View Full Version : I traveled by bicycle under the airway from Guangzhou to Paris

23rd Nov 2013, 21:02
Hello everybody.
I'm A320 captain at AF. As many of you, I traveled around the world. But I think I traveled the world without seeing it. So In january 2010, I bought a bicylce in Guangzhou (China) and I rode it back to Paris CDG AirPort following the airway on the ground. 10 000 km and 8 months later, I arrived at Paris (the last 1000 km With my family).
I'm now making a movie about my adventure. And I started 3 weeks ago a crowdfunding to finish this movie supposed to be seen at movie theaters.
It´s a 1h27 min film.
If you want to know more about this story, about the crowdfunding And see some videos, please go to this Link:

polanomade présente SOUS LES AILES DE L'HIPPOCAMPE ? KissKissBankBank (http://www.kisskissbankbank.com/fr/projects/sous-les-ailes-de-l-hippocampe/wall)

The explanations are in french, but if you have any question, I can translate for you.
I precise that the movie Will be available With english subtitles.
Already 112 people from the aeronautic community are supporting me.
Thank you for reading And have a good Day/night...

24th Nov 2013, 14:57
I can add translations in Geordie too, so send some poonds to me.

24th Nov 2013, 17:49
Hi Polanomade, I am still stuck in Guangzhou, it has been 10 years already, haven't found my way back to France yet... Haven't found the right bicycle probabely ;););) The expat life...

Now seriously what you did is great.
My wife and me cannot wait to escape China for our holidays. We are planning a big road trip around south Europe in our motorhome, so lazy compared to you!