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tony draper
14th Dec 2013, 15:51
Someone on another site mentioned he took his kiddies to see the Hobbit which they and he enjoyed very much apart he said from howls of 'Nerd Rage' in the audience when the movie diverted from the book.
Bloody nora! Nerd Rage,whatever next.

Loose rivets
14th Dec 2013, 17:41
I suppose I did that with 'The Golden Compass', the fill-um giving away a magical premise which was only revealed in Phillip Pullman's third book of his Dark Materials trilogy.

14th Dec 2013, 17:52
It seems to be the case that whenever a film is made that was from a well loved/known book the loyal fans have already got the film in their heads, so to say and when the film comes out it rarely holds true to the plot in the book due to a myriad of reasons. This pisses of the fans big-time. I'd imagine with sci-fi/fantasy books this is increased exponentially due to the type of highly intelligent intellectual, possibly Asperger readers who flock to such genres.


14th Dec 2013, 17:57
Ender's Game is one such film. It's still enjoyable though.

Ascend Charlie
15th Dec 2013, 01:40
Almost as bad as casting Tom Cruise in the role of 6'5" 250-lb Jack Reacher.


15th Dec 2013, 02:06
That's why I don't watch movies made from books anymore. Don't want a repeat of The Incident. :O

15th Dec 2013, 02:26
Nerd rage?

Nerd approximately equals ideology-fixated cultist.... in the instant context.

Nerd Rage approximately equals emotionally articulated criticism of alternate or redefined nerd concepts by alter-ideology deniers & contrarians.

Insert History of (all human civilizations) here as evolving example of friction between ideologues and dissident deniers.

15th Dec 2013, 06:50
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas was EXACTLY like reading the book

15th Dec 2013, 07:06
The Golden Compass - production of sequels II and III were blocked by the Catholic Church because of implicit attacks on their religion.

This causes my Nerd Rage as I enjoyed Part I.

15th Dec 2013, 07:18
I hear than in the second Hobbit film, they've introduced a new female character because there's insufficient poontang in the book.

That's going to piss a lot of folk off (but I liked that Arwen.....:)).

15th Dec 2013, 07:21
Yes I too get pissed off when the movie
deviates too far from the book. In Ernie
Ghan's 'The High and The Mighty' was
first seen I'd realised there was a lot of
stuff missing in the movie, such as SO
Hobie's assumption of convenience that
the fuel gauge was somehow faulty, and
that pax with the brittle bones said "You
know something Miss?" iso "You know
somp'n Miss?"

Tiny things I know but I guess that even
Hollywood had its set budget and time
frames for most movies.

However I recall when I first read Ernie's
book I threw it against the wall writing it
off as bullshit when the port fuel tank was
first noted to be decreasing and FO John
Wayne, nor Captain Rob Stack. or that
useless FE did anything to immediately
crossfeed what they could out of it and
they just let it leak away. Same thing with
the movie. But I think I annoyed everyone
when I shouted "Jesus crossfeed the fcuk
out of it you dumb bunch of shits!"

Come to think of it, Island In the Sky also
had the Duke doing some dumb things but
the movie did deviate from the book in that
Wayne's character was made to look like he
was a victim of uncontrolled circumstances
rather than the king of monumental screwups.

The only movie I ever felt was within a bull's
roar of the book was 12 O'Clock High with
Greg Peck. Of course there was some stuff
missing but not enough to really bitch about.

15th Dec 2013, 09:16
You should have read the moans when the film version of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy came out a couple of years back. In this case most of the comparisons were not with the book but with the much admired TV serialisation from 1979. However if you condense any lengthy book (or TV serialisation) to two hours or so, there are bound to be compromises, and personally I thought it was an excellent film.

The Golden Compass - production of sequels II and III were blocked by the Catholic Church because of implicit attacks on their religion.

OFSO - by "block" I presume you mean "openly criticise" which anyone is entitled to do in a free society - the church has no more powers to stop production of a film than you or I have. Reviews of the first film revealed that it was not universally admired, and it's far more likely that it was a purely commercial decision not to proceed.

tony draper
15th Dec 2013, 09:46
Baffled me why they bothered to make that movie version of Tinker Tailor,very poor compared to the Television Production.

15th Dec 2013, 11:20
The director will want to put their stamp on the film, but will often be overruled by the producers who will either directly or indirectly be financing the making of said film and needless to say will have spent serious amounts of upfront cash to buy the screen rights to the book. The producers will have their say and then, depending on the clout of the talent, there will be another twist to the 'purity' of the book's timeline and characterization, as they will want to stamp their brand :yuk: onto the filming process. If the author is alive and invited onto the film set as a courtesy, they invariably find themselves sidelined and neutered from making any changes to steer the film back to the book's inner light.

Films are business, and the denizens care little for the most part about the feelings of anyone but themselves. Finance them, film them, pump them, next! You only have to see just how much dross comes out these last years compared with in former times.


15th Dec 2013, 15:20
Baffled me why they bothered to make that movie version of Tinker Tailor,very poor compared to the Television Production.

Apples and Pears, Drapes - One took 6 hours, the other got the essentials in just over 2

Thought Guinness was a better Smiley, but Cumberbatch was a better Peter Guillam (though why make him gay?). Preferred Ian Bannen's Jim Prideax to whatsisname who played him in the film. And at least Kathy Burke didn't ham up Connie Sachs like Beryl Reid did. Also I get to sing along with the Soviet national anthem in the film!

Liked them both, though.

Good thread this, Drapes, hope it runs and runs (with not a Muslim or a gun in sight ;) )

15th Dec 2013, 15:43
Tankertrashnav: no, I didn't mean that at all. Pressure was brought to bear on the production company who meekly caved in. If you think the Catholic Church doesn't have - if not official powers - "influence" - you don't know what's what. Ask any Italian or Catalan.

Un bel domani, fratello !

15th Dec 2013, 15:56
Hope the get the shades of grey film right:}

SMT Member
15th Dec 2013, 17:17
Blocked by Westboro Baptist Church, I've been led to understand :E

OFSO, why did the RC fail to get the Dan Brown books/movies 'banned'?

Loose rivets
15th Dec 2013, 19:49
Lyra and her Daemon moved through the darkening Hall, taking care to keep to one side, out of sight of the kitchen.

I seen now, that's gone into the annals of literature as one of the 'Best First Lines'.

From quotes from Philip Pullman.

'So Lyra and her daemon turned away from the world they were born in, and looked toward the sun, and walked into the sky.'

The thing is, finding out what this wondrous creature - or these people's creatures - were, was a jaw-dropping moment, whether one guessed early or was told in the last book. The film shouted it out almost right away - an infuriating lack of consideration.

We start out in an ordinary world, with some strange differences- a bit like reading an 80 year old newspaper. (trust me on that comparison). The book gives time to allow the reader to adjust to the concepts. The film did not.


I'd imagine with sci-fi/fantasy books this (being pye-sed off) is increased exponentially due to the type of highly intelligent intellectual, possibly Asperger readers who flock to such genres.

If only they'd flock to my novel. :hmm:

tony draper
15th Dec 2013, 20:36
The Movie industry seems to be in a bit of a rut,endless comic book heroes brought to the screen remakes rehashing of tv series ect ect.
I would like to see a remake of 'Treasure of the Sierra Madre'then they can stop doing the above.