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6th Dec 2013, 10:40
From the local radio station (http://www.worldradio.ch/news/local-news/cannabis-clubs-in-geneva/) this morning:

7 parties in Geneva support legalising cannabis

Both left and right parties in Geneva are supporting the legal sale of cannabis.

Yesterday Council Members of a cross-party working group presented a study on countries that have legalised the drug. Authorities agreed that the Spanish model of regulating cannabis clubs was the best fit for the city of Geneva. In Spain cannabis clubs are taxed and are only allowed to grow enough cannabis for their members.

Regulating cannabis would save authorities roughly 200M CHF a year.

I'm all in favour of saving 200M francs a year but can someone explain in a little more detail what is happening in Spain?

Muchos gracius, muchos munchies!

6th Dec 2013, 11:07
can someone explain in a little more detail what is happening in Spain?

Well, I have friends* who grow da weed.

I asked once what the Municipales do if they spot the plants in the front garden. "It depends on whether he's had a row with his wife over breakfast" answered my friend. "If they have they root 'em up and chuck 'em in the ditch. If not they just shake their heads and drive off".

* I used to think marijhuana wasn't dangerous. After seeing what's left of my friend's brain cells on reaching 50 years of age, I'm not so sure.

As far as Clubs are concerned, no idea. I think most consumers here regard marijhuana as beneath them.

Lon More
6th Dec 2013, 11:53
It does seem to have a pain relieving effect. Probably because if you're out of your gourd you won't notice the pain.

6th Dec 2013, 13:52
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