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eastern wiseguy
22nd Nov 2013, 10:24
I own an apartment in Northern Ireland. My neighbour like
me lives abroad . He let his apartment to a young girl. She brought her boyfriend to live with her. She broke up with him.....and left. He is now there with no credit checks a bull mastiff(no dogs allowed) a tattooed face and is generally terrifying the remainder of the residents.

He has been ordered to leave by the landlord( my neighbour) but has ignored that demand.

Neighbour is now awaiting a judge to issue a ruling to get him out,,,,,,,

Does ANYONE know how long this might take?

22nd Nov 2013, 10:34
Try two years, closer to three if I remember correctly? Not to mention court hearings at which those involved in trying to evict her, the agents, myself, and lawyer were abused and called 'rich c***s who f*** the world up'? That was what it took when I had to evict a tenant for non-payment of rent and anti-social behaviour. She was a single mother and it took longer than normal to evict her because she always either had a small baby or was about to produce another one. Turkey baster job as I can't imagine that anyone would have wanted to do the necessary.

Good luck to him, maybe NI law is different to England and Wales, but in my case it was a nightmare. This may be easier as the occupant is not the legal tenant, and being male is unlikely to get pregnant!

22nd Nov 2013, 10:53
There is an easy, quick and highly dubious method of "persuading" him to leave.

You just have to know the right people, and NI has plenty of them. ;)

22nd Nov 2013, 10:56
You just have to know the right people

Not quite enough. Knowing if he's RC would help.

22nd Nov 2013, 11:07
Squatting (http://www.housingadviceni.org/finding-a-place-to-live/squatting.html)

Not sure why comments on religion etc as its a pretty clear legal process.
Easy to suggest having people threatened but who is person you threatening ?

Matey is squatting with no legal right to be there.
Evicting a squatter is relatively easy and not the 2 years someone suggested.

eastern wiseguy
22nd Nov 2013, 11:55
SITIGELTFEL......I believe he IS one of those people. He is known to the police and could out "Jeremy Kyle" the worst of his guests.

Capetonian.....agreed...he seems to be a sperm pump with brats appearing from everywhere.

Racedo......Thanks :)

Ofso.....I was born and bred in the loyalist heartland of the Shankill Road in Belfast. I am a humanist. My wife was raised in the Roman Catholic faith.

In 1972 a bunch of "patriots fighting for mother Ireland" suggested to my Mum and Dad that we leave our new home in the west of Belfast(Twinbrook) or we would have no house to leave. My grandmother had her house burned to the ground in Lanark Street by similar patriots. That sort of qualifies me to understand the buggered up world of NI religious hatred. Because of my lack of belief and the fact that I chose to marry someone NOT from the faith I was born into I would draw derision from all religious aspects in NI society . I could care less about mythical sky chums and much much more about the Scumbag across the hall.

22nd Nov 2013, 12:05
EW have you thought about contacting the girl whom you arranged the lease with and telling her that she is still liable for all damages and costs resulting from her negligence.

She could still be on talking terms with her ex boofhead, if not the threat of damages may make her work to your favour.

22nd Nov 2013, 13:33
EW have you thought about contacting the girl whom you arranged the lease with and telling her that she is still liable for all damages and costs resulting from her negligence.

She could still be on talking terms with her ex boofhead, if not the threat of damages may make her work to your favour.

People like this don't have money. Any attempt to get money is an exercise in futility and loss of more money on costs.

Alternate approach is to offer him cash to leave....................£500 should do it with out in 24 hours, no damage and his stuff cleared out or as a squatter then let courts go after him including jail. Easy cash for him.

Now I hear many would suggest no way but for that money he is gone quickly, locks changed and house not thrashed and after some refurb can be let out in 2 months. Keeping him there and he gets evicted in 2-3 months and then spend £kkkk to clean and gut property.

Next time letting to some its best to get a guarantor.

Found that tenants will do what they like and tell you to FO, call to guarantor that they are liable for everything and you intend to pursue for rents and damages changes mind.
One tenant had attitude until her dad got call, met him at property where he proceeded to make errant daughter aware of whom would end up paying and her mum didn't know yet............never seen reaction to that since. Tenant excuses didn't wash with dad, no more issues with tenant especially as she knew her dad would get called, tenant was in her late 20's as well :).

Gertrude the Wombat
22nd Nov 2013, 13:57
Does ANYONE know how long this might take?
Wait for a court date. Month or two?

Persuade the judge to give soonest possible eviction date.

Wait for eviction date. Month, probably.

Discover, surprise surprise, thta squatter hasn't moved out.

Hire baliffs.

Wait for baliffs' appointment. Month, maybe.

Bailiffs turn up, squatter leaves.

Should come in under six months.

22nd Nov 2013, 14:27
Not sure why comments on religion

Apologies for introducing religion. But in Ireland there's always someone willing to participate in a little good-natured sectarian violence when having the drink taken.

My good friend Jimbo received a wooling when he painted orange footsteps along the mainstreet of his little town late on the Sunday night, after the priest had that day preached a sermon on the basis that "no orange foot will ever set place in *** as long as I'm the priest here, and that's a fact".

22nd Nov 2013, 14:37
This chap doesn't appear to be a tenant, presumably there was never an agreement in his name.

22nd Nov 2013, 14:47
Can't you out squat a squatter? If he's on his own, wait for him to go out and take over the place. Presume your neighbour has a key. Need to get the locks changed quickly anyway.

eastern wiseguy
22nd Nov 2013, 14:51
Shy Torque.....Exactly....That's why I am at a loss as to why he is still there.

Changing the locks is a great idea.....apparently he has already done that...thus locking the owner out...you couldn't make it up.

OFSO.....drink is not always neccessary to have it kick off. As an eight year old coming home from a swimming club (1965) and separated from my chums,I was asked by a bunch of teenagers to say a "Hail Mary" ...being from the side of Belfast with a marked tradition of not knowing nor caring what one was,I said"what?" and promptly received a bloody good kicking for it......religion...love it:yuk:

22nd Nov 2013, 14:57
Surely it's not against the law to obtain entry to your own property and take unwanted rubbish to the tip.

If there is a slight issue with a key not working- there are ways to sort that.

22nd Nov 2013, 14:57
The guy has a bull mastiff in the apartment? then the solution is clear. Have you friend, the landlord, "borrow" a few Rottweilers. The latter are known to not think very highly of bull mastiffs and usually wind up tearing them apart.

Introduce the Rottweilers into the apartment, wait until the carnage is complete and then tell tattoo-face that the Rotties don't like him either and he's next.