View Full Version : Lame media pieces on 3D printed guns

9th Dec 2013, 02:01
There seems to be an up-tick in the number of asinine, scaremongering pieces about 3D printing of firearms.
The latest being a 60 Minutes piece of dross here in Australia last night.
The conclusion to this was "...and latest reports say that guns have now been 3D printed - wait for it - in metal!"
Err - yes 60 Minutes, and what you conveniently forgot to mention (or perhaps didn't even realise) was that the printer that did it costs, oh, around half a million dollars?!!
Shouldn't you be more worried about people constructing home-made firearms in their tool-sheds, as they've done probably for probably over a hundred years or more?
The degree of f#ckw!ttedness exhibited by mainstream TV, print and radio seems to be rising incrementally year by year... :*

9th Dec 2013, 04:38
Ah yes, we are all talking about it and going :ugh:

Especially since they picked a 1911 which almost certainly
has more CNC code available than most guns.

Anyone with a decent lathe and even more so with a CNC machine
can turn out gun parts, although the barrel is a bit harder and cheaper
to buy anyway - even using a second hand crap rifled barrel cut down.

Reality will catch up with them soon.

9th Dec 2013, 08:47
My thoughts precisely - what wicked sensationalism presented by 60 Minutes. Even I could knock up a single shot pistol in my shed and I'd be pretty confident that it would not self destruct by a single, 22 bullet. I have to say that the young bloke who presented himself to Ray was a piece of work, though.