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Nervous SLF
16th Dec 2013, 20:37
Reflections campaign by Tom Hussey | Webdesigner Depot (http://www.webdesignerdepot.com/2011/04/reflections-campaign-by-tom-hussey/)


Loose rivets
16th Dec 2013, 20:43
That's . . . that's that green woman in the oval mirror. The one that was on everybody's wall in the 60s.

The fireman isn't a reflection. Pedant mode off.

16th Dec 2013, 21:10
A thought provoking photo series. Made me think of this song.....

Prince Buster Enjoy Yourself - YouTube


17th Dec 2013, 01:21
If I looked in a mirror like that
the only differences would be:

1. More hair
2. More muscle
3. More penache
4. My hand constantly on it
5. Less fat around the middle
6. Less eyebrow thickness
7. Less wrinkles
8. No wedding ring
9. No nutsack sag

Um...strike #4 - I still do it! :E :\

17th Dec 2013, 02:03
Yeah, they don't make mirrors like they used to, either. I keep looking in them, and seeing this wrinkly old bloke with white hair, where a handsome younger man is supposed to be looking back!! :{

17th Dec 2013, 02:30
I keep looking in them, and seeing this wrinkly old blokeMy granny (RIP) had become a ragged hag
when she karked with large boobs that hung
down to her ankles and depressed so much
she just let herself go. She wasn't happy at all
towards the end of her life and hated getting
old. She was of 1915 vintage and pegged out
in 1996 after a reasonably good inning - was
never hungry and lived very well all her life.

When I was younger I remember seeing old
pics of her in her 20s (circa 1940 I'd guess)
with epic tits, fantastic arse, beautiful legs
(a beach shot) and a face that could launch
a thousand hard-ons, and was truly a prized

I reckon she could've used a mirror like that.
Might've gotten her out of a constant mood
of depression.

Grandpa Dreamer died before her but he'd
certainly picked out a bloody good one - 7
kids she shoved out like a beer factory and
she bounced back every time, so I'm told.