View Full Version : Why do kids always get ill at the weekend?

Bob Viking
24th Nov 2013, 23:15
I think the title says it all really. Is it the work of Murphy or is there a more sinister force at work?
Of course if Doctors surgeries were to open at weekends the problem would go away.

24th Nov 2013, 23:19
Bob, kids are the world of the Devil's, passion...

As my ex wife now says to me..


24th Nov 2013, 23:19
Surely the worst time is during the week when child-care or school means that one parent must stay home.

24th Nov 2013, 23:24
Of course if Doctors surgeries were to open at weekends the problem would go away."

Come and live near me, we have 24 hour surgery's (well, Doctor's available)
and plenty that are open 7 days a week including very early in the morning
until very late at night.

GF or GF's kid gets up with XX illness, wham, off to the doctor at 7.30 - 8.00am to get it over and done with before she has to go to work.

Bob Viking
24th Nov 2013, 23:32
Where is this magical realm of which you speak?!
My wife looks after our kids so mid week is never a problem. Not that she enjoys sick kids any more than I do.

24th Nov 2013, 23:40
Melbourne, Australia.

And it is likely to be the same in most other Capital cities
if not major country towns.

To be honest, I rarely ever go to a Doctor but now, if I have something wrong,
I don't bother waiting as I can generally go when it is quiet, 6 or 7am and
don't have to wait.

I'll be honest, some of the Foreign doctors don't seem to explain things that well or delve into things, they work on pump em through as the more they get through the more money they get from the Gov't (we don't have to pay anything) but for things like a quick prescription for eye drops etc, it is very convenient.

25th Nov 2013, 00:55
Why do kids always get ill at the weekend?

For the same reason that I broke a tooth at 5.05pm on the Friday evening of a holiday weekend. ( no service 'til Tuesday afternoon )

25th Nov 2013, 01:33
Yep, shit always happens on a late Friday night
or early Saturday morning and its not until first
thing Monday that anything useful can get done.
Weekends truly suck from that standpoint.

Here at least our local outpatient doctor/dentist
clinics are 24/7 as are most pharmacies.

25th Nov 2013, 06:12
I never got ill at weekends, only during the week so I could avoids school specially Wednesday which was sports day which I hated with a passion as we had evil sadistic sports teachers.

25th Nov 2013, 10:06
A lot of my colleagues seem to be struck down with illness on a Monday....:rolleyes:

25th Nov 2013, 10:17
Spain has doctors and public clinics open over the weekend.

Mrs OFSO points out that not only do you get children at death's door, always at the weekend, but by the time the doctor arrives they are running around completely healthy again making you, the parent, look a complete idiot.

25th Nov 2013, 12:24
Back in the good ole days, kids (and even sometimes adults) would "always get ill" early on a Monday morning, often just after being woken-up and facing a whole new week at skool or the office etc., so go figure...?!

Perhaps (the modern kids) at least, have cottonned-on or wizened-up to the point that they would be taken more seriously if they "complain about feeling ill" the preceding Sunday or even Saturday and in view of all the current austerity measures resulting in GPs and other health services being difficult to obtain on an actual weekend...?! :D

If I ever run my own company, I'd much prefer that my employees were honest - they decided to have a lie-in yet turned up a few hours late, or at least eventually. And did a full 7 hours to compensate. Obviously that option wouldn't work for most manufacturing companies. And that option wouldn't apply to my own offshore manufacturing facilities in China or elsewhere where the rules are 10 hour working days, 6 days a week. So that we (in the 1st World) can continue to enjoy our own standards of living for a few years more... :E

PS. airship has unilaterally decided to take the rest of the day off.

Bob Viking
25th Nov 2013, 12:36
I should point out that my kids are all little. My eldest is 5 and hasn't yet developed the school avoidance tactics that I was so fond of myself. I'm sure it won't be long until he does though.

25th Nov 2013, 12:44
"My eldest is 5 and"

should be put outside to play in the dirt, sun, rain, hail, snow, slush
and introduced to every type of bug around so by the time they go
to school they have either had it or are resistant to it :O

I reckon half the reason kids get sick nowadays is because they
don't get exposed to nearly as many things as in the past and the
immune system isn't as built up.

(Bob - not saying that applies to your kids)

Bob Viking
25th Nov 2013, 14:46
Trust me when I say we do not wrap our kids in cotton wool. You can't afford to when your current country of residence sees temperatures of -40 in the winter. I fully subscribe to the active lifestyle and all the germs and risks it entails. Our middle child is bloody mental and seems almost indestructible. Probably because he likes to lick things all the time!

25th Nov 2013, 16:20

Somehow I knew that it wouldn't apply to your children !!!

Rwy in Sight
25th Nov 2013, 17:20
Funny the thread appear today. Last Thursday I did volunteer to babysit the son of a female friend on Saturday night. On Saturday morning I get a call from the friend to help her locate a paediatric surgeon her son was (with her) at the hospital. So on Saturday night instead of her being on a lady night out she spent the night on the hospital.

A corollary to the initial question is why kids fell sick just before a long weekend away planned a long time ago by their parents?

Rwy in Sight

Bob Viking
25th Nov 2013, 17:28
Am I that transparent?!

DX Wombat
25th Nov 2013, 18:17
It is compulsory. It's written into the Child's Charter which every child has to agree to before birth.
Remember - insanity is hereditary, you get it from your children.

Gertrude the Wombat
25th Nov 2013, 21:48
Melbourne, Australia.
I knew the answer was going to be Oz ... a doctor there (who saw me with no appointment two minutes after I phoned up) explained it as follows:

All the young Aussie wannabee doctors go to England to train. But after a decade or three of 150-hour weeks they decide they've made enough money to live on for the rest of their lives, and they need a rest, so they go back to Oz, where they can do fine working a couple of hours a day at most ... which is just as well, because there are so many surplus returnee doctors that that's all the work there is to go around.

25th Nov 2013, 22:00

And then add all the "foreign" doctors from India, Pakistan et al
who hae come here. To be honest, I have only seen one "Aussie"
doctor in 3 years and that is because he is my GF's doctor and only
be appointment, not a 24 hour clinic type.

It's easy money here for doctors, 20 mins, churn them through,
bill the Gov't and money comes through down the track.
No chasing payment from consumers and those that do pay do
so at the time and then claim back the "extra" from the Health
Insurance :rolleyes:

25th Nov 2013, 22:03
Because they're couped up, and aren't exposed to the cool air they'd normally be exposed to in the week.