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Nervous SLF
22nd Nov 2013, 22:10
Owning Cats Can Inflict Permanent Damage To Mental Health But Nobody Bothered To Warn Us.

Owning Cats Can Inflict Permanent Damage To Mental Health But Nobody Bothered To Warn Us. | Distractify (http://distractify.com/people/personal/agonizing-struggles-that-prove-cat-owners-are-the-best-people-ever/)

27 Reasons Cats Are Taking Over the World | Distractify (http://distractify.com/people/personal/27-ways-cats-are-taking-over/)

So pleased it's not just our two who are like these :ok:

22nd Nov 2013, 22:22
That's funny :ok:

22nd Nov 2013, 22:26
Not if I have anything to do with it !

23rd Nov 2013, 01:45
Its Ceiling Cat who everyone should be worried about! :uhoh:

23rd Nov 2013, 08:09
The cat as an evil genius... (Log from the Sea of Cortez by John Steinbeck)

"Ed had a strange and courteous relationship with dogs, although he never owned one or wanted to. Passing a dog on the street, he greeted it with dignity and, when driving, often tipped his hat and smiled and waved at dogs on the sidewalk. And damned if they didn't smile back at him. Cats, on the other hand, did not arouse any enthusiasm in him. However, he always remembered one cat with admiration. It was in the old days before the fire when Ed's father was still alive and doing odd jobs about the laboratory. The cat in question took a dislike to Ed's father and developed a spite tactic which charmed Ed. The cat would climb up on a shelf and pee on Ed's father when he went by--the cat did it not once but many times.

He regarded his father with affection. "He has one quality of genius," Ed would say. "He is always wrong. If a man makes a million decisions and judgments at random, it is perhaps mathematically tenable to suppose that he will be right half the time and wrong half the time. But you take my father--he is wrong all of the time about everything. That is a matter not of luck but of selection. That requires genius.""


Lon More
23rd Nov 2013, 08:39
Not if I have anything to do with it !
The usual [email protected] from the usual @rsehole.
Still it's a comforting thought that there's somebody out there with a bigger gun than his who's prepared to gut-shoot him and his nearest and dearest for the change in his pocket.

23rd Nov 2013, 09:36
Isn't it more the case that people with mental health needs are the ones who acquire cats?

23rd Nov 2013, 12:32
as for Ceiling Cats...

Cat Falls Out of the Ceiling - YouTube

23rd Nov 2013, 16:22
Dogs just have no Class....you would never catch a Cat carrying on this way!

Possibly The Best Soldier-Dog Reunion Video Ever « Tammy Bruce (http://tammybruce.com/2013/07/possibly-the-best-soldier-dog-reunion-video-ever.html)

I wonder if the Wife was as excited about her feller's return?

23rd Nov 2013, 17:02
I totally confess - I cried.
Why aren't humans capable of showing what they really feel? Especially when affectionate? Well, quite often, anyway.

23rd Nov 2013, 17:08
Dogs - man's (and woman's) best friend...:ok:


23rd Nov 2013, 17:34
Cats affect the mind?

To my mind that's completely absquab, xxxx,c,c,sdofpiahgepearuigvhapbvi;ojvebvj de :\:\

24th Nov 2013, 04:20

Not if I have anything to do with it !

Now,now young man! The last time someone made a similar comment about my cats found himself at the end of my evil grin......

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v236/iwillard/cid_X_MA1_1383307865aol.jpg (http://smg.photobucket.com/user/iwillard/media/cid_X_MA1_1383307865aol.jpg.html)

24th Nov 2013, 04:39

Looks like the perfect Cat bustin's gun :ok:

24th Nov 2013, 08:00
Where's Milo? IIRC he hates cats more than 500N does!

(http://tammybruce.com/2013/07/possibly-the-best-soldier-dog-reunion-video-ever.html)Possibly The Best Soldier-Dog Reunion Video Ever « Tammy Bruce (http://tammybruce.com/2013/07/possibly-the-best-soldier-dog-reunion-video-ever.html)

I was wondering what the pooch was rambling on about
throughout that vid. I think it was something like....

"Oh fcuk you're finally back! Thank christ! Holy crap its
good to see ya again! You wouldn't believe the shit I've
gone through since you left! I mean mate its just been a
fcukin' nightmare and the bastards underfed me and threw
me out the house every fcukin' night and kicked me in me
nuts a lot but mate its great to have ya back and I couldn't
read ya emails cos I can't read and no bastard even so much
as patted me and scratched me behind me ear and come over
here mate...fcuk its good to see ya and....

"Did you miss daddy?"

"Shit you got no idea mate did I ever! I fcukin' went nuts after
a week with those bloody kids of yours pulling me tail and ya
missus booting me of the sofa and maaate.... the bitch almost
got me nutted down the vet! Me nuuuuuts for christ sake! Fcuk
I thought I was deaaad! They really tried to hurt me mate they
really did and I had no one to turn to and you were gone blowin'
ragheads away somewhere and then the dogs behind the street
beat me up last month and called me a wuss.... oh fcuuuuk did
that hurt mate did thaaat hurt!..."

"And daddy was gone a long time huh?"

Yeah! And you just pissed off and that really hurt too mate! I've
had a shit of a six months and all the time I'm hopin' you'll come
back and make things right again and stop every bastard being a
prick to me and...."

"Ok? You ok?"

"Yeah I'm ok and I hope you don't fcuk off again like that and leave
me all alone with those bastards who treated me like shit but I feel
better you're back and me nuts are safe again...."

24th Nov 2013, 10:22
I reminded of Sir Winston Churchill on animals:

"Dogs look up to you: cats look down on you, but at least pigs treat you as an equal".

24th Nov 2013, 12:14
at least pigs treat you as an equal
dream on. They don't even notice you!

24th Nov 2013, 12:27
Unless you have food in your hands and then they will bowl you over in the rush !

24th Nov 2013, 13:30
500N Old Lad.....I would imagine you best try to jack off a Wildcat with a sheet of 80 Grit Sandpaper than talk badly about Ms. Nani's Kitty Cats in her presence. Scratches and gouges heal much quicker than 00 Buckshot holes!:=

24th Nov 2013, 13:38
So nice to hear from Nani again (the 2nd most beautiful woman on PPRuNe despite growing older), your contributions here are so rare these days...?! :ok:

Lightning Mate
24th Nov 2013, 13:41
Properly trained of course, a cat can protect you as much as a dog.....


25th Nov 2013, 04:44
.....unless 500N gets to him first!


25th Nov 2013, 04:55
So nice to hear from Nani again (the 2nd most beautiful woman on PPRuNe despite growing older), your contributions here are so rare these days...?!

Airship,this old broad thinks you are a charming young man! ;)

Sas,00 buckshots are quite expensive,I use it as a back up to my Burdizzo pliers when hunters roll into the property looking for something,anything to shoot. I give them their choice,shovel and a piece of prime land providing they dig the foundation about 6' and jump in it or a plier to cut down on testosterone levels which seems to flow when they come upon small animals.

After showing our local veterinarian how to utilize Burdizzo efficiently on a 800 lbs bull calf in our local agri fair,men seems to avoid my company!;)

25th Nov 2013, 05:03


Nice photo but it can't be me, I never give them a chance to surrender !

25th Nov 2013, 06:41
It just struck me that "cuteness" is a major factor in the artificial
selection of species as far as human intervention is concerned.

If the cute little kitty cats above were hedgehogs or toads no
one would give a crap if somebody stuck a .38 into 'em.

The same instinct was evident in the Chappelle Corby case
versus if she had've been a fat ugly titless hag.

Perhaps dogs were first domesticated by the tribe's women
after some natural mutation of a wolf sported "pretty puppy
dog eyes" and feral cats in a similar offshoot.

Animal species have only a tenuous cling to survival if they
appear repugnant to humans. Those that by luck possess
the "cute" factor have a much better chance of longevity.

25th Nov 2013, 06:57
"The same instinct was evident in the Chappelle Corby case
versus if she had've been a fat ugly titless hag."

She is a fat ugly hag when they haven't photoshoped her !!!

But you are right in what you say about the Cute Factor.

25th Nov 2013, 10:27
Survival of the fittest - of the feral cat population around here it's the ones that are friendly to humans that get the most food - and being beautiful to look at doesn't hurt, either (I'm talking about the cats, not the humans). This trait is being passed on so we have lots of cute cats.

Sadly the same genetic rule about survival of the most charming and beautiful doesn't seem to apply to humans.

Having said that I've spent three, nearly four years now, befriending an ugly shabby black female cat, used to be called "Shabby" and now I can stroke her and hold her and get a purr and she is no longer thin and ugly with her fur falling out but plump and with glossy black and renamed "Beyoncé". Still very nervous, of course, that's how ferals survive.

25th Nov 2013, 12:26
Burdizzo Pliers.....now who ever said Women were the kinder, softer, nurturing of the Species!:oh:

"Runaway! Runaway!"

25th Nov 2013, 14:04
Nani wrote: Quote:
So nice to hear from Nani again (the 2nd most beautiful woman on PPRuNe despite growing older), your contributions here are so rare these days...?!

Airship,this old broad thinks you are a charming young man! ;)

So you see, not everyone here thinks I'm the brute that I sometimes may come across as, when my feathers are ruffled the wrong way...?! :ok:

The photos of Nani (previously hosted by photobucket) in the "photos of everyone" thread have all been deleted.

But I remember photos of Nani as someone who resembled Natalie Wood / Wagner (the actress) in her very best days, if tragically dying very young.

So far as the "most beautiful woman on PPRuNe" is concerned -


Well, we never dated, nor did she ever return my compliments (thank goodness)...?! Once you get rid of all the make-up, the "semi-professional" photo shoot, posing and the photo effects (not colour, nor B&W), I wonder if I should remove her awarded title as the "most beautiful woman on PPRuNe" forthwith.

PS. Charlie Barlie has 48H remaining (travel time to s. France) + 12H (or overnight) to convince me that she still deserves that title... :ok: :uhoh:

28th Nov 2013, 11:41
well, Airship, your brighter side is sweet! :)
I googled Natalie Wood and if Nani is like her, you're right again.

Btw, should we start a thread: Who I resemble? :ouch:

OK, back to cats:
there could be much more to them, according to research

Funny cat photos and videos have become an online fascination in the last few years and have even created "superstars" like Grumpy Cat and Nyan Cat. One is a real-life miserable-looking moggy who has more than 2.5 million Facebook fans; the other is an animated kitten whose rather unimaginative journey across a screen has been viewed more than 100 million times.
Now, one app developer thinks it can tap in to this trend and use cute cat photos to improve people's memory function when learning languages.
"How can we use [people's] internet obsession with cats? That's what technology should be asking, and taking advantage of it to help people learn," says Mr Whately.

BBC News - Cute cats could be key to learning new languages (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-25103362)

G&T ice n slice
28th Nov 2013, 12:36
My neighbour has a black cat salled Satan..

now it's dark at late afternoon, one can hear a voice calling

"Satan, Satan, din-dins, Satan"

Well, I assume she's calling the cat...

Lon More
28th Nov 2013, 17:15
Anywhere near Castlerigg G&T?


28th Nov 2013, 21:29
A local lady ( a good singer) called her cat Figaro, so she could call him.....

28th Nov 2013, 22:41
None of the Above and I once shared digs in Bedford....landlady had a Siamese called Figaro. She realised that was a mistake and always called it Sam.

29th Nov 2013, 08:04
I know a dog called Rum. The owner was suggested to get one more, call it Cola and then go out and call their names regularly.

29th Nov 2013, 08:58
Friend had his Tomcat, called Snowball, neutered, then renamed it Noballs.

Used to go out an call it in, too.

29th Nov 2013, 08:59
Probes, I like that idea. If I ever get dogs, I'm going to call one Laphroaig and the other one More. ;)

29th Nov 2013, 09:44
Knew a cat called Mike Hunt. A mate named
it before his new foreign wife learned what it
sounded like.

She called out for it too, and I believe she had
a habit of regularly asking the neighbors if they
saw Mike Hunt around anywhere.

Cornish Jack
29th Nov 2013, 12:17
How blessed we are with our contributors!!
Extremely handsome, such that they can criticise other people's looks, brave as brave can be, to be able to face up to the terrifying aspect of a small four-legged unarmed creature with only a firearm to protect them and, even more courageously, to venture into anonymous print to shyly admit to their accomplishments. One can but hope that such latent heroism and reluctant modesty will be suitably recognised.

29th Nov 2013, 12:35
Let a stray somewhat Feral Cat adopt me while I was living on a Sailboat. Over time as Cats are prone to do...he became the "Boss". I named him Frady to begin with but as he was giving helm orders to the Vessel's Captain....I reckoned he should be at least one rank senior to the Captain.....thus he became known as "Commodore Frady"....and to this day is referred to by the Marina crowd simply as "The Commodore".

29th Nov 2013, 14:20
MrsP has decreed that, as winter approaches, the SERIOUS duvet* is to be used. There is a problem with this. It's moggie heaven. Milo the Mental Mog sneaks into bed, nests in duvet snuggled against MrsP. MrsP gets too hot, moves over a bit. MtMM shifts to get close and cozy again. MrsP moves over again. Repeat until 5am when I'm trying to sleep on a 10cm sliver of a king-size bed, with my ar$e sticking out from the duvet and freezing. No wonder I get grumpy.

* 13.5 TOG Hungarian goose down. I assume geese carry passports so their nationality can be ascertained.

29th Nov 2013, 15:40
Knew a cat called Mike Hunt.
ok, Mike Dreamhunter - why not confess you made this one up? :suspect:

1st Dec 2013, 04:17
Nope I didn't Probes. This was real and the
mate was an Aussie who joined our mob on
my recommendation. He met a local girl not
long after and hitched her in 6 months. She
liked cats so he bought her a Siamese kitten
not long after the wedding as a pressie for
the house.

The new wifey understood English well but
wasn't streetwise as to the idiocyncrasies of
the language. As a joke he called the cat by
the above name which gave he and his mates
a bit of a giggle when she went out calling its
name after he asked her to go out and get him
to show the new cat to everybody.

He'd say "Hey listen to this everyone...Honey?
Could you get your new cat and show him to
Mike and Joseph?"

So she'd go leave the house and we'd all hear
"Mikehunt!" "Mikehuuu-uunt?" which left us
in stitches. He said she'd sometimes scream
out to their new neighbors "Hello-ooo....you
seen MikeHunt?"

The joke off course wore off a after a while
but I stand by what I said about knowing a
cat by that name. :)

4th Dec 2013, 13:35
Not being able to watch most of the BBC's iPlayer content (being outside of the UK), I finally managed to find the program BBC HORIZON's "The Secret Life Of The Cat" on YouTube:

BBC Horizon The Secret Life of the Cat - YouTube

If you haven't yet watched it, I highly recommend that you do so, as many secrets of the lives of our cats are revealed... :ok:

Also, I would suggest that the rulers of China, Japan, the Koreas, and the USA pay particular attention to the parts of this program, showing how simple moggies manage their own territorial disputes. It may have some beneficial impact on China's recent imposition of their own "exclusive air zone"...?! :sad: Meowrrrrr... :ok: :ugh:

4th Dec 2013, 13:57
Nope I didn't Probes. This was real

A barkeeper of my regular acquaintance had a mog called Cooking Fat.
And no, that wasn't original either

20th Dec 2013, 14:29
How To Wrap A Cat For Christmas - YouTube

20th Dec 2013, 14:38
A bloke near us is called Mike Hunt. I have to call him 'Michael', when speaking to others about him. But I digress...

Probes - brilliant video.

20th Dec 2013, 15:03
This is the smallest of my two cats, she is quite a wuss. This was her the very first time she came across one of the local muntjac. She bigged herself up so much I thought she would explode.

Then after that, she thought she was a super climber, until she realised she couldn't get down without crawling backwards down the treetrunk. And after all that excitement, she fell asleep on her 'hammock' dreaming of how large her paws are.

http://i210.photobucket.com/albums/bb247/Helenol/MillieDeer4.jpg (http://s210.photobucket.com/user/Helenol/media/MillieDeer4.jpg.html)

http://i210.photobucket.com/albums/bb247/Helenol/MillieDeer3.jpg (http://s210.photobucket.com/user/Helenol/media/MillieDeer3.jpg.html)

http://i210.photobucket.com/albums/bb247/Helenol/IMG_0324MillieWeb.jpg (http://s210.photobucket.com/user/Helenol/media/IMG_0324MillieWeb.jpg.html)

http://i210.photobucket.com/albums/bb247/Helenol/IMG_0239MillieasleepWeb.jpg (http://s210.photobucket.com/user/Helenol/media/IMG_0239MillieasleepWeb.jpg.html)

20th Dec 2013, 18:55
That is a neat Cat, Sir!

My two Gurl Cats do the "Big" thing at the food bowl.....packing the calories away!

Tuxedo's are special kitties!

G&T ice n slice
21st Dec 2013, 10:24
At this time of year here in West Cumberland the fields are full of sheep that have been brought down from the fells, slightly better weather, a bit of grazing and more accessible for the lambing.

My neighbour's cat Satan has taken to sitting on a fencepost oberving said sheep.

I have no idea how he's going to drag one of those indoors....

21st Dec 2013, 11:14
Our cat Marzipan had lost confidence in using her cat flap. Some neighbourhood cats were using it and helping themselves to her food in the utility room. Somehow she managed to train us to open the front door for her at all hours. Finally, we had had enough, and I installed an electronic flap which unlatches when it detects the proximity of her microchip. Then followed the retraining period. Being a bit timid, she was nervous of the solenoid action (loud click), so it took some encouragement....the final stage being a gentle chase culminating in a running jump out through the flap. Now she can use the flap perfectly well, but in addition to "trying it on" at the front door, she quite likes the chasing game and will stand, perfectly lined up for the flap, occasionally looking over her shoulder asking to be chased. eisch.

24th Dec 2013, 16:49
I am ready for an Asylum....I am down to watching Cat Entertainment Videos with the two Gurl Kitties.

A friend sent me a video of Cats "singing" Christmas Carols....I played it thinking it would be a waste of time.....and within seconds Sissy was up on the Desk intently watching the Video. Shortly later up shows Gabby...and she too got up on the Desk to watch said video.

After a few minutes....darn if Sissy wasn't trying to sing along!

Is this how Life is supposed to end up.....if so....I guess there are worse outcomes!

At least I am somewhat in the Christmas Spirit now....although I think singing this version of Jingle Bells and Silent Night out loud might garner attention I don't want.

uffington sb
24th Dec 2013, 17:57
So come on SASless, post the video.

Nervous SLF
24th Dec 2013, 19:28
Jingle Cats Silent Night - YouTube

24th Dec 2013, 20:04
It might have a short commercial but it will get you to the right stuff!

Similar to what SLF posted but a cleaner....better video I think.

While checking it a minute ago.....Sissy Cat jumped onto the Desk.....this thing works better than a Duck Commander Duck Call!

Jingle Cats - Silent night (Original Clip) - YouTube

Again....skip the Advert.....and watch your Cat perk up and try to figure out why they cannot touch the birds!

Both the Gurl Kitties are spell bound by this one!

Sound at max....and full screen works best.

When I put it on the Big Screen TV the Cats get confused because the sound is not coming from where the Birds are....but they stay entertained!


Nervous SLF
24th Dec 2013, 23:58
Our two cats ignored the noises from those video clips but they got SWMBO up like a shot :ok: She thought one of our
cats was in trouble and in pain.

25th Dec 2013, 04:09
They have lots of videos:


2nd Jan 2014, 22:54
The EDS cat herding video is quite funny, too. I think you can find it on Youtube by searching for that. I think it's a reference to the fact that managing software engineers is like herding cats.

Our cats have totally different personalities, one who will try to run from trouble but is not afraid to swat with (very sharp) claws out, one who's laid back and would much prefer if the trouble (usually the dog) just went away so he didn't have to get up, and the third who will stand her ground, puff up in a comical way with all her fur on end and can out-growl the dog.

3rd Jan 2014, 00:04
Cats are emotional too! :D

Cat Sees Owner After 6 Month Leave - YouTube

4th Jan 2014, 04:00
He should have gone over and knelt before the cat and apologised for his absence. Then he might have been forgiven.

Adam Nams
4th Jan 2014, 04:26
A bloke near us is called Mike Hunt. I have to call him 'Michael', when speaking to others about him. But I digress...

Digressing further, those of us of a certain age who lived in East Anglia will remember this chap:


Loose rivets
4th Jan 2014, 07:19
Yes, he gave proper met reports, and helped us set our barometers.

Thanks airship for the cat research link. Loved it. As for corporal cuddling, by then I was primed to be in fits - only to collapse at the return of the cat owner. Nicely played. I wonder if it will go viral with the dog owner's return.

13th Jan 2014, 13:26
When I play this video full screen on the Computer....it might as well be a Cat Whistle!

My Siamese named "Sissy" has gotten to the point she insists I play this for her twice a day.

I have to admit I get almost as much enjoyment watching her as she gets watching the video!

Bird Pecking Order (perfect for cats:) - YouTube

23rd Jan 2014, 17:47
when they get too BIG, youknow...
Mama Cat Instructs Kitten on Tree Climbing - YouTube