View Full Version : My Clan Indoor Skydiving

Dak Man
9th Dec 2013, 22:27
Last Saturday, my daughter's 12 birthday :)


10th Dec 2013, 00:22
Dak excellent see my post on WOE :ok::ok:

Dak Man
10th Dec 2013, 00:23
I saw it :ok: was great fun.

10th Dec 2013, 00:38
That looks like so much fun, what a great way to spend a birthday. How difficult is it to keep a stable position?

Dak Man
10th Dec 2013, 00:44
Quite easy if you're relaxed, obviously the instructor is there to help.

By god was it noisy though, I neglected to insert my ear plugs properly as I was making sure that the kids ear plugs were all sorted, my hearing was affected for 36 hours - all back to normal now though - lesson learned.