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5th Dec 2013, 22:12

I'd imagine you have seen this before, but a first for me. A salute to an aircraft we both flew.

The Beaver Ballad - YouTube

Loose rivets
5th Dec 2013, 22:20
Mmm, at 1.06 it's got a dingy going backwards with its painter trailin' behind. I credit them with knowin' you can't have the bows goin' foward, but leaving the painter out. Such bad form.

Gertrude the Wombat
5th Dec 2013, 22:39
Wonderful! - must get back to BC and Alasaka!

5th Dec 2013, 22:44
I'm the proud owner of a landing on Lake Coeur d'Alene on a DH-2 Beaver. Softest touchdown I ever had.

5th Dec 2013, 22:48
I liked it so much, I emigrated.

I have about 20 minutes at the controls of a Beaver on floats, in the Canadian North back in 1987. I was an RAF pilot on holiday, and went down to the docks for a chat. The pilot said "Let's go for a ride". After about half an hour of demoing what the aircraft could do, the guy unexpectedly just said "Do you want a go?" and sat next to me on an orange box and told me what to do whilst I had some fun. I had the only controls.

Rules? Who needs 'em?

p.s. great tune!

6th Dec 2013, 00:51
Thanks connie, great little tune. :ok:

The strangest external load I ever carried was a load of bed springs, 4 a side. The mattresses were in the cabin with one pax in the right seat and the other laying on his belly on top of the mattresses.

I've flown that wreck at the 3:08 mark, when it was this one.


That original owner was the New York Daily News as N1488V.