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16th Dec 2013, 09:46
Can anyone explain how voting on the night is worth anything at all when the trophy is already in Miami? Any of my aviation colleagues get it from Leeds to Miami in a Nano-second? I know I'm a bit out of touch but.....

16th Dec 2013, 09:48
Not that I bother voting for these self-congratulatory events, but didn't they also have a trophy in the studio?

16th Dec 2013, 10:02
BBC News channel made not just spoty a headline story, but the rehearsals for it a headline news story, before serious international events. Pathetic.

16th Dec 2013, 10:03
Who got the fake?

16th Dec 2013, 11:29
Not that I bother voting for these self-congratulatory events,

If it was voted for by the public, how is it self-congratulatory?

Leigh Halfpenny is the least s-c person I can think of.

I think I did well there!


16th Dec 2013, 12:20
Gave up watching this 10 plus years ago as felt it became more of a show rather than a celebration of sport. Not figured missed much since.

16th Dec 2013, 12:43
Adidas' contribution (as one of his sponsors)


Background Noise
16th Dec 2013, 12:49
Bugger - beaten to it. It should be Sports Person of the Year - not many of them seem to be 'personalities' these days.

Anyway, haven't we already discovered that 'the public vote' doesn't always stand up to scrutiny - how do we actually know decides who wins these things.

16th Dec 2013, 14:13
Must admit I like Murray because he doesn't get involved in the "oh I'm famous so I will promote this :mad: for cash".................he pretty much said he has no interest unlike others.

He also doesn't try to be someone he is not, almost an anti hero in an era when everybody wants to be famous.