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25th Nov 2013, 14:08
I'd live in that - if I could.

Farmer builds a house for just 150 using materials he found in skips... and the current tenant pays their rent in MILK | Mail Online (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2513154/Farmer-builds-house-just-150-using-materials-skips--current-tenant-pays-rent-MILK.html)


probably do a little gardening, but still - no electricity bills, no trouble with things one does not need actually... that would be luxury, I guess.

25th Nov 2013, 14:15
That looks like luxury :ok:

I've stayed in far worse places plenty of times and will do in the future.

25th Nov 2013, 14:31
probes, it's not "the actual cost of building any home, even a very modest or inexpensive one" that's the problem. It's obtaining planning / building permission on the plot of land in UK which makes housing so expensive (eg. the cost of land, the possibilities to demolish older housing to make way for newer housing etc.) and at the end of the day, the UK government's attitude in conserving the long-protected interests of several handfulls of the most-wealthy UK land-owners. Without "ever-higher" and "rapidly-increasing" house prices, UK house-owners and successive governments generally might rapidly see their costs of borrowing rise to unsustainable levels. It's far simpler to encourage 1st time-buyers to step on the ladder, take the heat off etc. and let a miserable situation, together with the responsibility of paying for it all to fall on the next (our childrens' and their childrens' generation), whilst retiring comfortably in ca. 2013.


And don't ask me how the Duke of Richmond (or his heirs) successfully applied for and won permission to build a brand-new ROLLS-ROYCE motor car factory on a "green-field" site on their estate just outside of Chichester in West Sussex several years ago... :(

25th Nov 2013, 14:46
yep, Airship, that's what I meant with luxury - no regular fuss. Just a really tiny hut somewhere uncivilised. Better on an island... although then a lighthouse would be more tempting.
Dunno about paying the rent with milk, I'd prefer to be the owner, I guess. Cows need a lot of hay and stuff. :)

pfui, 500N, what's that 'far worse places' for? :suspect:

25th Nov 2013, 14:57
airship is absolutely right. In Canada I've been able to build what I like, where I like. Furthermore, my house has half the heating bills of a standard home built by a contractor, and will last a lot longer too. There is zero justification for UK planning regs.

Mac the Knife
25th Nov 2013, 16:45
How on God's good earth did he manage to get planning permission for this lovely cottage?

I'm sure that it violates thousands of pettifogging (and other) rules!



DX Wombat
25th Nov 2013, 19:24
That is simply delightful. :)

spInY nORmAn
25th Nov 2013, 19:36
Fox3 said: In Canada I've been able to build what I like, where I like.

Unless you live in Vancouver where even the humble, ubiquitous round doorknob has been banned for all new buildings (public and private).

Vancouver has banned the doorknob. Is the rest of Canada next? | National Post (http://news.nationalpost.com/2013/11/20/vancouver-has-banned-the-doorknob-is-the-rest-of-canada-next/)

25th Nov 2013, 20:15
People can also still buy doorknobs and put them back on lever handle-equipped houses.

From the same article, so, not banned.
Round here,we can still get incandescent lightbulbs, knobs, hi-flow toilets, etc. There is no Building Code at all where I live; just plumbing and electrical.

Loose rivets
25th Nov 2013, 20:20
There they are, these silver, black or brass-coloured levers that can spring a door open with even a forearm when hands are filled.

Yes! I totally agree with this. I think people who have round door-nobs are barking mad. I've got one that makes me put shopping down several times a week. Darn garage to house door. Used every day. Wish I'd put a lever on it years ago.

New all wood doors in the house have levers, but brushed stainless, please! 'Gold' finish looks so tacky.

And remember, even cats can open a lever door.

DX Wombat
25th Nov 2013, 21:17
And remember, even cats can open a lever door. So could my brother's Border Collie and it didn't matter which side of the door the handle was. :)

25th Nov 2013, 21:20
My old Kelpie opened a "round knob" door once. I couldn't believe it
when she jumped up and grabbed it with both paws and turned it
then "walked backwards" to pull the door open :rolleyes:

She was a clever girl but that surprised me.

Solid Rust Twotter
26th Nov 2013, 07:52
We calls it a rondavel. Many rental cottages in rural areas look like that. A mate who enjoyed tinkering had one he fixed up with a small elevator to run the TV set to the upper floor which he'd built under the eaves as a bedroom. Lower section was the lounge/kitchen/dining room with a bar built in. He eventually moved into town when someone took a shot at him through the window while he was having a beer at the bar. The perils of rural life in South Africa.

26th Nov 2013, 08:06
Clever puss