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16th Dec 2013, 16:14
This will no doubt be a short thread. However, following a visit to the Museum last autumn (which I really enjoyed and thought it was a very good "experience" as I think the current jargon has it), I have been trying to e-mail the Museum but I get no response. I suspect that it is an automated system, but the automatics ain't working. Anyone on PPrune have a "working" e-mail address for the Museum please



16th Dec 2013, 16:38
Per their website, the principal email addresses for the respective collections are [email protected] and [email protected].

Hard to believe that those don't work.

17th Dec 2013, 08:27
DR - Thanks - I will try again.

17th Dec 2013, 16:32
Still a good day out

RAF Hendon GW factory - YouTube

17th Dec 2013, 17:18
I eventually e-mailed both Hendon and Cosford - and today had a helpful reply from Cosford - now waiting answer to specific points. Thanks for the help, guys


Aileron Drag
18th Dec 2013, 09:28
Interesting video from Jackw106. The last time I saw the inside of that hangar it was our HQ. 120 Sqn Air Training Corps. We had half of the hangar, and 617 Gliding School had the other half. In fact, there were two identical hangers - the video may have been in the 'other' one!

I haven't visited the museum, but I suspect it would be a rather sad experience for me. Those days in 120, learning drill and studying in a huge hanger with gliders in one half, and a Venom in one corner, a Vampire in another, and a Lancaster gun turret in the middle, and all situated on a working RAF airfield, have very special memories for me which I am unwilling to dispel.

'Never go back', as they say. Good to see the video though - thanks for that.