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Standby Scum
9th Dec 2013, 08:10

9th Dec 2013, 08:19
Don't be so sure, that's not a high-drag weapon that will slow down rapidly, and has about 200mph of forward momentum before it starts to nose down...

9th Dec 2013, 08:48
Scratching on the back of the trusty envelope here, but Tallboy was designed to deliver maximum benefit when dropped from 5500 meters at 270 kph. Ignoring air resistance and terminal velocity, but noring Mr Newton, my envelope says fall time is around 33 seconds, therefore range is about 2400 meters.

Hmmm. Maybe calculating amount of time at TV would lead one to extend the range, but my guess is air resistance to forward momentum would knock that back again.

So my good enough for gummint work would be 2400 meters, rather than 240 or 24000.

tony draper
9th Dec 2013, 08:54
It wasn't meant to hit it was meant to land alongside detonate and tip the buggah over,leastwise that's what they said.:rolleyes:

Background Noise
9th Dec 2013, 08:56
It's about 25 seconds time of flight from 10,000 ft, the aircraft may be doing about 200mph, so about 1.5 miles - ish.

9th Dec 2013, 09:04
It's just a painting. You've got to look at these things in the right perspective.

I'll get my coat......

9th Dec 2013, 09:25
Tallboy was designed to deliver maximum benefit when dropped from 5500 meters at 270 kphAs if the bomb aimer didn't have enough to do, he also had to convert the parameters to metric! :E

9th Dec 2013, 09:51
As if the bomb aimer didn't have enough to do, he also had to convert the parameters to metric!
Makes the calcs a dozen times easier.

Loose rivets
9th Dec 2013, 10:00
I know bombs waggle when they're launched, but that one's not pointing in the direction of the aircraft's flight, nor is it pointing down. In fact, a little bit up.

Yes I know it's a painting but every eye will fall on that bomb and it should be going in the right direction.

9th Dec 2013, 10:17
It's all very well for you to criticise, but I reckon it's a pretty good effort for the poor sod trying to hold on to his easel in the following plane.

9th Dec 2013, 10:32
Not seen this then Loose rivets?

Bomb release hits chase plane - YouTube

Takan Inchovit
9th Dec 2013, 10:33
Perhaps the bomb is going upwards.

Loose rivets
10th Dec 2013, 07:43
Incredible, wasn't it. The hero of the day was perhaps Martin Baker. How many lives saved now?

Back to artwork. Recently I've acquired a copy of The Ambassadors. I've wanted one for ages, but now the 220 mb file seems to be giving me trouble. It seems to be taking a long while to copy onto another drive, and trying to view it with W7 File Explorer seems to fail. I copied it into PhotoShop and can zoom into extreme detail, but two things:

1/ I'm not sure what I'm looking at. By this I mean I can see striations and a white mist on parts of the painting. I know the painting to have been restored on a BBC or ITV series 15 years ago or so. I can't think these lines would have come back. I suppose it could be pre-restoration, but unlikely since the fur on the clothes is really a one bristle brush detail. Perplexed. However, this perplexes me more:

2/ I can't save the file in Photoshop format. Is the simple program given away with cameras limited to a certain file size? Also, having viewed it in W7 Explorer, it now won't do it again. Double perplexed.

10th Dec 2013, 12:17
Looks like they going to bomb Iceland...........

serves buggers right as the £1 prawn ring gives me the runs.

Noah Zark.
10th Dec 2013, 12:21
If you look closely, it's a low altitude Zeppelin doing CAP. :}

Ancient Mariner
10th Dec 2013, 15:31
If those are Lancasters in the painting I'd say this is just outside Tromsø, my hometown, although the scenery is far from picture perfect. As a kid i remember seeing the remains of Tirpitz under water until she was finally removed for scrap. The beaches on the Tromsø side of Kvaløysundet was littered with huge piles of rusting anti U-boat nets. Great places for kids to play, there and in the old bunkers scattered around, we always found something "useful".
And we were not even wearing high-viz vests and helmet. What were our mothers thinking? :eek:

10th Dec 2013, 15:44
I have a piece of the Tirpitz upper deck, presented to me by a Norwegian SAR pilot and amateur diver.
Beautiful Malay Pine - with no shrapnel markings, so that bomb missed this particular bit of deck!!!:ooh:

10th Dec 2013, 16:21
Re the chase plane incident. It must have been heartening for the ejected pilot to see the car driving up to him with a fresh pair of underwear. :eek:

Mac the Knife
10th Dec 2013, 18:17
"....I can see striations and a white mist on parts of the painting."

220mb - that's a biggish image - what format? Either the file is corrupt or your imaging app can't cope with the size. PhotoShop is limited to 30,000 x 30,000px (PSB max is 300,000 x 300,000)

I have a 5000 x 4553px JPG of The Ambassadors which is 5.44mb - suspect yours is too big for PhotoShop 'cos at the same coding your copy would be 40x larger.



Adobe Photoshop File Formats Specification (http://www.adobe.com/devnet-apps/photoshop/fileformatashtml/#50577409_72092)

PS: One site mentions a 3.6 GB TIFF in Photoshop CS5 (64 bit) with image dimensions of 87652 x 44431px

tony draper
10th Dec 2013, 18:22
Looks like part of the bomb rack came off with the bomb on that F18 clip,they should have used more duct tape,or mebee less.:rolleyes:

Airey Belvoir
11th Dec 2013, 05:37
The image in the OP is a copy/mess up of an original painting by Gerald Coulson


The Original


The Sinking of The Tirpitz by Gerald Coulson. - Naval-Art.com (http://www.naval-art.com/naval_print.php?ProdID=14046)

I seem to remember that the original was hanging in the RAF Club in London.

The very inferior "bastardized" version (aka computer art)


11th Dec 2013, 06:26
The inferior version seems to be done by one Neil Wooding, aka "Woodie", who sells his art via redbubble.com (Woodie | Redbubble (http://www.redbubble.com/people/woodie)). He's in Newcastle upon Tyne.

11th Dec 2013, 10:17
Going back to the forward throw question, I vaguely remember at Lindholme on the NBS course being taught the equation which the old Calc 3 fitted to the V bombers solved in order to calculate the forward throw of the bomb. I can't remember it, but various elements included groundspeed, altitude and half mean drift. A typical forward throw on a Hastings which I cant imagine was much faster than a Lanc was around 4 miles, and for any of the Vs bombing from height I seem to remember it would be in excess of eight miles

What we need is Pontius Navigator, I bet he knows it, but I understand he's away on his hols at the moment. Anyone else know it?

11th Dec 2013, 10:49
It says here

The painting was commissioned by Rolls-Royce for presentation to the RAF College, Cranwell.

Signed numbered (/500) prints go on Ebay for £150 upwards

Airey Belvoir
11th Dec 2013, 10:53
Spent a number of years at Cranditz instructing and had many visits to the RAF Club - just couldn't remember rightly where I'd seen the original.

12th Dec 2013, 14:51
"Looks like part of the bomb rack came off with the bomb on that F18 clip,they should have used more duct tape,or mebee less.:rolleyes:"

As intended. This was a seperation test of a jettision of the bomb + rack. As the video pointed out, both A-4 crew survived. The backseater was a McDonnell company photographer.

(former McAir engineer)

12th Dec 2013, 15:02
Does the pilot of the F-18 get to chalk up 1 x F4 kill and
put a piccy below his canopy ?

India Four Two
12th Dec 2013, 15:46
On this site Ashley Walk Bombing Range - Aircraft & Airshows (http://www.airshowspresent.com/ashley-walk-bombing-range.html) there is a description of a Grand Slam dropped at Ashley Walk range in the New Forest:
After the inert tests, on 13 March 1945 Lancaster PB592/G flying at 18,000’ above Sandy Balls, released a live Grand Slam which impacted near Pitts Wood. The charmingly named Sandy Balls is just under 2 nm from the Grand Slam craters.

There is an excellent older thread here:

12th Dec 2013, 18:32
It accelerated down, and tipped nose-down only a bit slower than free-fall, but still fell steadily behind the dropping aircraft.

12,000 lb Tallboy Earthquake Bomb - YouTube

West Coast
12th Dec 2013, 19:12
Which one of you lads bomber the hillside? A few too many pints the night before perhaps