View Full Version : Job-related oddities that persist

26th Nov 2013, 21:34
Round these parts, butchers still wear navy blue and white striped aprons, and chefs wear black and white checked trousers...

26th Nov 2013, 21:49
So do my local village butchers.

G&T ice n slice
26th Nov 2013, 21:59
Our local butcher proudly proclaims
"Local Family Butchers"

Mind you the meat is good, cooks up a treat and is succulent & tender. But it all tastes like pork.

Worrals in the wilds
26th Nov 2013, 22:01
Barber shop poles. There aren't many barber shops around here any more, but they all still have stripey poles.

26th Nov 2013, 22:08
North American rail 'Engineers' wear a baggy striped hat. (Got given one in Canada last year and wear it with pride on the local narrowgauge. Causes confusion together with me orange hi-viz vest marked London Underground. I answer questions to the effect that I have a poor sense of direction...)

27th Nov 2013, 00:07
Still see an odd red light here and there
outside the local dens of the flesh but
I think they're going out of fashion.

Noah Zark.
27th Nov 2013, 00:17
I think they're going out of fashion.

The lights or the dens? :)

27th Nov 2013, 00:22
All London brothels display a blue lamp . . .
(but even they are being phased-out now)

Ascend Charlie
27th Nov 2013, 01:28
Strippers wear a bit less these days - back in the 70s we could expect to see a lovely "welcome mat" or a map of Tasmania, but with global warming and rising seas, the Tasmania shoreline seems to be getting smaller, and has decreased past a landing strip to be a "Taliban" or a total absence of Bush.

27th Nov 2013, 01:41
(There is a very large contingent only too happy with a total absence of Bush.)

RAF fighter pilots still leave an inch of their flying suit zips undone, echoing the 'top button undone' of the Battle of Britain boys.

My garage mechanic has just retired. He ran a wooden shed operation, smoked continuously (even whilst fixing my petrol tank), had overalls that seemed to always have 3 months of grease on them (never more, never less), would fix a part using his lathe/welding gear rather than make you buy a new one,and knew more about tuning Mustangs than the guys who designed them. Happy Retirement Barry!