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20th Nov 2013, 02:34
Sent to Caco by old friend lecturing in the depths of California....

Forgive me Leo...

I am sure it can't be so?

"well holy moly and roll me over and do it again...I went with my friend Ryan to watch ice-hockey last night. You guys would have loved it! The craziness of the game and the wildness of the spectators. They moer each other something fierce. Smashing each other against the glass, beating each other with their sticks, and all while gliding as if by magic on their skates, twirling backwards, forwards, sideways, no direction was difficult, they could moer in any way.

But the best was the spectators. I have never seen a crowd like it. All very normal, decent sorts, mostly young and extra-healthy looking, no freaks, or fatties, or any weirdos of any form. Yet their behaviour was outrageous. Wild as savages. Spitting, smashing things up, screaming. At one point a Schwarzenegger of a young man sneaked around to the opposing teams bench, climbed over the fence and attacked them from behind, punching and kicking them while they sat waiting to go onto the rink. A huge fight broke out, they eventually got him down and then their coach jumped on him and started beating him in the face. Security guards all ran over, sliding on the ice, and pulled them apart, taking the young warrior away. From that point on it was armageddon. Fighting on the ice. Guys trying to hit each other on skates, sliding away and falling, or getting speed up and diving like a missile onto the pile of hitting bodies. Crazy! At the break between plays when the teams went to the changing rooms, the crowd caught the visiting team as it tried to get down the stairs and just beat them horribly. It was totally wild. Never seen anything like it. And they claim the world standard on civilized behavior."

Can't be true... bugger me...


Left Coaster
20th Nov 2013, 04:00
Ah…that sounds like "Old Time Hockey!" (some night at the rink eh?)

20th Nov 2013, 04:01
It's just 'hockey'. Whoever calls it 'ice' hockey is probably gay. :E

20th Nov 2013, 04:19
Whoever calls it 'ice' hockey is probably gay

God damn I am just getting in touch with my puck man...! :ok:


20th Nov 2013, 06:20
It's just 'hockey'. Whoever calls it 'ice' hockey is probably gay. x2........

Solid Rust Twotter
20th Nov 2013, 07:59
In this neck of the woods hockey is something played with curved sticks and a ball. Had the crap beaten out of my shins at school so took up rugby and ice hockey as safer alternatives.

Of course my youthful good looks then took all the punishment for that, leaving me somewhat in the Lurch mould...

20th Nov 2013, 13:35
Of course my youthful good looks then took all the punishment for that.

Rusty is that you? ;)


20th Nov 2013, 13:52
Aaah! Hockey. . . Hey Leo-You Suck! (Hockey fans will get it) Go Flyers :ok:

20th Nov 2013, 14:25
HOCKEY SUCKS THE :mad: BIG ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mac the Knife
20th Nov 2013, 14:27



20th Nov 2013, 14:28
You want violent? Go along to a schoolgirl Lacrosse match. Quite apart from the obvious attractions, some of these lassies could go through hockey players like prunes through a short grandmother. Scary.

20th Nov 2013, 14:32
HOCKEY SUCKS THE http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/src:www.pprune.org/get/images/smilies/censored.gif BIG ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ER-I see you are in Canada-You could get your citizenship revoked for a comment like that (assuming you're Canadian of course. One of my sisters is Canadian and she hates hockey too. There are a few of you about)

20th Nov 2013, 15:12
As a Canadian import who has played a lot of field hockey and used to play in the annual Staff v Girls lacrosse games (where the girls were National Champions several times), I think I can offer useful comparisons.
Schoolgirl lacrosse is bloody dangerous as there is almost no protective gear. Greenstick fractures and concussions are quite common. The insurance for a lacrosse tour was more expensive than that for the skydiving and scubadiving trip I took some girls on.
Field hockey is a non-contact sport, but the ball can kill. I would never play a game of field hockey unless I knew all the players were competent. I've only seen a couple of serious injuries, but they were desperately serious and very sobering.
Hockey is semi-organised violence, but with incredible skill levels.
I've played keeper in all three. Saving shots from top players really hurts, about equally,even through all the padding.
Notably, all 3 sports don't have the slightest backchat or arguments with the officials, unlike the pathetic whingers in Wendyball.


20th Nov 2013, 17:13
Sounds like Rugby ;)

Tough bastards those Hickey players, good to see "the 'biff" as we call
it over in Aus is still around :ok:

20th Nov 2013, 17:39
pigboat and obgraham

Oh and the good ol' days when a fight broke out, the ice was suddenly black from all the gloves and red from the blood, after. None of the pansy protective gear and PC no-fight rules.

Ice-hockey? WTF, Caco is on a binge again...

20th Nov 2013, 17:45
Hockey is played around the world on grass.

Ice Hockey is played in a couple of Canadian towns.

20th Nov 2013, 17:56
I dare you come and say this aloud anywhere in Canada, eh?

SMT Member
20th Nov 2013, 19:48
Ice Hockey is played in a couple of Canadian towns.

The Russians, Finns, Czechs, Swedes, Norwegians (breath for air), Germans, Americans, Danes, Slovaks, French, Swiss and Belorussians are going to be might sad to learn that. And that's only part of the teams who play in the A group at the WC.

20th Nov 2013, 20:58
Many many years ago I used to play soccer for a pub team, one Christmas our team was challenged to a game of field hockey by our girlfriends/wives. I'm still traumatised by that game nearly 25 years later. :uhoh:

20th Nov 2013, 21:01

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21st Nov 2013, 01:08
Hockey has a real code of conduct, unlike the other major sports, like football, soccer, baseball, and basketball, where whining and backstabbing are the order of the day.

Watch at the very end of this little tilt. Two guys who respect each other:


Except, of course in EuroHockey, where spearing, jabbing, and flopping has been imported into Hockey.

21st Nov 2013, 02:54
For me, Hockey is the best game on earth. I am often heard to say that no one should be allowed to play soccer/football until they have had a season on the ice. That should stop the petty pansy pouting that spoils what otherwise might be a reasonable sport to watch.

21st Nov 2013, 03:19

Left Coaster
21st Nov 2013, 06:01
Nice cross overs! (Game ON!)

Solid Rust Twotter
21st Nov 2013, 08:32
Rusty is that you?

Close, but no cigar Mr Pigboat. Dentition is similar but I have more scar tissue around the eyes.:}

21st Nov 2013, 09:44
Here are a few UK ice hockey facts for you

1. Ice hockey is Britains largest indoor spectator sport
2. GB won the gold olympic medal at the 1936 Olympics
3. Manchester Arena (MEN Arena) set the UK record attendance of 17,245 fans to watch Manchester Storm Vs Sheffield Steelers
4. The Stanley Cup (biggest prize in Ice Hockey) was the original idea of Lord Stanley of Preston, who was was appointed by Queen Victoria as Governor General of Canada. He initiated the cup for the best Canadian amateur team.

If you ever want to see something similar to the original posters comments in the UK, then suggest you attend a Nottingham Panthers Vs Sheffield Steelers game. Alternatively, German ice hockey is just as good fun, so I am told.

21st Nov 2013, 09:51
Nice piccy, pigboat. Bet she's fond of a good puck.

WestofEMA, there are a few teams in Edinburgh, too. Must get along to a game one night.

21st Nov 2013, 10:01
@MagnusP - Yes there are 4 Elite teams in Scotland, Fife Flyers, Edinburgh capitals, Braehead Clan and Dundee Stars. some good rivalry games between those four. Worth getting to a game.