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15th Dec 2013, 02:29
I think it has a Christmas application; sort of a mini-tree.


15th Dec 2013, 02:43
The PETA people are going to be all over this one, I am sure.

Oh, and Ben, I think the proper redneck speak is 'would of thought'...

Pinky the pilot
15th Dec 2013, 06:58
the proper redneck speak is 'would of thought'...

Bogan speak, here in Aussie.:ugh:

15th Dec 2013, 07:10
Heard of that casting method being used by biologists to investigate ant colonies (how did they get it past the ethics committee?) but they used lead (how did they get it past the OH&S committee?).
Cool sculpture!

dubbleyew eight
15th Dec 2013, 07:16
the technique is as dangerous as hell.

the moisture level of the soil is utterly unpredictable.
just a pocket of moisture flashing to steam and that pour of molten aluminium becomes a gigantic exploding molten hand grenade.

I had a little plaster mould that had been oven dried for 12 hours. the aluminium exploded out of the mould with enough force to impact the roof of the shed. that mould was only tiny.

15th Dec 2013, 07:19
That is gold, love it.

Can you imagine doing the same thing to one of these ?

I reckon the sculpture would look awesome.

Edit - for those that haven't seen them before, they are termite mounds
in the Northern Territory, Australia. Some are called Magnetic as they
are built a certain way (North South) to avoid catching the sun.



Solid Rust Twotter
15th Dec 2013, 07:33
They also set like concrete in the dry. Plenty of them around Africa and a good source of food if you're stuck in the bundu sans sharp stick and five course dinner.

15th Dec 2013, 07:47
Likewise here, although they seem to be hard regardless of season.
I've seen bullets bounce off them (or not penetrate them).

Solid Rust Twotter
15th Dec 2013, 07:56
They tend to erode a bit when it rains heavily. If they're in the drier areas, they usually last for ages. I'm sure some of them are a hundred or more years old and can reach 20' in height.

15th Dec 2013, 08:02
I should get the photos out we took in about 1980 when we first came to Aus
and went (drive) Melbourne to Darwin then to Kakadu National Park
east of Darwin. There are some huge one's on that road. I then went back
about 12 years ago and every year since, I actually stopped last year to
have another look.

So that would be 33 years worth of time line to compare.

Never seen a 20 foot one here but no doubt they would exist.

I have seen 12 - 15 foot one's quite often as I get out into
remote areas a fair bit.

Not sure like to eat them though !!!

Solid Rust Twotter
15th Dec 2013, 08:34
Termites? They're OK raw, but if you roast them on a sheet of metal or in a dixie over the fire, they taste almost like popcorn. Buttery and rich. Can give you the runs if you overdo it though.

15th Dec 2013, 08:40
I think the only ant type think I have eaten is the one you suck
the honey sack at the rear. Tastes sweet as :ok:

Green Ants that fall from trees in numbers as you brush past and bite like hell
have put me off Ants for life.

15th Dec 2013, 11:12
Now that is a nice thought :O

A very nice thought :ok:

15th Dec 2013, 12:48
in the second episode of Charlie Boorman's trip round the USA he went to where Deliverance was filmed - his father John Boorman directed it - and he met up with some of the characters involved in the film including the banjo 'player'.

He still can't play the banjo.


B Fraser
15th Dec 2013, 14:09
Green ants are full of ascorbic acid which is better known as vitamin C. Good to nibble on if you are dependent on bush tucker.

15th Dec 2013, 14:54

Have always liked that video.

tony draper
15th Dec 2013, 19:57
It had been done before but on a slightly larger scale,smart wee buggas them ants is.
Giant Ant Hill Excavated - YouTube

15th Dec 2013, 20:30
Definition of Perfect Pitch:

A banjo thrown high into the air..

...off a cliff...

.. to smash 1,000 ft below...

...onto a bonfire......

..of accordions :E