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8th Dec 2013, 10:37
I know I am a grumpy old man but those 118 phone Ads are as banal as the Santander Bank ones.

Any other ones for the list.....?

8th Dec 2013, 11:09
At least the 118118 ads are just 10 second jobs and quickly gone, the Santander ones are the 30+seconds variety and involving the expat multi-millionaires as spokesmen.

There are very few 'good' ads simply because to fight their way into the consciousness of the younger generations, who are already swamped by the multi-meeja offerings to be had on the iphone held in their hand whilst watching TV at the same time, you either have to be a) annoying to be memorable b) clever, funny, thought provoking, which costs lots more money in production and ad-break time wise. Where will we be in 5 years time televisually I wonder ?


8th Dec 2013, 15:50
As a self-confessed Poirot addict, I admit to watching ITV3 a lot to catch repeats of old ones I have missed.

This channel does that thing of having a sponsor which gets a plug at the beginning and end of each ad break. I now have strong desire to hurl that smug couple on their river cruise into the Danube!

Krystal n chips
8th Dec 2013, 17:19
The current Christmas offering from M & S has the same arrogance and pure "yuk !" factor as their infamous "this is not simply, this is "etc ads, which, with their over priced products, should, you would hope, ensure their market share is down to a minimal level this year.

Probably not however as the gullible will always be daft enough to part with their 's.

8th Dec 2013, 17:57
as their infamous "this is not simply, this is....


8th Dec 2013, 19:40
I know I am a grumpy old man but those 118 phone Ads are as banal as the Santander Bank ones.

Well, be like myself, no TV in twenty odd years and don't regret it. I have know idea who the new 'celebs' are, what adverts are playing, or what Dirty Den* is doing in East Enders and don't care either!

*Or his modern equivalent.

8th Dec 2013, 19:42
I suppose they must work otherwise they wouldn't keep running them, but because of those ad's, I would never dial 118.

There are numerous others that make me not want to buy the product.

8th Dec 2013, 22:42
This channel does that thing of having a sponsor which gets a plug at the beginning and end of each ad break. I now have strong desire to hurl that smug couple on their river cruise into the Danube!

TTN: but the sponsor thing means I can fast forward at 30x speed, and catch the next segment spot on. Back o the net!


Windy Militant
8th Dec 2013, 22:47
I'm finding myself agreeing more and more with what a a friend of mine opined a few years ago. The more gimmicks and adverts the worse the quality of the product is. He suggested that if the stuff was any good then it would sell off its own merit. I recently realised I'd stopped buying a certain brand of confectionary which seems to have gone down that street as it no longer tastes as good and seems to be advertised a great deal more and in a manner I can only describe as loud and trashy.

9th Dec 2013, 06:28
I can't imagine anyone wanting to use 118118 with their charges and yes those cretins bouncing up and down wind me up.

If you want an ad that irritates the s**t out of you try this one courtesy of no no!

No! No! Hair Commercial - As Seen On TV - YouTube

Mind you if women shaving their bits turns you on then you're in luck!

9th Dec 2013, 07:20
Ok, I have to ask..what does a 118 ad advertise?

9th Dec 2013, 07:30
Phone directory enquiries.

9th Dec 2013, 07:43
Thanks....they advertise how to ring directory enquiries....don't they have the Internet in the UK?

9th Dec 2013, 07:59
I have probably never bought anything as a result of being influenced by an advert, nor by being approached by a salesman. The harder they try to sell, the less likely I am to do so, as someone else said earlier, the better products and services should not need aggressive marketing.

Ads ads on my computers are blocked (FF+Adblock), I am quite capable of reading a newspaper or magazine and being oblivious of advertising, other than airline related, and on the rare occasions when I watch commercial TV channels, I ignore or mute the ads, or more often record the programme and FF through the ads.

When people talk about 'the woman on the XYZ advert' or 'the actor from ABC who does the whatevers ads' I am blissfully unaware, in fact haven't heard of many of the products.

Until reading this thread, I also didn't know what a 118 ad was either. And now that I do, I won't be using the service.

9th Dec 2013, 09:40
My wife and I find that Viking River Cruises ad very annoying. We went on one of their cruises in late May, starting in Amsterdam and finishing in Budapest going along the Rhine, Main, Main-Danube Canal and Danube; a total of about 1350 miles in two weeks. Or that was the plan.

Unfortunately on day 3 out of 15, travelling past Rudesheim, we met, coming in the opposite direction, the start of the worst floods in central Europe for 70 years. The cruise ended in Mainz after about 340 miles and we completed the holiday with a 970 mile bus tour visiting all but one of the places we should have gone to on the cruise and arriving in Budapest battling through the friday afternoon rush hour on a 35C day to get to the third hotel (and fourth extra unpack/pack ritual) in six days.:ugh:

We never did get to see that nighttime view of the river in Budapest - too knackered to get down there and all the riverside roads were under about six feet of water anyway.:sad:

So that ad gets a round of abuse every time it appears.:E

Give them their due; within 36 hours of arriving home we got a letter from Viking saying that events were beyond their control and they did their best to fulfil their contract but that if we presented this letter with our next booking we would get 75% off the basic cost of our next cruise. As we'd already booked one for next year that's OK by us.:ok:


9th Dec 2013, 10:05
As someone said a while ago, why do we have ads for toilet paper? I mean, it's not as if we're never going to buy any.....:confused:

9th Dec 2013, 10:38
why do we have ads for toilet paper? I mean, it's not as if we're never going to buy any.load of shit really ..... and on the same topic why do utilities when they are monopolies, spend huge sums of money advertising themselves when they might be using that money to reduce consumer costs or to improve their service. I know that nowadays many utilities are not monopolies but certainly in days gone by they were.

I also loathe charity adverts where you see a snot and fly encrusted African child pleading for money in some third world hellhole, when you know that the despot running the country has a fleet of Maybachs and private jets.

cockney steve
9th Dec 2013, 11:39
likeflash8 I don't have TV.
Under the influence and pressure of kids and partners, I have in the past.....OK, the radio and Library have been largely superseded by the Internet. i buy the Sunday Times, which gives , IMO a good ,balanced read for a week...Daughter gives me a Private Eye subscription.

I made a concious effort to avoid any advertised product NEVER eaten any KFC, Macdonalds or Pizza hut products . Never buy tins of international-brand fizzy drink, never bought a bloody Yorky Bar.
As someone posted...Roses and Quality Street have altered in taste, texture and variety....stupid,greedy bean-counters have just shot themselves in the foot again...their inferior , degraded insult to famous brands stays on the shelf.
Tip to conglomerate moguls....DO NOT EVER perjure the brand you have just bought.....it was successful enough for you to want to buy it FOR A REASON....So, DON'T let youf f-wit "managers" turn the product to 5h1t and think that buyers won't notice...they will , and they'll go elsewhere and your empty shell of a brand will collapse.

rant mode off.

9th Dec 2013, 12:35
Why anyone would use 118 baffles me. You can get pretty much any number online/smartphone

9th Dec 2013, 12:37
utilities when they are monopolies

The biggest monopoly of the lot is HMG in the shape of the NHS, DVLA, etc.. ad (sic) nauseam.

Mostly telling us the bleedin obvious, at our expense.

9th Dec 2013, 13:33
Utility Companies are not monopolies (well not in the UK, anyway).

I do also find those who do not have a TV coming into a thread about TV advertising just to advertise that they do not have a TV on which to watch TV adverts, amusing.

9th Dec 2013, 13:44
Henry Ford said he knew that 50% of his advertising worked but the trouble was he didn't know which half....

I always enjoyed the Barclaycard adverts with Rowan Atkinson also anyone remember "Happiness is a Hamlet"?

And then the tea bag came about so that people had enough time to make a quick cuppa during the commercial break.

Am not in advertising I hasten to add!

9th Dec 2013, 14:02
Many utilities in the UK were monopolies. I appreciate this no longer applies. In some countries utilities are still monopolies.

9th Dec 2013, 14:54
How were the TV ad companies allowed to expand the commercial breaks from 3 to 5 minutes and to play their poxy ads at 25% more volume?

9th Dec 2013, 17:49
I also loathe charity adverts where you see a snot and fly encrusted African child pleading for money in some third world hellhole.....

Some of the lesser known non-terrestrial channels seem to run nothing else during their ad-breaks. What annoys me is the way they lay on the emotional blackmail so thickly; a sickly, crying child; an emaciated, hollow eyed parent, then the message: "this child will DIE unless you send us money. Now. And keep on sending it....." It pretty much guarantees that I won't.

9th Dec 2013, 18:20
Poverty porn, disgustingly manipulative and as with most charitable contributions, over 80% will be eaten up in 'administrative costs'........:rolleyes:


9th Dec 2013, 20:30
Indeed. And I find it terribly ironic that any organisation that can afford wall to wall TV advertising actually needs to ask for more money.......