View Full Version : 110th Anniversary of First Flight

16th Dec 2013, 21:10
Dec 17, 1903...first flight by Orville Wright followed By Wilbur Wright.

Just think, PPRUNE wouldn't exist without the WRights.

16th Dec 2013, 22:02
Ah, but were they the first?

16th Dec 2013, 22:29
November 21, 1783 has a pretty good claim to be the "first flight".

joy ride
17th Dec 2013, 08:12
Yup, all depends on how you define it! Certainly the Wright Brothers were the first to fly a heavier-than-air powered and controlled craft.
Balloons then gliders flew first, then some hops in powered craft which did not have any means of control, Clement Ader's claimed flight in Eole was actually longer than the Wright's flight, but the craft had no means of 3 axis control.
The Wight Brothers learned hugely from previous pioneers, but no doubting their fantastic achievement.

Captain Dart
17th Dec 2013, 09:29
Controlled, sustained, documented and repeated. I think the Wrights have it.

17th Dec 2013, 15:57
Controlled, sustained, documented and repeatedWith those 4 provisos, yes.