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28th Nov 2013, 12:54
Turkeys in the oven 10 hour slow cooking, clear blue skies outside and a chilly -4C.......

Happy Thanksgiving.......

Dak Man
28th Nov 2013, 12:56
Happy Thanksgiving to our American cousins in Canada's southern province.

tony draper
28th Nov 2013, 13:04
Yer Happy Thanksgiving to the folks across the pond.:ok:
Turkey twice in a Month,lucky buggas,I love Turkey.:)

Alloa Akbar
28th Nov 2013, 13:07
Ahh, the time of year again when Pprune's American contributors disappear as if on the dark side of the moon, only to emerge on Tuesday a little heavier!! :ok:

Happy Thanksgiving folks!

28th Nov 2013, 14:05
Happy Thanksgiving all y'all.


28th Nov 2013, 15:33
Happy Thanksgiving from me too, to our cousins offshore from Hawai`i where I enjoyed a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner one year.

28th Nov 2013, 15:47
borrowed from another site


28th Nov 2013, 15:50
I thought the Turkey was supposed to be deep-fried, not roasted.

28th Nov 2013, 16:30
Happy Thanksgiving.

You're a month late and totally into bad weather timing. Not good to schedule a big holiday so close to Christmas/New Year's but then what would the retailers do?

28th Nov 2013, 16:51
Happy Thankgiving to RGB, Birddog and all me
other mates on the other side of the Pacific. :)

28th Nov 2013, 19:06
Happy Thanksgiving to all... Just put the turkey in an "Oil less" infrared cooker.... Have always cooked in oil in the past. ConPilot--I will give a report on how it works....


28th Nov 2013, 20:22
Happy Thanskgiving - although the joke here is that Thanksgiving is September 6, which is the date they left!

Interestingly, is there a place called Scrooby in the US , especially New England?

Scrooby in north Nottinghamshire is where the Pilgrim fathers originally came from. It would seem that at least two of them were educated at King Edward 6th Grammar School in Retford: some 400 years later, many of us figured the teaching there hadn't improved any in the meantime.........

Worrals in the wilds
28th Nov 2013, 20:37
Happy Thanksgiving guys and gals. :ok:

Loose rivets
28th Nov 2013, 20:57
Bah, humbug!:*

Watched a well-timed PBS program last night about a man who raised 10? or so wild turkeys basically from the egg. Wild? When time came for him to eat them, they were bloody livid.

No, just kidding. He'd bonded with them and they to him, to the point they all sat on him when he reclined. Beautiful photography and very moving. However . . . why is there always a however?

When they became teenagers, one in particular set about him. Nasty it was. That'n would've been in my pot in double quick time.

He could understand most of their calls, and even the minute inflections that could change the meaning. It was incredible to see/hear. They seemed to know just which snakes were dangerous, and ignored the others, but it was the birds' intense observation of him that was most astonishing. They seemed to take in so much detail of their human parent and be able to assess his next moves just as they would the creatures programed into them at birth.

29th Nov 2013, 09:02
...........Just put the turkey in an "Oil less" infrared cooker..........

Looks like it's about to blast off to the Moon.

29th Nov 2013, 09:06
that's what puzzled me, too, ExS! :)
Otherwise, it's a good holiday to have, so happy-happy!

29th Nov 2013, 09:36
Gordy is that your backyard?

Your lawn and garden are an absolute
disgrace and you haven't even cleaned
that white muck off the mountains yet!

Worrals in the wilds
29th Nov 2013, 10:14
Just put the turkey in an "Oil less" infrared cooker...You're an aerial firefighter, right? There are available resources if something unexpected happens...:E:}

Barksdale Boy
29th Nov 2013, 14:30
Ms BB, she of the American persuasion, hosted a Thanksgiving dinner yesterday evening. I, a mere Brit, was allowed to do the gravy - plenty of white port and a pinch of nutmeg, not bad at all. A good mix of people - cousins, Brits, Strines, Chinese, Thais and a huge, in-your-face Croat - ensured a great evening.

29th Nov 2013, 19:37
Happy Thanksgiving to all... Just put the turkey in an "Oil less" infrared cooker.... Have always cooked in oil in the past. ConPilot--I will give a report on how it works....

Yes, please do, as I've never heard of infrared cooking. Didn't fry turkeys this year, had too many people coming for dinner, so I slow baked a large turkey and smoked a large turkey breast. The smoked breast turned out fantastic
Thaks all for the good wishes and Happy Thangiving.

I'm not going to do a damn thing today, as SWMBO decided that it would be a capital idea to have Bloody Marys at 10:00 yesterday morning. On reflection, that may have been a mistake. :\

Oh, anybody need an extra five gallons of turkey gravy? :p

29th Nov 2013, 20:35
con-pilot wrote:

The smoked breast turned out fantastic

I prefer breasts au natural!!!

30th Nov 2013, 02:43
Open fire....nice Beach....full Moon...surf crashing on the shore.....nothing wrong with Smoked Breasts!

30th Nov 2013, 03:00
I prefer breasts au natural!!!

You mean like this RGB?