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12th Dec 2013, 00:40
Dear All,

I am looking for a good tax advisor in Germany.

I live in Belgium but I am based in Germany working for a German airline.

I am looking for some tax feedbacks and experiences regarding the same scenario.

Could you please PM me with a recomended tax consultant?

Do some of you use "Easy Duty Plan"?


12th Dec 2013, 01:19
I think chuks has some German legal advisors (in the fish pond). I don't know if they do tax as well.

12th Dec 2013, 06:46
Pilotman google "steuerberater", and find one near where you are working, the one I used was pretty good, but he is based in my home town, and he will need to see you personally.

12th Dec 2013, 06:53
Remember the cost of the Steuerberater is deductable from your income tax, or at least it was when I lived in D. Most of them are former employees of the Federal tax system who left and make more money that way.

12th Dec 2013, 13:29
Although not helpful, I was once told that 60% of ALL tax laws in the whole world are in the German tax system It's very complicated and being Teutonic over-engineered. Good luck in finding the best steuerberater to help you out :ok:


12th Dec 2013, 15:35
Why not ask fellow employees? ;)

12th Dec 2013, 18:08
Here's one of the big players.


Here's another,

Deloitte | Home | Consulting | Corporate Finance | Steuerberatung | Wirtschaftsprüfung (http://www.deloitte.com/view/de_DE/de/index.htm)

Each one will probably have a private client division, have offices in major German cities and be able to converse with you in English if you wanted that.
They are both good companies and would be unlikely to give you a wrong steer. They will not be the cheapest around but then again, inland revenues like tax returns filed by known companies of excellent repute. It means that they don't have to scrutinise them exhaustively.

12th Dec 2013, 18:29
They will not be the cheapest around

Irrelevent if you are making a German tax declaration: tick the box and enter what the steurberater cost you to have it added to your deductable expenses.

A fact of life in Germany: when waiting in a queue to deal with some official, you will always see Germans with a fat bunch of papers push past and go to the head of the queue/line. These are the professionals who are given preferred treatment as they invariably have their papers in order and complete supporting documentation.

Which you won't ! ("So vere ist your grandfather's birth certificate, then ?")

20th Jun 2018, 14:14
Dear, All

I will be brand-new in Germany. I will work for an airline as an Air crew and I will be based in Germany . I am looking for a good tax advisor (steuerberater) around Frankfurt to take care of forthcoming income tax return.
Do some german pilots on pprune have a checklist of items that we can claim and tax deductible in Germany to have an idea ?

Many thanks ,