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27th Nov 2013, 16:44

27th Nov 2013, 16:46
I did have a laugh about that the other day when I read it.

Good on them :ok:

27th Nov 2013, 16:53
Good for him, but no doubt some po-faced PC tosser will reprimand whoever did this for 'displaying a sense of humour whilst on Post Office official business'

27th Nov 2013, 18:04
But why did someone send you a large chicken by post in the first place?

27th Nov 2013, 18:15
Because he wanted to see the look on the postman's face :O

No, it wasn't being delivered, from memory the postie saw
the persons chicken escape when he was delivering the mail
and left a note for the owner.

27th Nov 2013, 18:34
No, it wasn't being delivered, from memory the postie saw
the persons chicken escape when he was delivering the mail
and left a note for the owner.

Er.. yes, gotcha. I did only add my "post" in jest...

Sorry to egg you on a bit but the yolks on you. ;)

27th Nov 2013, 18:35
Shy 1

500N 0

:O :D

27th Nov 2013, 21:34
....immediately after the war when rationing was still in force and chicken was a luxury item. Every Christmas my uncle Jock on his farm in wildest Aberdeenshire would wring the neck of a splendid bird, tie a label with our address to its leg and put it onto the local bus into the city. It was transferred onto the bus to Inverness and from there further north to our town where it was unloaded at the paper shop from where my Dad picked it up. It never ever "went astray" and arrived the same day. It was always with all its feathers and my Mum had the job of plucking it. That was about the only time of the year we ever had chicken.

I didn't taste turkey until I joined the RAF. Never really took to it and these days Christmas dinner is a three rib roast of prime local beef from the farm along the road.

The Ancient mariner

27th Nov 2013, 21:38
My grand mother used to keep chooks in Croydon during the war for the eggs.
They didn't kill many of them because they were so precious !

27th Nov 2013, 22:12
We don't live next door to a number 4B (!) but we do keep half a dozen chickens in our garden.

27th Nov 2013, 23:00
had a long chat one day with my postie about his experience on a steam loco driving day on the Severn Valley.....

Being very cynical about such matters, I need a lot of convincing that a lot of industrial problems are down to totally useless management promoted beyond their level of minimum incompetence. If this isn't so, how come that in 32 years in one company, I had 19 managers, of whom only three left of their own accord?

28th Nov 2013, 00:00
A few years ago, after our totally reliable post lady retired, we had huge problems with mail going missing. Then I spotted a child delivering letters on our street.

Eventually the new postie was found to have his home garage stuffed full of mail he should have delivered but couldn't be bothered with! He was also pilfering from it. I understand he went to jail.

That short period apart, overall we have always had an excellent service from the Post Office.