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4th Dec 2013, 01:06
Would it be possible to have a 24hr period over Christmas when all the

potentially lonely - for whatever reason - old farts can get together and

admire the view ?

The idea would be to be friendly and supportive but not to lose track of

the professional pilot creed of taking the piss.

Loose rivets
4th Dec 2013, 05:42
Sounds like a good idea. Having had a sizable house with a huge family in it, I'm now rattling around in Texas as though I'm an invisible ghost. I had a heck of a lot more fun with me mates back in Essex this summer.

4th Dec 2013, 07:05
old farts can get together and

admire the view ?

I thought that's what PPRuNe was for ...:E

4th Dec 2013, 11:11
I thought that's what PPRuNe was for ...

Not since Slasher took the fall. :p

4th Dec 2013, 14:19
The Pasha, Upper Street, Islington N1, 19:00 December 23rd. Formal Dress (unless you happen to be Turkish).

12th Dec 2013, 22:36
ls that a taxi rank ?

17th Dec 2013, 02:24
l jumped the gun a tad.

l defrosted a Bernard Matthews 3.987kg turkey from Farmfoods.

and then did something l have never done before.

Followed the instructions.

Loose rivets
17th Dec 2013, 06:25

24th Dec 2013, 00:29
ls it Christmas yet ?

We must be getting close. The obese are losing weight shuffling to and

fro between supermarkets. The local Asda Superstore opened at 7am and

the car park was full at 0715. The day before Christmas Eve.

These people plainly do not work.

Fat as pigs with manners to match.

ps. Silly of me, l should know it`s Christmas when the Easter Eggs arrive.