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4th Dec 2013, 15:28
Ok, I admit due to points, a mate who owns a Travel Agency who books my flights when I travel on " real " tickets, I have flown First on the 747 and J on the 747. First, up in the nose, is just a pleasure, and Business up top makes you feel like you have your own aircraft, as I said, for an Old Girl she does it very very well.

I have not travelled on it, was just wondering, does the A380 give the same type of feel?

4th Dec 2013, 16:11
The A380 doesn't shake or rattle.

4th Dec 2013, 16:20
It is a lot quieter as well.

4th Dec 2013, 16:28

I would hope so. Granted, I haven't flown on a 747 for some years now but the last time I did* it was interesting to hear how loud they can be. At all times. :eek:

*KLM 747-400 from Shiphol (AMS) to NYC (JFK)

4th Dec 2013, 16:39
It was very pleasant to fly on the 380.

Did many many tips UK to Aus in the late 70's and 80's on the 747,
a different era.

4th Dec 2013, 17:13

I would hope so. Granted, I haven't flown on a 747 for some years now but the last time I did* it was interesting to hear how loud they can be. At all times. :eek:

*KLM 747-400 from Shiphol (AMS) to NYC (JFK)

Are you sure that the noise wasn't coming from a certain CC?

4th Dec 2013, 17:24
Did many many tips UK to Aus in the late 70's and 80's

.........and then they finally let you in? http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/src:www.pprune.org/get/images/smilies/tongue.gif

4th Dec 2013, 17:26

I think it was more of the UK not letting him BACK in than Aus letting him stay!!!! :}:}:}

4th Dec 2013, 18:35
No idea about the A380 but the 747 could really shift when it needed to.

Back in 2000, I was slf on the back row of an old BA 742 as we came into Philadelphia. The aircraft in front blew a tire on touch-down, so the crew did a balls-to-the-wall go-around. I swear the thing went vertical up to 5,000'. Each second of it, I was wondering if it were my last.

Get to fly in the back of a Learjet every few months now. A lot of fun, but still nothing compared to that BA go-around. :eek:

4th Dec 2013, 20:00
Nice to see the 500N mutual admiration society at work :O :p

eastern wiseguy
4th Dec 2013, 20:04
Back in the late 70's when I was a wee baby Air Traffic Control person British Airways used to bring aircraft to Prestwick for training. They had an open invite to us if we wanted to join them for circuits and general handling. The aircraft I flew on then included L1011's VC10's B747's B707 freighters. That was my experience of sitting in first class. No catering....and free access to the flight deck.....but really nice seats for sleeping in after a night shift!!

Those were the days....Dutch rolls in a B707:ok:....Engine failure after take off in a Tristar and then a massive bird strike.....that was fun......reversing off stand in a VC10...taught me massive amounts . Those were the days.......nostalgia mode off ;)

4th Dec 2013, 20:10
"and free access to the flight deck"

That is one thing I really enjoyed.

Would visit most often when in cruise over the ocean
but the view with a full moon, light or cloud was superb.

4th Dec 2013, 20:12
The most hair raising ride I've had was in a Goodyear blimp on takeoff.Just 3 of us plus the pilot.It really seemed to climb at about 45 degrees,we all had to hang on ! I was astounded at its performance.

4th Dec 2013, 20:37
Free access to the flight deck? A thing of the past. Any attempt to access a flight deck nowadays would probably result in a free wuppin' courtesy of the cabin crew and/or passengers.

eastern wiseguy
4th Dec 2013, 20:45
Rgb.......yep...regrettably true. Those were training flights but when travelling as a paying punter there was a quick flash of the pass and off to the jump seat. Loved every minute of it.....even invited for "after landing drinks" :ok:or a trawl round the crew duty free at places like AMS....golden era of flying for me...nowadays......loathe it ( well the ground crap anyways :mad:)

4th Dec 2013, 20:57

The "golden days of flying" for me is represented best thus:



eastern wiseguy
4th Dec 2013, 20:58
RGB. I always made it a rule to never ever leave a serviceable aeroplane in mid flight.....

4th Dec 2013, 21:00
ah eastern, you're no fun! There's nothing quite like jumping the hell out of a perfectly flying aircraft, and especially not when doing so out the back door! (Er, ramp.)

4th Dec 2013, 21:05
One would have to accord the 747 some slack comparing it to the A380. It was built 40 years ago. She's been the queen of the sky her entire life.

Never saw a rough landing on the whale, both as an engineer and FO. She threw off the crosswinds and that 50.40.30 cadence assured a flat descent, and the gear tilt softened even the clumsiest hands. Best airplane I ever flew (no. 1 of 10).

4th Dec 2013, 21:29

"of a perfectly flying aircraft,"

We used to call them "30,000 rivets flying in formation" !!! :O

That looks like a very "treey" LZ or were you expected to land
on that thin flat strip in the middle ?

4th Dec 2013, 21:31

I've been in 747's that touch down softly but on occasions,
have been on some that felt like the pilots didn't know a
runway was below them :rolleyes:

4th Dec 2013, 21:33

What's wrong with a drop into trees? Huh? What are you, a pussy? :}:}:}

4th Dec 2013, 21:37
Landings are like golf, 500N. Just when you're sure you've got it all figured out...

4th Dec 2013, 21:55
Now I know why I don't play golf :O

With all the weird and wonderful places I landed, some of the cross winds
left a bit to be desired. Perth for one.

Can't remember much about Abu Dhabi, Bombay, Singers and KL.

4th Dec 2013, 22:55
........does the A380 give the same type of feel?

Just flown in my first A-380 - Ey. Chatted up the stewardess and asked if I could have a peek at the F/C cabin, ended up spending the rest of the flight at the First Class bar ! So yes, the A-380 has a nice feel about it !

Best airplane I ever flew.

Go along with that, and with the freighter you could actually have some fun !!

......felt like the pilots didn't know a runway was below .

With a bit of luck one could actually push forward at just the right moment and 'roll' the dangling bogeys on to the runway, super smooth, and yes, it did happen occasionally - other times ........... !

Yamagata ken
5th Dec 2013, 00:07
I recently travelled Narita -> Bangkok in a 747 and made the return in an A380. The A380 was noticeably quieter, the seats more comfortable and there was more room. I'm fairly broad in the shoulders, so it was good to feel I wasn't encroaching on my neighbour's space. Also, in steerage, the tumblehome is tumbling out, so window seats give you a lot of extra width. Very nice, as it should be with a much newer design.