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G&T ice n slice
30th Nov 2013, 20:33
...Young lady, daughter of my neighbour.

Since she's away at university I though a bumper box of mixed long-life & dried type foodstuffs, you know rice, pasta, soup mixes etc etc. since will help pad out her meagre student loan.

It has now been suggested to me that I buy her a rabbit, which apparently she'll really appreciate.

Seems a bit of an odd idea to me. She lives in digs so rabbit will have to stay out in the garden, she'll have to remember to feed Iit & clean up its hutch. And as far as I can make out there's only enough meat on a rabbit for maybe a couple of mealks if lucky, plus I can't see her wringing its neck & skinning it or anything like that.

So I am completely baffled.

30th Nov 2013, 20:44
Get her a Justin Bieber CD, in case the rabbit dies.

30th Nov 2013, 21:01
Being a student seriously isn't compatible with having pets away from home. Student landlords are not especially tolerant at the best of times, I would think it's likely that pets are forbidden in the tenancy agreement for her digs. And animals are a drain financially.

I love having animals about the place, but I definitely wouldn't have appreciated one while I was away studying.

30th Nov 2013, 21:09
Being an 18th birthday, it assumes the significance of a '21st', so consider something enduring such as a silver bangle or a nice string of pearls.

You might consider lodging a sum of money with a jeweller or silversmith so that the young lady can choose her own item.

Of course if she is a ladette, she might prefer a tankard . . .

30th Nov 2013, 21:12
If Slasher was still allowed, he would have suggested himself as a pressie. :)

B Fraser
30th Nov 2013, 21:49
I reckon El Slasho would have agreed with G-CPTN's suggestion of a pearl necklace.


30th Nov 2013, 21:56
Is the rabbit the one usually sold in those shops with opaque windows or mail order from Ann Summers.

1st Dec 2013, 01:46
...in case the rabbit dies.

Yep. The bunny can double
as a home pregnancy test kit.

1st Dec 2013, 02:13
Yep. Asking what to buy a 18 yr old female uni student on a public forum.

Could only go one way huh! :p

Worrals in the wilds
1st Dec 2013, 02:26
It could be worse; he could have googled it. :eek::}

Seriously, I wouldn't buy her a pet. Even fish are a pain when you live in student accomodation.

1st Dec 2013, 02:27
Asking what to buy a 18 yr old female uni student on a public forum.Especially when that public forum is JB!

In all seriousness I wouldn't have a bloody clue
what to get an 18yo female uni student. Maybe
an iPhone 5 or a collection of Lady Gaga CDs?

1st Dec 2013, 02:34
The simple answer to the search for a gift for a poverty-stricken student is money. They can then spend it on what really is dear to their heart. A few big green notes inside a card will work wonders.

When I first hitched up with SWMBO, her daughter had her 15th birthday shortly after I moved in. I gave her $50 inside her birthday card, and you'd think I'd given her the keys to a bank safe.
It went a long way to improving my initially-wobbly relationship with a surly 15yr old who could no longer sit on her mothers bed first thing in the morning, for her daily mother-daughter bonding chat.

Of course, she went straight out and bought a set of Ugg boots with the $50, something that is every 15 yr old girls hearts desire - and a present I would never have thought of, in a million years.

1st Dec 2013, 02:56
I agree with onetrack - just give her money.

A half-starved poverty-riddled uni student
will certainly be a bit more careful with any
freely-given loot compared to a 15yo.

Either that or line her up with some young
bloke with a fat wallet. Consequently I'd
certainly keep that bunny around handy! :E

1st Dec 2013, 03:46
You mean the Rampant one? ;)

Mr Optimistic
1st Dec 2013, 06:04
Must you really! Amazon vouchers? Good luggage?

1st Dec 2013, 09:58
- a voucher for one professional driving lesson.
- a voucher for one pair of sports shoes.
- a tennis raquet.
- if all else fails, a big fluffy animal toy.

1st Dec 2013, 10:06
It has now been suggested to me that I buy her a rabbit, which apparently she'll really appreciate. Seems a bit of an odd idea to me.

I think, as suggested by others, that someone was pulling your leg with that idea and in your youthful innocence you didn't quite grasp the type of rabbit being referred to. :E

How about a handbag or some shoes ?

Cyber Bob
1st Dec 2013, 11:30
Lads please !!!

G&T: something like a 'Pandora' bracelet or eqivilent. Amazon is your friend.

1st Dec 2013, 18:15
Flying lesson - simples!

1st Dec 2013, 18:31
I have, at various times, bought a flying lesson, a racecar experience (laps in a single-seater, a sportscar and salooncar), a microlight flight and a visit to an airshow (Farnborough) for my children (for their significant birthdays).

G&T ice n slice
1st Dec 2013, 19:32
I have just googled "Amazon" and "rabbit" and....

oh my goodness....

There are some very naughty people around who probably also teach foreigners "useful expressions to use at the pub"

She's getting useful dry foodstuffs....

Mr Optimistic
1st Dec 2013, 20:33
Aka a red cross parcel. Imagination and flair live on !

Lon More
1st Dec 2013, 20:42
Reminds me of a discussion, many years ago, with the ex Mrs. LM

Me, "When I'm 54 I'm getting an 18 year old girlfriend."

Her, When I'm 54 I'm getting an 18 year old boyfriend and I'll have a lot more fun than you because 18 goes into 54 more often than 54 goes into 18."

Solid Rust Twotter
2nd Dec 2013, 05:43
Biltong. A 10lb sack of the stuff is always much appreciated by one's mates.

2nd Dec 2013, 06:01

You can say that again !!! :ok:

Worrals in the wilds
2nd Dec 2013, 06:32
I have just googled "Amazon" and "rabbit" and....
Same :eek:.
I learn something every day. :O

Lon More
2nd Dec 2013, 07:31
Better not Google Amazon and sex toy then :ooh:

2nd Dec 2013, 07:38
Only had this situation with two nieces...
First gave CDs of my choice...
Then gave HMV gift cerificates
Then gave GBP50 notes.

Last one was the winner. Takes me awhile sometimes.

2nd Dec 2013, 09:29
Having been primed by reading through this thread I've just searched amazon for rabbit. Though I'd struck gold when I found a play tunnel for a rabbit.......came away very disappointed.

Mac the Knife
2nd Dec 2013, 09:54
Gardasil - Home (http://www.gardasil.com/)


2nd Dec 2013, 11:12
Me, "When I'm 54 I'm getting an 18 year old girlfriend."

That would now make her 28 Lon.

Time for a trade-in! :}

2nd Dec 2013, 13:57
Nothing worse than an 18 year old receiving a Christmas present from a crusty who has no idea what to get her in the first place.

ITunes voucher, Amazon voucher or cash; you won't go wrong with any of them.

Unoriginal, hell yes!!:ok:

2nd Dec 2013, 15:19
Traial lesson at a gliding club.
We could do with a few more young females at our club to redress the balance.

2nd Dec 2013, 19:26
I could progress her to Nude Leapfrog!!!!

You might have a potentially painful problem
with that if you have a sagging ballbag CJ. :ouch: