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Standard Noise
30th Nov 2013, 19:55
So if you could sell one bit of yourself for your dream car.........

Man sells testicle to buy Nissan 370Z - Autoblog (http://www.autoblog.com/2013/11/27/man-sells-testicle-to-buy-nissan-370z/?a_dgi=aolshare_email})

I suppose he could have bought a Testes Rosa and had a few quid left for one of these (just to remember it by) BALL Watch Mechanical Timepieces: Swiss Made, American Owned (http://www.ballwatchusa.com/) :}

30th Nov 2013, 20:42
Not the first time this has been done. I heard that Himmler did something similar.

30th Nov 2013, 20:49
And why Goebbels had no balls at all

Low Flier
30th Nov 2013, 22:43

30th Nov 2013, 22:47
I'd give my right arm to be ambidextrous.

30th Nov 2013, 23:33
My Missus put the Dog's Balls in a jar of Alcohol on the Mantle over the fireplace.....and an empty one next to it suggesting mine would be up there too should I ever have an affair.

I did not care for the Terms of that deal.

eastern wiseguy
30th Nov 2013, 23:34
And the dog was happy to balance up there?..........

Takan Inchovit
1st Dec 2013, 01:22
.... with one leg in the air?

1st Dec 2013, 02:12
So if having one nut removed gets you a Nissan 370Z - it's immediately obvious that having your dick removed, gets you a Ferrari or a Lambo .. :E

1st Dec 2013, 03:25
That's true CJ. When God lets you down
the Devil can certainly put things right! :E

You can't trust the bastard though. When
it comes to contract interpretation he's far
worse than the bloody Chinese.

1st Dec 2013, 04:35
Sheesh.......I'd give my left penis to be normal.

1st Dec 2013, 07:46
Atomkraft - And for how long have you had this urge, to slither along the ground?? :hmm: