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5th Dec 2013, 23:02
To my Trans-Atlantic cousins:

I want to make a very authentic Eggnog this year. I made one last year and used some Gentleman Jack and it was pretty good, but I bet there's loads of you out there (Con Pilot, Lonewolf, Rllingthunder, Galaxy Pilot, et al) with some great recipes...

Can any of you give me a sure fire recipe that will be amazing?


6th Dec 2013, 05:38
Have not tried it, but this was passed onto me a while back:

Start the Egg Nog (http://sfist.com/2007/11/20/start_the_egg_n.php)

The Preparations
1. Select 8 friends of great and long-standing importance to you.
2. Invite them to come over on the Sunday evening following Thanksgiving. Each invitee (or pair of invitees if it’s, like, a couples thing) should bring two 375ml bottles of Jim Beam bourbon. If anyone brings their liquor in a plastic bottle, they must not be invited back.
3. Acquire the following materials:
* A large stoneware crock. We have not been able to find a local retailer who carries these. Red Wing Stoneware makes an nice crock in several sizes. If you are unwilling to order a $75 crock from Minnesota, you may use a stainless steel pot. Plastic containers are forbidden, however.
* A ceremonially giant wooden spoon (the guests will be invited to stir).
* Empty liquor bottles, washed, labels removed.
* Aluminum foil.
* A spread of tasty snacks, such as shrimp cocktail, hot pepper jelly and cream cheese on crackers, and a spiral-cut glazed ham to be served on small rolls with mustard.
4. For each batch of nog, you’ll need the following ingredients:
* 1 dozen eggs.
* 2 cups of sugar.
* 1/2 pint of light cream. “Light cream” is no longer widely available; if it can’t be found, half-and-half is an acceptable subsitute.
* 1 quart whole milk.
* 1 quart bourbon (if you don’t trust your guests to remember to bring it).
* 4 ounces Myer’s dark rum.
* 4-8 ounces of V.S.O.P. cognac.
* Pinch of salt.
* Nutmeg nuts.
The Party Procedure
1. Select several guests to separate the eggs. Choose wisely, for this is an honor. The yolks will go in the egg nog. As to the whites, it is customary to put them in the freezer and then, after about six months, into the trash.
2. Select several guests to dissolve the sugar in the yolks, stirring until creamy. Choose wisely, for this is an honor.
3. Add cream, milk, bourbon, rum, cognac, and a pinch of salt. Mix. First-time guests will gasp appreciatively at the huge amount of booze. Assign a team of guest to stir gently for one hour, using the large ceremonial spoon. Choose wisely, for this is an honor.
5. Pour into the now-empty bourbon bottles. Strain before pouring if you're queasy. Wrap the bottles in aluminum foil. “Shiny side out,” Wrap the foil so that it includes a nut of nutmeg for grating. The foil also keeps light out, although actually we have no idea if this really matters. Ribbon optional for gift bottles.
Carefully instruct guests to refrigerate the nog for at least three weeks before enjoying, gently turning the bottle occasionally to mix.
The traditional Shanghai method was to put the crock (covered) out in the garage and stir it once in a while for three weeks before bottling it. The San Francisco climate, however, is impractical for such a procedure.
6. Drink some this year and keep some refrigerated for next year - that way, you’ll always have some aged and some “young” to enjoy. With time, the egg nog achieves a mellow, golden hue and a complex, delicious flavor.