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13th Dec 2013, 16:09
Ever since the ice-trays which came with my 10 year old LG fridge-freezer started "leaking" last year, I've bought at least a half-dozen replacements of various types and prices from the local supermarket. The best among them lasts a month or just a few weeks for the rest, before becoming unusable, leaking water over the rest of the freezer's contents! :mad:

I do realise that the fridge manufacturers probably use "high quality" materials in their own ice-trays (hence their longevity), compared to what are available in supermarkets etc.

So today, in desperation, I went back to Darty France where I bought my original LG fridge-freezer, literally on my knees...?! "Monsieur, we could 'special order' the ice-trays, but we would also need the full model and serial no. of your appliance." "I don't especially need the LG ones, just 'high-quality' ones from I don't know, uhmmm, Siemens, Whirlpool, Zanussi etc., I just want whatever you have in stock..." I replied. "Sorry, monsieur, but we would still need the make, model and serial no. of any appliance. But we also sell dedicated 'ice-makers', production capacity of 2.5kg and up of ice cubes daily..."

Having done a rapid calculation in my head, I determined that even on a very busy-Scotch day, on a 1:1 ratio, I'd only need say between 250-350g of ice cubes (plus enough left over for the night-time glass of water by the bedside which my pudicat especially insists on drinking from - the cooler the better) and was about to repudiate along the lines of "What do you think I am, an alcoholic?", before I decided not to, and therefore addressing the enquiry to the wisdom of JB...

13th Dec 2013, 16:15
Why are you messing with plastic ice trays and not going for the more durable aluminium or metal ones?

From Amazon:


Granted, they cost $30 per tray but a: they make 18 ice cubes at a time and b: they have a "limited lifetime warranty".

So, with all the money you've thrown at plastic ice trays the above, which will probably last you the rest of your life, will be very cost-effective in the long run.

13th Dec 2013, 16:21
Silicone rubber ice trays last longer (than plastic ones) and are easier to empty than the metal ones (unless the metal ones incorporate a release lever).

13th Dec 2013, 16:22
Arghhh....did someone say they put frozen water in perfectly good whisky?

13th Dec 2013, 16:27
Get some Granite Ice Cubes (http://www.graniteice.com/more/granite-ice-cubes.php)and keep your drinks unadulterated.

Never been known to leak, and will last a lifetime.

13th Dec 2013, 16:28
I do remember those metal ones from 30-40 years ago. With their "inserts and mechanisms" to free the ice cubes. I didn't realise they were still available, otherwise I would have tried one.

But I thought that ca. 2013, what with all the new materials etc., there might be suitably reliable ice-trays made of silicone-based or other plastics etc. Don't get me wrong, the cheap supermarket types work (ie. produces ice in suitable form, the ice cubes are relatively easily dispensed from the ice-tray), just that they don't last more than a few weeks at best.

I realise that at 2 x ice-trays for EUR 3.50 a pop isn't going to break the bank exactly, but I can't help feeling that if they'd memerly doubled the wall-thickness, and charged twice as much... :confused:

13th Dec 2013, 16:32

The metal ice cube trays I remember as a kid as well. My mother had a well-stocked freezer with a few of them. This, back quite a few years.

My sister "inherited" the metal ice cube trays from my mother when the latter passed on. My sister still uses those trays to this day! :ok:

13th Dec 2013, 17:05
Just buy an ice maker. I've got four of them. One in the bar (of course), one in the refrigerator in the kitchen, one in ther frigerator in the garage and one in the freezer in the garage.

Oh, plus one in a standby refrigerator that is also in the garage. Just use that one for big parties.

Oh, for anyone wondering why on Earth I would have three refrigerators and a freezer, come around here on Christmas, Thanksgiving, Fourth of July, etc and you'd know why.

Normally the primary refrigerator in the garage is used for keeping beer cold.

13th Dec 2013, 17:28

Question. With all those refrigerators you have which one do you use to keep the Brussels Sprouts chilled? :}:}:}

13th Dec 2013, 17:33
What about those plastic ice bags that you fill from the tap and pop into the fridge. They make about 20 cubes.

13th Dec 2013, 17:39

Not sure if you have Opshops / Charity shops where you are but
quite often, very good quality old school type produts like this
have bee donated to them, eother by themselves or with a fridge.

And I am talking the type of stuff made prior to the mass production
Chinese rubbish.

It is often in top condition and might be worth a look.

Before it ws easy to buy on line, I occasionally used to pop in
and pick up stuff for my camping gear.

13th Dec 2013, 17:41
T*sc*, Sons of Maurice, Sansberrys et all sell ice in big plastic bags - ready frozz for you!

DX Wombat
13th Dec 2013, 17:45
Try these Airship.


13th Dec 2013, 18:00

Pink elephants? Oh wow. Hopefully the person using pink elephants in his/her drink glass doesn't start having hallucinations as well. :}

13th Dec 2013, 18:09

Someone produced little Rangers in Pink just for your lot !!! :O

13th Dec 2013, 18:12
Yes, but they're aren't wearing the matching pink tutu rendering the march of the pink elephants as unsuitable and unworthy. :}

13th Dec 2013, 21:30
Ha! Pink Elephant Bar!

Rene Kuiper | Gold Coast Heritage (http://heritage.goldcoast.qld.gov.au/events/Exhibitions/rene-kuiper)

"when I had learnt to be a barmaid and I was transferred from Surfer’s to the Pink Elephant Bar at the Chevron. That Bar had the rich, had the famous, had the underworld and had the racing fraternity as well as the clergy.:"

Long gone now.....can't seem to find any images of it now...:(

13th Dec 2013, 21:30
Life is too short to make an ice cube.Supermarkets sell huge bags of the things for a £1 or less.

13th Dec 2013, 21:39
I agree with you con-pilot. You can't have too many fridges/freezers.

We have 2 fridges and a large upright freezer in the kitchen, a large chest freezer in the garage and a big upright fridge/freezer plus separate fridge in the garage too.

The garage fridges are for beer, white wine and fizz. The rest of the fridges and freezers are wasted!

Come the time for the odd "Zoombash", other fridges stop being "wasted" and are taken over as more booze storage space! ;)

13th Dec 2013, 21:45
Agree, the more freezers the better.

I am single and have a large fridge / freezer as well as a huge
freezer in the spare bathroom.

13th Dec 2013, 22:27
Glad sells a disposable ice cube bag, manufactured in Denmark and exported around the world.

13th Dec 2013, 22:47

Just do without

13th Dec 2013, 23:54
Normally the primary refrigerator in the garage is used for keeping beer cold.

Now you've really confused all our friends across the pond.

Out Of Trim
14th Dec 2013, 03:29
You might as well put ice cubes in your beer as well, on that side of the pond!

As it tastes like watery gnat's pish anyway! :suspect:

Just having a wee dram of Whisky right now.. No ice, naturally!:O