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25th Nov 2013, 17:16
I am seeking information on which airline had a promotion to match this Million Miler "300" logo/graphic. It is a steel embossing die from a collection of aviation related dies. Many of these dies seem to be from the 1950's.
http://i703.photobucket.com/albums/ww39/memaerobilia/ads59_zps5269e778.jpg (http://s703.photobucket.com/user/memaerobilia/media/ads59_zps5269e778.jpg.html)

26th Nov 2013, 01:37
I doubt whether any airline had any promotion to match the graphic.
What you have pictured is the die from a bowling ball case manufacturer, who produced a case with the "Million Miler 300" (series) diecast emblem on it.

The Million Miler reference was to the cases projected long life, and the number repesented the series or model of case. Thus the reason for the wide range of aviation-dominated themes in the dies, which were just emblematic representations of long-lived and durable aviation products.
The distances covered in aviation in the 1940's and 1950's were stunning compared to other methods of travel, thus the attempt to link durability with distance.

26th Nov 2013, 02:07
With 300 being the perfect score in bowling.

These would appear to be from the Brunswick "Million Miler" range of hard bowling ball flight cases.

From an ebay listing