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23rd Nov 2013, 16:51
AHOY THERE sailing PPRuNers!!

On Tuesday, 26 November a classic ocean race of nearly 6,000nm will be starting at 2000utc on Sailonline (http://www.sailonline.org). The race is in VO70s from Christmas Island in the Pacific to Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean

If anyone would like to form a PPRuNe flotilla, please post your name here, along with your SOL boat name.

As is customary, I shall affix a "PRU" to the front of your SOL boatname - this doesn't in any way interfere with your log in credentials or your SYC ranking (if you are an SYC member), but means we can identify ourselves while racing!

For anyone wot doesn't know, Sailonline.org (http://www.sailonline.org) is a brilliant sailing navsim that is free to "play" - very realistic and excellent for honing sailing navigation skills.


PPRuNe Name ................ SOL Boatname (Christmas Boatname)

beaufort ........................... beaufort1
Big Hammer ....................... Big Hammer
brockenspectres ................ RainbowChaser (ReindeerChaser)
Fox3WheresMyBanana ......... BlackDragon
India Four Two .................. Miss_Saigon ++
John Hill ............................ KiwiFlounder
LonMore ........................... LonMore
LowFlier ........................... 2DFlier
tradewind ......................... Tradewind
Terry Dactil ...................... Terry_Dactil
Wodrick ............................ lyric

++ = late start

23rd Nov 2013, 17:13
BlackDragon's in!

23rd Nov 2013, 19:02
beaufort is in. :ok:

24th Nov 2013, 08:32
[bump] :):):):)

24th Nov 2013, 08:37
Lyric is in, still trying to be last :)

25th Nov 2013, 18:12
Bump ...............................

Lon More
25th Nov 2013, 23:04
Lon More's in >Just casting the chicken bones to decide strategy

26th Nov 2013, 09:21
go on then - seeing as its Xmas!

Tradewind is in (with a fair to middling chance of coming last!)

John Hill
26th Nov 2013, 09:27
Be very careful if you sail out of St Stanislas Bay as there is a big ship mooring bouy almost submerged, unpainted, no marker on it, and several hundred metres off shore, or there was when I sailed there c.1975!

Lon More
26th Nov 2013, 09:55
If it's stil there I'll find it.

26th Nov 2013, 10:06
John Hill - does this mean you are (virtually) sailing with us on Sailonline (http://www.sailonline.org)... 'tis a marvellous navsim!! :ok:

26th Nov 2013, 13:37
Reminds me of a truism regarding a well known local character who when overhearing a question as to the competence of somebody in regard to knowing where the rocks were, responded he should do he's hit most of them. :O

26th Nov 2013, 17:30
Time to set start DC's if you haven't yet done so.... the wx update for the race is now it (arrived at 1629utc) .... 'tis 90mins to TOWBACK!! (the 1hr pre-race when all boats are brought back to the start and tracks deleted)... and 150mins to START!!!


26th Nov 2013, 19:51
Still don't know which way is best, the only guarantee is whichever way I go it should have been the other way. :sad:

Low Flier
26th Nov 2013, 19:59
2DFlier is in.

Currently up there in the front line with the race leaders. Last time that will happen!

Lon More
26th Nov 2013, 21:04
Forgot all about it!
One hour down and will spend the rest of the race going backwards.

26th Nov 2013, 23:05
Isn't *reflex* one of us ?

John Hill
27th Nov 2013, 01:39
Hmmm, looks like I need to register, and pay money, just to watch the race?

27th Nov 2013, 02:09
This should take you straight there
Sailonline.org - Online Sailing (http://www.sailonline.org/windy/run/534/)

John Hill
27th Nov 2013, 02:40
Thanks, I got it now!:ok:

27th Nov 2013, 02:49
Given your location, you could maybe just have climbed a (John) hill with a telescope and looked North ;)

John Hill
27th Nov 2013, 02:58
You might be closer to Christmas Island than I am!!!

ASG-CXI 3207nm!

Your place - CXI ?

27th Nov 2013, 03:06
(Canada's big!)

John Hill
27th Nov 2013, 03:08
Yea but, if you were on Victoria Island you would be about the same distance as I am. The Pacific is big too!;)

Low Flier
27th Nov 2013, 05:04
It's not too late to join in, John. We've got well over 6,000 track miles to go and we don't always have the brisk winds that we've got at the moment. You'll soon make up for a late(ish) start.

It's completely free and a good bit of clean fun.

As you can see from the wide spread of departure headings chosen by the 300+ players at the moment, navigational decision-making is very much a free-style thing -- and that's before we start tangling with the archipelagic obstacle courses and the williwaws of the doldrums.


John Hill
27th Nov 2013, 05:44
KiwiFlounder has got past the old mooring bouys and heading into the deep blue..

(I dont have a clue as what I am doing :rolleyes:)

Google Earth is a bit confusing with every boat showing twice???

27th Nov 2013, 08:08
What's happening here !!!!!!!!!!!!!

http://i1133.photobucket.com/albums/m599/wodrick/Capture-1.jpg (http://s1133.photobucket.com/user/wodrick/media/Capture-1.jpg.html)

27th Nov 2013, 09:16
You will note that when I'm asleep in bed my position improves considerably, then gets worse when I'm awake. :suspect:

27th Nov 2013, 09:29
I have my brother and wife visiting which is distracting and last night I just left it in TWA as the VMC seemed good.
It will be left most of today and tonight too so anything can happen.
They go tomorrow so I can start my stately progression to the back as usual.

27th Nov 2013, 12:15
It seems we have a couple of boats near or at the front of both 'packs'. I think this kind of race across the ITCZ suits us non-software route optimisers, as the long term weather is unpredictable. With a bit of luck, a Ppruner might win!

27th Nov 2013, 14:27
F3 pardon my ignorance as a non sailor (SOL is the nearest I have got) what is ITCZ ?

27th Nov 2013, 15:10
Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone

The band of slack winds roughly on the equator (position varies by location and seasonally). There isn't enough Coriolis Force to generate the same winds as the tropics, so the weather gets dictated by how the north and south tropical air masses 'bump' into it's edges, and by weather generated by land masses.

In our current race, note the trade winds - North-easterlies around 15N, south-easterlies around 15S. As they wiggle around, the slack bit in the middle varies in width and strength a lot. Further west, the Australian and Indonesian land masses affect the datum position a lot, moving the ITCZ centre from slightly north of the equator to slightly south.

Taking account of this, my plan is to head up to the northern trades, then look for a place amongst the Indonesian islands where it's narrow and dive through to the finish. The southern group are heading for the southern trades, and then hoping to pick up coastal winds along Northern Australia.

27th Nov 2013, 15:13
I see, I have opted for the Southerly route but at present your routing looks more favourable to me.

27th Nov 2013, 15:34
ITCZ weather is a chaotic system, the usual analogy being that the flapping of butterfly's wings 6 000nm away can affect how the weather changes.

Don't tell anyone, but.... I own that butterfly:E

27th Nov 2013, 16:51
I wonder if reflex wants to be in the flotilla - he hasn't posted here so I don't want to presume to include him in the list.

Over the years there have been a few who have slipped away to sail by themselves (but hopefully all/most return to the fold in due course!).


27th Nov 2013, 17:43
Hi Brockie, he doesn't seem to have started yet but I seem to recall he was fair at this.

Lon More
27th Nov 2013, 17:46
The southern group are heading for the southern trades, and then hoping to pick up coastal winds along Northern Australia
Is that what I'm doing?

John Hill
27th Nov 2013, 17:52
Right now KiwiFlounder is near the back of the fleet at #251 so I am heading along the great circle hoping that the shortest distance will compensate for the time to be spent wallowing in the light airs. I sailed across the Pacific, long ago, and we barely noticed the ITCZ.

27th Nov 2013, 18:00
I'm sorry Lon More; that was presumptuous of me.
Some of the southern group are probably heading for the southern trades, etc

and to answer your question directly
I dunno; what are you doing?;)

Terry Dactil
28th Nov 2013, 03:54
Hi Guys.
Sorry, I missed the crew pick-up again, but I am afloat now.
(Running 24 hours behind schedule was not unusual in my previous employment).
Maybe I can finally find a use for all the time spent learning about pressure pattern flying in a previous life. Seems like some of it might apply here.

Lon More
28th Nov 2013, 15:57
I dunno; what are you doing?

Been asking myself that for years.

Big Hammer
28th Nov 2013, 23:14
Not sure I got it but I think I am sailing now under my own name. Just a simple lad who does not understand this. Prolly end up on th rocks! :ouch:

28th Nov 2013, 23:20
Lon More - you are Socrates and I claim my 5

Big Hammer - Good luck!
as for ending upon the rocks in this game - we've probably all been there (even if we've never put a real yacht on the rocks);)

John Hill
28th Nov 2013, 23:23
Does the site take account of ocean currents? I am hoping the South Equatorial Current will give me a little boost.

28th Nov 2013, 23:24
I believe not.

Big Hammer
28th Nov 2013, 23:32
Fox3, the only boat I have sunk was a rowing 8, an that was the fault of number 4. I expect to destroy this one by total ignorance which could be fun.

Turned a few canoes over on purpose though!

Hmmm, does this thing have an auto pilot?

John Hill
29th Nov 2013, 00:30
Does seem to have an auto pilot, just set the course and leave it alone for a few hours, or days!

29th Nov 2013, 01:51
For those of you (relatively) new to Sailonline, I do commend to you not only the Quick Help (available via the blue questionmark tab from within each race) but also the full Manual... there is a lot of functionality in Sailonline that isn't immediately obvious....

Otherwise.... MAX ZOOM is everyone's friend once we are close(r) to rocks!!

Fair winds everyone :-)

Terry Dactil
1st Dec 2013, 04:36
Thanks brokenspectre/rainbow chaser.

You have opened up a completely new world for me, you old bastard.
(That's not an insult, it's a term of endearment here in Oz).

Instead of whistling along at Mach .85 and not caring much if the wind varied +/-100 kts I am now bumbling along at 10kts and agonizing over a wind change of +/-2kts.

Since I started this race more than a day late, I have just about had the Pacific Ocean all to myself while I try to discover something about the art of sailing.

I am learning interesting stuff about True, Relative and Apparent winds and performance polars.

I found out that the boat performs better if you keep the wind more than 30 degrees or so off the nose or tail. Sorry, the bow or stern!

I have been trying to catch my nearest, although quite distant, competitors by looking at the wind contours and tracking via the areas with max wind speed if it lies in the general direction I want to go.
It is a bit like using radar to avoid storm cells, although in this case I am going for the strong bits and avoiding the weak returns.
So far, it seems to be working, as I have been rapidly gaining on a boat that has maintained a constant course regardless of variations in the wind.

Like this. the other boat has 6kts wind; I have 10kts and it makes a big difference.

I see that the race leaders tend to stay pretty close to each other, and I am wondering what sort of tactics they are using.

Perhaps other more knowledgeable members of Team_PRU can give me some advice on what I should be doing when I finally get into the good winds down at 15 degrees south. What sort of strategy are you using?

John Hill
1st Dec 2013, 05:02
TD, I started almost a day late and am now in position 250, a bit south of the great circle track and not so far behind a whole bunch of other boats.

According to the program all those boats up north are way ahead of me but I think they have further to go to get through the islands ahead, they also have yet to get into the areas of light winds. I expect the eventual winner will come from the southern group, but it wont be me as I am too far behind.

My boat is Kiwi Flounder.

The tactic I am using goes like this: There is an old adage that you cannot win a boat race like this by chasing the fast pack as all things being equal and following in the same weather they will always be ahead. But if one takes an unfavoured route conditions might change and be against the fast pack or at least not favour them as much as they are hoping for.

So I am going for the shortest distance and maybe, just maybe, I will get enough wind to make a good finish.

It is unfortunate that the program does not take account of ocean currents as I think the prevailing current in the area where I am is about 2 or 3 knots westards which would be a huge boost.

Terry Dactil
1st Dec 2013, 05:57
Thanks John. Decisions...decisions. The shorter route at a slower speed or a longer route at a higher speed?? It makes your head hurt.

It will be interesting to compare our results as we are using the opposite strategies.
Mine was first to get down to 15 degrees south and good winds regardless of making any progress toward the destination.

What tactical mode are you using?
Do you set a specific course, or a constant wind angle for best boat speed?

Terry Dactil
1st Dec 2013, 06:19
I have got all sophisticated now.
I am using TWA mode for best boat speed, as the forecast shows the winds dying in my local area, and I am trying to punch through into the good winds.
Interesting that for best progress south I start off heading southeast.

John Hill
1st Dec 2013, 06:20
Hi TD, I am just taking the shortest distance to clear south of Papua New Guinea with a little bit of a concession to increased boat speed according to wind.

Your method is just too scientific for me! When you get to your chosen south latitude you will have more westing to make up, how do you think that will work out?

Terry Dactil
1st Dec 2013, 06:45
Yeah. It's very tricky.
I am following the curved path, so I do not finish up any further east.
I'm busting to turn west, but if I do it now I'll drop into an area where the wind is forecast to be bugger-all and the boat will stop.
I reckon it is best to keep moving and stick with plan"A", and get down to 15 south.

John Hill
1st Dec 2013, 06:52
It will be interesting to see how it works for you. I know I can only do well if the winds are light where the masses of the fleet are and provided there is still a bit of puff to keep me ticking off a few miles each hour.

1st Dec 2013, 10:18
I see that the race leaders tend to stay pretty close to each other, and I am wondering what sort of tactics they are using.
I believe, but do not know, that the usual leaders use routing software just as real racers do, hence they stick together.
The Prune flotilla, I believe, do not, hence my skilful slip from position 1 (a lucky guess) to 131 at last check.
I try to optimise VMC (speed made good to next waypoint) which sometimes seems to work.
I have no sailing experience, when I wanted a boat ten years ago Senior Management wanted an apartment in Spain.:ugh:

Lon More
1st Dec 2013, 10:49
Having never risen above the rank of chief winch grinder on a buttyboat on the Grand Union Canal it is comforting to see myself slipping back into obscurity although I do have a good grounding in celestial navigation. Stars come out, head for the pub. Stars disappear, fallen into the cut again.

1st Dec 2013, 11:23
Terry Dactil - you asked for advice. Feel free to cherry-pick what you like from the following:
Me (BlackDragon) - Before the start of a long race I run through the whole forecast weather using the slider a few times to get a feel for where the winds are (and aren't), and also how stable the systems are (I keep doing this during the race). Thus for this race I decided on going north to pick up the trades, then I'll aim to dive back south where the calms are least reliable and narrowest - either 118E or 105E.
Get to know your boat's polar, especially where the 'bulges' are - the TWA for best VMG and best V are most important. Note that for most boats these change with overall speed.
Both of us - I think you're right to avoid the slack bits. I generally steer clear of 6kts TWS and below, and completely clear of 3kts and below if possible. You can break this rule if the calm is part of a moving air mass that will sweep past you.
That said, you can (with this boat) still do pretty well with 9kts TWS. I am on the southern end of the northern pack having hugged the slacker winds, in order to put myself in the centre of the steady trades and closer to the finish. I've spent all week in about 190th place, but it's all paying off now. I'm in 95th and coming up rapidly. The more northerly boats that stayed in strong winds throughout will lose out now.
You - If you use the forecast weather slider, you'll see you can probably turn westwards around 14S rather than having to wait for 15S. Then you might want to angle down to clear the calms, maybe 19S, then take the Queensland coastal winds back up north (starting around 163E) to clear Cape York, then best route roughly direct to the finish.

A final point. If you're not sure what the weather will do (which is going to happen a lot on this course), go for best speed or shortest route at the time, as several ppruners are doing.

Hope this helps.
(my background. Yachtmaster 14,000 sea miles, singlehanded transatlantic)

Terry Dactil
1st Dec 2013, 12:14
Thanks for the analysis. You make good points and it all makes a lot more sense now.

I rejected the north route because, although the westerly winds looked better, I could see myself having a whole lot of trouble with the final left turn to get down to the finish. I thought I would be better off fighting through the light winds at the beginning where I had lots of room with no land to run into.

As I'm off to have a sleep now, I have set TWA mode for best boat speed. The wind on my predicted track is forecast to veer by 30~40 degrees, so that should automatically start the turn west for me.

1st Dec 2013, 12:24
I agree with you about the merits of the south route. Best of luck!

Terry Dactil
1st Dec 2013, 22:22
I was looking at the boat tracks to see what others were doing.
I managed to work out that;

a straight line track means that a direct course to somewhere had been set
a smooth curving track is when a constant wind angle has been set, probably for maximum boat speed.

Then I saw this pair.
It looks like I am not the only one who should not be given command of a toy boat in a bathtub. :)

1st Dec 2013, 22:29
From personal experience, this happens when you have TWA set and...your internet connection goes down, or you have to work late, or an old friend comes in from out of town, your tux was at the cleaners.....etc

The Blues Brothers - Jake's Excuses - YouTube

John Hill
1st Dec 2013, 22:40
Kiwi Flounder is 5 degrees south and making 15knots in the direction we want to go (if I read that right) which seems quite fast enough. We made up seven places in the last few hours and am now #243.

I doubt we would do better by heading south for more wind, but then I dont know this boat and the last one I sailed across the Pacific on never made more than about six knots.

2nd Dec 2013, 18:40
At 24S 176E there seems to be a meeting going on, no land for a BBQ :)

Still don't know what I'm doing.

Terry Dactil
2nd Dec 2013, 19:31
Maybe they have got to the end of our world, and are having a look over the edge? :confused:

Woohoo! I'm now in the green winds and making 18kts towards the next lot of blue stuff where I will stop for a rest.

2nd Dec 2013, 20:03
I wasn't decisive enough and should have headed either North or South instead of dithering through the middle. :rolleyes:

John Hill
2nd Dec 2013, 20:35
Kiwi Flounder is making 9 knots in the blue zone and occasionally moving up a place.

I like 9 knots, there is a nice bubbling in the wake and no complaints from the galley slaves. I have my back against the weather rail and my feet on the lee side lockers, beer in hand.

How big are the boats? I wonder if there a picture of one anywhere and if it is a virtual or a real world design.

2nd Dec 2013, 21:13
It's the boat that is the spec craft for the Volvo round the world race. Plenty of pictures on the interweb thingy. Search for VO70_V4.

John Hill
2nd Dec 2013, 23:13
Thanks Wodrick, they dont look very comfortable.

3rd Dec 2013, 10:47
Big move time. I'm going to swing down into the middle as there looks to be some breeze about 3 days hence to take me round PNG.

But who knows? ;)

5th Dec 2013, 13:20


This is where we be! A little too far for hailing distance from some :ok:

6th Dec 2013, 09:11
Cheers for that Brockie.

Interesting and frustrating race.

Lon More
6th Dec 2013, 09:37
as usual, now surrounded by my own little oasis of calm and happy to be making 2 knots in any direction

6th Dec 2013, 09:49
It's the peace and quiet Lon.

My course predictor tells me I come to a halt is four hours and the only way I can see out is back the way I came :ugh:

Lon More
6th Dec 2013, 09:52
Nets are out; frying tonight.

7th Dec 2013, 14:00
Cap'n Beaufort and Myself seem to have mastered the art of backward sailing :)
From 1 & 2 on the 27th November to our positions now :ugh:

7th Dec 2013, 17:08
It's all part of my master plan to lull the rest of the fleet into a false sense of security, then WHOOSH!! :O:rolleyes:

7th Dec 2013, 17:10
Ah the twin Elvinrude ploy ;)

Terry Dactil
7th Dec 2013, 20:31
I too have a cunning plan.
By skilfully not touching anything and leaving the boat to sail itself, I moved up several places overnight.
I calculate that I will therefore be in #1 position in about 93 days time.
Beat that if you can!

7th Dec 2013, 20:35
By sailing away from the destination I am now making over 10Kts.:p

Terry Dactil
7th Dec 2013, 21:36
Ah, yes.
The alternate (opposite direction) 2nd great circle strategy.
Attack the finish line from the west.
Brilliant! :D

John Hill
8th Dec 2013, 00:10
Hmmm.. maybe I should try left hand down a bit and go home for Christmas!:confused:

8th Dec 2013, 00:12
..or head north & see Father Christmas?;)

John Hill
8th Dec 2013, 02:52
I am not going anywhere right now, half a knot but there are a couple of other boats close by and maybe they will row over for a beer!

Terry Dactil
8th Dec 2013, 03:56
My cunning plan of not touching anything is working a treat.
I'm skipping across the top of the waves at more than 20kts.
Maybe I won't have to sacrifice any of my stock of virgins to the weather gods just yet.
Any one know if sacrificing a slightly used virgin will still be effective when I run into the blue goo later on? :E

John Hill
8th Dec 2013, 05:07
Terry Dactil, are you still swinging way down to the south? If so would you mind calling in at my home and bringing me some dry socks?:)

8th Dec 2013, 08:56
Hooray, I've now found some wind and scooting along at just over 20Kts. :D

Big Hammer
8th Dec 2013, 10:47
Any ideas how to put the sails up or get this thing out of reverse? :rolleyes:

8th Dec 2013, 11:18
If you are stuck in the middle of this..

my best advice is..
1. Watch the dolphins

2. Get your stuffed tiger to do the winchwork
(whaddayamean, you don't have a stuffed tiger?! Never leave port without one!)

3. Get started on some decorative ropework

..and hopefully you'll soon be back to..

Big Hammer
8th Dec 2013, 11:28
Nice one Fox3, I have two tigers, one conventional and a snow one!

8th Dec 2013, 11:30
Sorted! Presumably the second one is the cocktail waiter ;)

Big Hammer
8th Dec 2013, 11:33
But of course! :)

8th Dec 2013, 11:36
Well you seem to be heading into wind, that will never do, you need to get the wind more on your beam so turn south (seems better prospect than North) and as the wind changes in the next hours come round again to a more westerly heading.

It's always a loosing battle in the blue bits.

Big Hammer
8th Dec 2013, 11:45
Will try it, was hoping the wind would change a bit sooner. Got that wrong (again!)

Terry Dactil
8th Dec 2013, 14:42
Ahoy beaufort1
I see that you are just behind me.
You might like to consider coming up north a bit to join me, and we can have our own private max wind lane for about 12 hours.
I expect to get about a 2 kt improvement over my previous course.
I'm starting to learn that every bit counts in this game.

8th Dec 2013, 15:01
Looking further ahead if you go too far North you start to edge into that band of lighter air later. ;)

Terry Dactil
8th Dec 2013, 15:16
Yeah. It's a bugger isn't it?
Maybe it's time to sacrifice one of the virgins.

8th Dec 2013, 15:18
Iphigenia would traditionally be first.

Big Hammer
8th Dec 2013, 15:22
Ahhh, the Agamemnon strategy! Personally I am still looking for the twin Evinrudes. :)

Terry Dactil
8th Dec 2013, 15:47
I got my virgins cheap (with an airline discount) when I nearly hit Fiji.
Are Fijian ones as good as Greek ones for sacrificing?
I know that Poseidon bloke (God of the sea and all that) is a Greek, but I'm hoping that after all this time he would prefer something a bit different. He's probably a bit sick of all the ivory-skinned beauties he has been getting up until now.

8th Dec 2013, 15:53
cheap "virgins" from an airline? - if it was Easyjet, you've been had, mate!

India Four Two
9th Dec 2013, 05:52
Damn! I wish I had found out about this sooner. Still, better late than never. "Miss Saigon" will be joining the PRU flotilla, as soon as I can get registered.


I've been unable to register. Tried multiple times with three different email addresses and I have not received the promised email. Can you check on this for me?

9th Dec 2013, 10:14
One is stuck :ugh:

9th Dec 2013, 15:28
India Four Two - have just sent a reply. Markku (Tech Admin) emailed you yesterday that the system has sent you registration emails on two occasions yesterday to the emails you mention.... it may be that the replies have ended up in your spam folder?

Would you check please? I have copy/pasted Markku our exchange of mails.

For some reason, although Sailonline.mail is hosted on gmail, there appears to be some random spamming of our emails by ISPs ... darn frustrating.

India Four Two
10th Dec 2013, 06:04

Thanks. I finally found an email in my work address spam folder.

I'm now registered and have started, taking the northern route via Luzon, so I can sail past home. ;)

I somehow missed how to set my vessel name, so I'm sailing India42. Please add me to the PRU fleet.

Is there a way to change the vessel name, now or in a future race?

10th Dec 2013, 08:03
Welcome to the fleet.:)

A word of warning, SOL is very addictive. :ok:

India Four Two
10th Dec 2013, 08:25

Yes, I can see that already!

18 kt SOG, 15kt VMG :ok:

10th Dec 2013, 09:10
India Four Two - I have just checked the database and have changed your username to Miss_Saigon. This change in no way affects your password which is encrypted in the server anyway BUT do remember that next time you will need to login with Username Miss_Saigon which is case-sensitive.

WELCOME TO SAILONLINE!! Hope you enjoy racing :-)

I will also add you to the proon flotilla ;-D


India Four Two
10th Dec 2013, 09:21

I see you rowed out and painted a new name on the transom. Much obliged.

India42 changing callsign to Miss_Saigon.

India Four Two
11th Dec 2013, 16:07
Here I am broad-reaching at 18 kts in my Volvo 70, when I should be surfing downwind with the chute out.

Did my crew leave the spinnaker on the dock?

12th Dec 2013, 09:00
Bother, caught in light airs again. http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/src:www.pprune.org/get/images/smilies/sowee.gif

12th Dec 2013, 09:28
Always was my plan to curl round South of PNG but chickened out of going as far south as some did and really suffered around the Solomon Islands at one point, optimised for speed, getting 0.78 kts. Still plod on I suppose.

Lon More
12th Dec 2013, 09:45
I've now found some wind

Told you to take something else besides beans along.

Presently SOL, in the American sense.
Plenty of wind 6 hours behind me and more 6 hours ahead. I'm doomed I tell you, doomed.
off to make friends with some Pusser's Rum

Low Flier
12th Dec 2013, 21:39
I seem to have some kind of software problem.

The only heading the thing will accept is the wind direction. ie zero boat speed.

Anyone else experienced anything like that.

Or is it some kind of WindyWindows problem?

Low Flier
12th Dec 2013, 23:28
Silly me! It was a brainware problem.

I'd clonked one of the Paracel islands.:O

India Four Two
13th Dec 2013, 06:28
Low Flier,

I'm glad you got away from the Paracels without the Chinese arresting you.;)

Although the forecast makes it likely you will come down the west side of the South China Sea, make sure you stay west of 114E once you are south of 12N.

The Spratlys are over there and the 19th century clipper captains meant it when they called that area the Dangerous Grounds!

Wave as you come by Saigon!

I'm looking forward to crossing the dateline soon and with a bit of luck I can broad-reach all the way to the tip of Luzon

Terry Dactil
15th Dec 2013, 02:58
I see that BlackDragon / Fox3 has gone ashore to get some bananas. :)

15th Dec 2013, 11:10
Busy all day getting ready for today's Nor-easter - moving again now.

CFNR Presents Matt Anderson - YouTube

minus 30 windchill, somepipes are frozen, the plough has filled my driveway, a foot and a half of snow predicted, and it isn't even winter yet.

Big Hammer
15th Dec 2013, 11:55
Tradewind seems to have stopped for supplies as well.

India Four Two
16th Dec 2013, 10:09
Wow, that was close. :eek:

Checking to see where I would by gybing on my next Delayed Command and I see I wouldn't have been gybing, but would have been aground on Kwajalein Atoll!

It may be a big atoll, but that's still no excuse for careless watch-keeping. ;)

This is fun. Next time, I'll try to start at the starting time!

Lon More
16th Dec 2013, 10:15
Last course change made as I'm off-line until early Thursday.
At th speed I'm making no chance of hitting anything.

20th Dec 2013, 17:57
You may well ask what I am doing, well it's a clever tactic brought about by getting stuck in TWA with no electrical power for most of last night and today.
Would be maxed out on the Polar if the wind where the boat is was the same as it is here.

21st Dec 2013, 15:09
I have determined empirically that 13S124E is not a good place for sailing.

22nd Dec 2013, 10:21

Notwithstanding the comments about our destination island (I am reliably informed that Australia's Christmas Island used to be a paradise) so... such is the joy of the internet, we, too, shall find there a paradise ... CONGRATULATIONS to PRU_2Dflier for reaching the finish first out of our flotilla and 48th out of the entire fleet. That's darn good going!

Here are our latest standings.


The Future
The new Sailonline Race Committee has published the calendar for Q1 2014 (http://www.sailonline.org/board/thread/11817/q-1-race-calendar-january-march-2014/?page=1#post-11817) so please have a look through it and let's decide our next proon flotilla race :-)

My suggestion is that we gang up for the rerunning of the Steinlager Whitbread 1979/80 four-race series (the SRTW) ... what do you think?

22nd Dec 2013, 10:35
I'm up for anything but particularly like the longer races where I can set a course and leave it while I get on with other things, and after all I can be last in anything :)

22nd Dec 2013, 10:38
count me in for the rtw

22nd Dec 2013, 10:51
Congratulations PRU_2Dflier. :D

Count me in, I'm up for anything with the PPrune fleet.

22nd Dec 2013, 15:26
Congrats to the Prune top three North was obviously the way to go. :D:D:D

22nd Dec 2013, 15:39
I shouldn't have changed plan A.:{

Terry Dactil
22nd Dec 2013, 18:39
Or stopped for so long ashore at West Irian getting bananas? := :)

22nd Dec 2013, 18:40
Chap's gotta eat :ok:

22nd Dec 2013, 20:04
Well done PRU_2Dflier! :D

Big Hammer
22nd Dec 2013, 20:11
Well done, count me in.

India Four Two
24th Dec 2013, 04:21
Yes, well done PRU_2Dflier.

I've just rounded the north of Luzon in Miss_Saigon (for some reason the PRU prefix never attached itself) and I am looking forward to some cracking speeds in the forecast 25 to 30 kt winds.

I feel really sorry for ITA210 who made it all the way to the destination, but missed the finish line and ran aground on Christmas Island :sad:

I'm really looking forward to the next race. I'll do a bit of studying on tactics beforehand.

24th Dec 2013, 16:04
India Four Two - your company email appears to dislike mail from sailonline.org as I replied to your password question this morning but you've sent the same request again.

Please now look for a reply from my personal AOL email .. hopefully a sufficiently intuitive Subject/Title so you/your company server won't trash that too!!

The failure of Miss_Saigon to have PRU affix is my fault.. noticed it this morning and it is now corrected.

I will do a full screengrab before race close so that our final ranks are recorded for posterity.


Big Hammer
24th Dec 2013, 19:43
Count me in for longer races as there is more time. Look forward to them.

Terry Dactil
25th Dec 2013, 21:17
Made it to the finish at Christmas Island just in time to fly back to Sydney in time for the Sydney Hobart race. :)

India Four Two
26th Dec 2013, 06:10
Hi Terry,

It looks like you and I are the only PPRuNers in the Sydney-Hobart.

That tacking at the start sure cost you! ;) On the other hand, I came close to running aground south of Bondi.

SV Miss_Saigon

Terry Dactil
26th Dec 2013, 07:43
Yeah. I should have stayed on the one tack once able to clear the south head.
I had a cunning plan to be first out to the east into the stronger winds. It didn't work!
I was watching a video feed of the real race start and my computer froze and my boat went off in the wrong direction without me for a while.
Still, only about 7 miles behind and at least I started on time this time. (I was 26 hours late starting the Christmas race and quite pleased to work my way up to finish in the middle of the fleet).
Should be an interesting finish with the strong winds forecast - strong enough to blow a brown dog off its chain, as they say.
Bit addictive this boating thing, isn't it?

26th Dec 2013, 07:59
I'm doing the Sydney/Hobart, not very well admittedly but I am doing it. http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/src:www.pprune.org/get/images/smilies/embarass.gif

Terry Dactil
26th Dec 2013, 08:33
Ahah. Traffic at 9 o'clock sighted!

India Four Two
26th Dec 2013, 10:55
Hi Beaufort,

I'm finding this one very interesting and quite different from the Christmas Island race. Lots more decisions to be made and seconds obviously count.


It certainly is addictive. I'll be setting my alarm for the next weather update! The weather in the next few hours (11-13 UTC) should be challenging.

I was very late starting the Christmas Island race, but after some learning experiences early on, I'm doing fairly well now - surfing down the South China Sea at 24 kts. That's rather ironic, because in the real world in the same area, we have an oil-rig waiting for the winds to die down, so that it can move to a new location. The delay will cost millions! :eek:

Ahah. Traffic at 9 o'clock sighted!

But can you see my stern light in your 1 o'clock? ;)

Terry Dactil
27th Dec 2013, 00:47
I see we have gone off in different directions now.
Meanwhile, back in the fleet behind us .......

It really is a bugger working out the best direction to go! :confused:

India Four Two
27th Dec 2013, 01:14
I see we have gone off in different directions now.

Yes, my navigator worked really hard getting to near the front of the van and then most of the fleet gybed while he was asleep!

Terry Dactil
27th Dec 2013, 02:21
Keelhauling the navigator should prevent that happening again. Provided you can accept the temporary loss of boat speed :E

India Four Two
27th Dec 2013, 13:30
But would the loss of speed be more or less than the magic 7%?

John Hill
28th Dec 2013, 00:35
Kiwi Flounder has crossed the finish line but all the parking spaces seem to be taken!:8

Terry Dactil
28th Dec 2013, 01:43
It is a pity you did not join us in the Sydney-Hobart race.
The winds are a lot greener closer to home. :)

India Four Two
28th Dec 2013, 03:08
Well done, John.

At least you crossed the finish line, unlike steff59 who went all that way and then parked on the Christmas Island beach!

I've been very busy with the Sydney-Hobart and I wasn't paying attention and discovered I was within an hour of running aground on Borneo!

I'm 40 nm behind the pack so I'm playing with optimizing my speed to see if I can gain any places.

Terry Dactil
28th Dec 2013, 03:33
Life ain't fair sometimes!
I'm between two areas of strong winds, so you mob behind are catching up, while those in front of me are running away. :{
Still, if I can just make that final turn at high speed without spinning out .... :)

John Hill
28th Dec 2013, 04:01
Hi, I would have loved to have been in the Sydney Hobart having sailed that route once (but not in a race***) but there were a few family things to be doing around here which would have taken me away from the boat, errrr, I mean computer.

***David Lewis took the Dick Smith Explorer for an over wintering in Commonwealth Bay (Antarctica) '81,'82 and I went along on a Sydney/Hobart/Sydney preliminary cruise but no way could I be away for one, maybe two, years without income so that had to be declined.:sad: I gave my sailing boots to Janic who did go and my boots made it to the front cover of National Geographic (story of my life!).

India Four Two
28th Dec 2013, 05:29

In my efforts to tweek my speed, I entered a positive TWA by mistake - two gybes cost 10% of my VMG! :(

Terry Dactil
28th Dec 2013, 07:33
Yep, I've been there and done that.
They say learning by experience is the best teacher.
I bet you won't do that again. :ok:
In the comments there was mention of the return race Hobart-Sydney starting on Jan 01. Better luck with that one if you plan on entering.
I have managed to work my way up to #22 by watching what the aces in front are doing.
Hoping to pick a a few more places as it seems the en-route placings are based on the direct distance to the finish. At this stage there is a fair bit of Tasmania between us and the finish, and several high ranking boats are close to the coastline and the finish position which gives them a good ranking. However they will eventually have to come back out east again to get around Tasman Island, and that should cost them a few positions.

India Four Two
28th Dec 2013, 10:01
I bet you won't do that again

I'll certainly try!

I think the distance to go is based on the track line on the chart. I've made up 18 places since I turned onto the layline for Tasman Island. The wind shift is certainly favouring the layline.

Tacking to the finish is going to be interesting.

India Four Two
28th Dec 2013, 12:46
Well done Terry. :D

Crossed the line at 12:46 UTC.

20th out of a fleet of 368!

Terry Dactil
28th Dec 2013, 13:03
Thank you. *bows modestly*
I certainly learned a lot from watching how the front runners did it. I'm looking forward to the next race and hoping for a better start with no mistakes this time.

28th Dec 2013, 13:20
Yes, well done. Good result.:D:D:D

28th Dec 2013, 18:50
Well done Y'all, quite pleased myself really as I started 18 hours late, no chance on these sprints.

Terry Dactil
29th Dec 2013, 03:07
This is messing around in boats is starting to get serious! :ok:
Starts Jan 02 1900 UTC
I'll be there hoping my auto pilot works.

29th Dec 2013, 07:47
Lyric will be there, these are the ones I enjoy being last in ;)

At least you can sleep.

31st Dec 2013, 18:17
The Christmas Race closes in a few hours so... I will get a screengrab of our final rankings before that happens :-)

VikingAhoy - I will include you in the final screengrab and then, if you don't want to be associated with such a disreputable crowd, I can always amend the image afterwards!! Is that OK??!! :E

and now................ 'tis in the footsteps of Peter Blake we go :ok:

Wodrick started the new thread and I am about to prepare a list of PRU_flotilla members... do please check as I will also be amending boatnames after that and then.......... New Year celebrations!

Fair winds and following seas to everyone for 2014!!

John Hill
1st Jan 2014, 04:28
As the software does not take account of currents it probably does not know about ice either which means that leg to Freemantle could swing deep south in the Great Southern Ocean.

Low Flier
1st Jan 2014, 19:01
Thanks for the kind congratulatory words, chaps.

My strategy, which was based on a stratagem of placing 2DFlier on the Northerly track to get into the high energy air and stay in that airstream for as long as possible, regardless of distance off ideal great circle track, worked because it enable mere random chance to play its hand eventually. Fortunately for my boat, that luck was entirely good.

Lesson learned:
Never try to optimise the heading for best progress towards the destination or next headland to be dodged. Instead, go for the windy spots that are forecast for the next two to five days, even if that means going off the obvious heading by as much as fifty or sixty degrees.

Thanks also to Brock for bringing this race to our attention. It's good fun which occasionally exercises a neurone or two.

1st Jan 2014, 23:04
and.. as promised... the screengrab taken in the wee hours of 1 January 2013!!!


VikingAhoy arrived in 196th place :ok:

and now.... over to the race in the steps of Peter Blake (http://www.pprune.org/jet-blast/530811-sailonline-round-world-2014-a.html)... see you there!

1st Jan 2014, 23:53
IIRC, in that Whitbread there were no southern ocean restrictions. Ice gates were introduced for safety reasons not long afterwards.