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30th Nov 2013, 16:25
Friend of friend running a kids team when his kids playing and putting in lot of personal time, doing the coaching, etc etc.
Team had a good year and amazingly were getting lots of people trying to get their kids in..

They were the B team but reached a final and amazing number of parents who went to club demannding X should play as in A team and we will win final.

Week before final it got ott and f of f sat down with committee with some of the parents, parents thought they winning until he said well as X wants to be in B team then they must stay in B team for all of next year and parents sign a letter to this effect.

Also gave a list to these parents of names of each of the B team with their parents name / number and said well you now want to decide to boot these kids out who turned up on that wet Saturday here and on that snowy day here, so you pick those who you want to kick out and ring their parents to tell them they no longer welcome.
Told them I want you to do it but that is what you want, I want you to have to look people in the face in the club because you know what people will think of you.

Him and the 4 people who ran the team, drove for it, washed the kit, ran the line, put the nets up etc also said that next year we not available if club does this.

Group running the team left adults to make the call, apparently some of the parents still demanding it until elder gent who pretty much had been with club since a kid stood up. I only told excerpts but he told parents that IF club becomes what they desire then he doesn't want a part of it and will tell everybody why. Given his status I reckon he would have damaged quite a few people.

He also said he loved going to see B team because in reality they not a load of good footballers but they play as a team and he enjoys that. Committe backed elder gent even with parents anger and claiming they will vote people out at next AGM.

It wasn't a dream ending as on the day the team lost 3-1 but every player played in the final and big party afterwards in McDs they celebrated.

I did go along to match and chatted to the elder gent afterwrads who said he loved to see a team playing. None of these will ever be a star footballer but he figured tell kids they not good enough for a final and bringing in new people tells them that cheating is acceptable.

Must admit found what he said so true

DX Wombat
30th Nov 2013, 16:43
Well done to those of you who stood up for the children against the bullying parents. Sad that they didn't win, but celebrating taking part was the right thing to do and teaches them that their efforts are appreciated and it is worthwhile making an effort. It should, but probably won't, teach the bullies that winning isn't everything. Playing for fun is great and to be encouraged.

30th Nov 2013, 17:49
Agree, well done to everyone who stood up to them.

As said, pity they didn't win but they obviously have learnt
about teams, mates and mateship and of course losing. This
will stand them in good stead for later and probably make
them better players.

I was never good enough to play A teams but found throughout
school that the B and C teams had a lot of fun as well as a lot
of game time.