fall and flop around the pitch with the lightest of touches in absolute agony and then proceed to act like tough pants later that same evening while out in the local pubs/clubs . Muppets , not all of them but the guilty ones know who they are .

30th Dec 2013, 10:01
You mean like this?? :rolleyes:


OMG Cat sums it up for the dive that eliminated us in 2006....:ugh:

OMG Cat watches Italy dive against socceroos in 2006 fifa world cup - YouTube

It is something that really does ruin a potentially good game:sad:....video replay would fix it...arguments about 'continuity of play' fall very short when cheating by acting is rewarded....FFS do you reward children for acting up in such a fashion???....Oops, maybe they were rewarded for it..:sad:

...'every child is a winner' manifestation perhaps? :ugh:

30th Dec 2013, 10:14
It may ruin the game for you, but you are therefore not an average, paying football fan.
My cousin, who has a Master's degree in this sort of thing, explained to me that rulebreaking is expected in football by the fans - i.e. they want their player to cheat if it helps their team win the game.

None can love freedom but good men; the rest love not freedom, but license
John Milton - Tenure of Kings and Magistrates (1649)

Now you understand football fans.

30th Dec 2013, 11:16
Fox3.....wow, I sit here illuminated :ok: ...thanks for that!!!

Being raised in a fair and honest, sporting and Gentlemanly way....that notion was entirely foreign to me!

Now I get why there are football hooligans and yobs....cheat, and break the rules to achieve an end....like a shoplifter really....I guess 'big sport' understand it, and don't care to break that illusion to the masses....regardless of any social responsibility...what hope of 'good corporate governance'.....

Reckon we would have won if the wog hadn't dived!!!............

......Can I say Wog? :uhoh:..........

30th Dec 2013, 11:36
This sums up why I don't bother watching Soccer at all:

30th Dec 2013, 11:53
No problem for Joe Hart either Joe Hart's head causes injury to Cameron Jerome's knee | Metro News (http://metro.co.uk/2013/12/28/joe-harts-head-causes-injury-to-cameron-jeromes-knee-4243924/)

30th Dec 2013, 11:56
Fliegenmong - I was likewise surprised when my cousin stated it, but it makes perfect sense. Remember, it is the fans that drive it - the authorities may wish to change it, but the fans won't let them.

This is interesting.
Medieval football - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Medieval_football)

Between 1314 and 1667, football was officially banned in England alone by more than 30 royal and local laws. Yet Henry VIII had a pair of football boots and actively encouraged the game.*

Personally, as a former private school teacher and field hockey coach, I think it derives from attitude to authority. Look at the sports played in private schools (rugby, hockey, cricket, rowing, etc) and you will see players who respect the rules and the officials, as they do in general at school. Look at many public schools and you will see the opposite. I do not think it is the sport per se - they play football fairly at Eton. Sport at private schools was introduced to build character, and that remains its primary purpose. Football is mostly played to win, and defiance of authority (cheating, e.g. diving) is a nice bonus.

Like the hockey photo - to recount a story I had to take a 14 year old girl off during one game after a collision.

"Why do I have to come off?"
"Your arm is broken"
"It doesn't hurt, and it's only my right arm"
"Yeh, but your mum would kill me if I let you play on"
"Oh.......alright then"

* A former colleague recently got his PhD researching this.