View Full Version : Dad! Was it better in the past?

20th Nov 2013, 01:51
You know, I can't answer that question, because my heroes are mostly dead or askance...!

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Loose rivets
20th Nov 2013, 02:13
"No, son. It wasn't. We lived in misty forests, and had people making thumping twanging noises at us while we tried to make a film."

"Gosh, dad. You never told me that. What film were you trying to make."

"Well, son. It was going to be called, The Blair Witch Project, but people hollered that the use of the name Blair, was far, far too evil."

20th Nov 2013, 02:21
You know Rivets. You are the evil grand dad that I never told him about...;)

Kind of Texas Chain Saw Massacre stuff...!

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20th Nov 2013, 02:24
The past. How we remember what we thought it should have been like.

20th Nov 2013, 05:16
You bet your arse it was better! :ok:

- Women had real tits in the past and were proud of it.

- Same women stayed at home and cooked and cleaned, and shagging you was their prime wifely duty whether they enjoyed it or not.

- No airbuses nor these crummy low cost outfits and there were real aircraft flying with real airlines.

- No AIDS.

- A packet of durries was 25c and no one gave any real shit where you smoked them.

- Poofs were in the closet where they belong (but so were lesbians unfortunately).

- One could tell a black joke to a black and everyone (including the black) would laugh at it.

- Airline flying was fun for the most part.

- Islam was some obscure quaint belief in some weird faraway place called the Middle East.

- Generally speaking, wives didn't fcuk behind your back. Romantic rendezvouses perhaps with some serious dinners and the odd post-repast necking and perhaps boob grope, but no out and out senseless brazen sex. If she screwed someone she had the integrity to insist, as soon as she got home, to a divorce and not hide the fact for months which made you feel 2 inches tall when a very deeply trusted friend eventually accepted the hard task of revealing it to you.

....And wives knew their place too! :)


Worrals in the wilds
20th Nov 2013, 05:24
Re the Good Wife's Guide; You're just stuck on the third point, aren't you. :E

Kind of Texas Chain Saw Massacre stuff...!
Horror movies were way better in the old days.

20th Nov 2013, 05:44
Er... yes Worrals I'm just stuck on the third point. :\

20th Nov 2013, 08:36
How to bring a grown man to tears in one easy lesson....

I had a conversation with my wife tonight....

To set the scene....my daughter, (almost 24), had been living with her "significant other" for six years... Just broke up about six weeks ago, and came back to live with us while she gets back on her feet.

I am charging rent etc (which will be given back to her for deposit on a new place..... she is financially responsible but needs a little "help" right now).

I have been working away from home for 2 weeks now, headed home in the morning......

She had a man ask if she would like to go for a drink tomorrow night.... Her response:

"Nope....my daddy comes home tomorrow".

Nuff said....

Effluent Man
20th Nov 2013, 09:18
To address the OP,in many ways yes it was.The main reason is that things were a lot less complicated.I remember getting a derelict frog eye Austin Healey Sprite off a friend in exchange for two bottles of whisky.Today youngsters need to spend more than that on a pair of trainers.I do think that the criminality thing is overdone though.I grew up in an East Coast fishing town and the Saturday nights were like the Wild West and would put modern day antics to shame.

20th Nov 2013, 09:37
Modern life has been screwed up by litigation lawyers. Everything from thje degradation of flying skills to the endless idiotic requirements of Elf & Savvy.

20th Nov 2013, 14:41
Generally speaking, wives didn't fcuk behind your back.

Fortunately, other men's wives did. :E

20th Nov 2013, 15:46
Phew! I thought this thread was about shagging Mum! :ooh:

21st Nov 2013, 20:41
Shagging Mum?

When I was a preschooler I walked into the parents
bedroom late one night.

Our bedroom doors didn't have locks so I barged
right in to complain I can't sleep.

The light was on.

The parents weren't wearing anything nor were they
under the bed covers.

Some things you see as a small child will stay with
you for the rest of your life! :bored:

dubbleyew eight
22nd Nov 2013, 14:07
technology and medicine were not as well developed in the past so people suffered their way through the limitations.

However the legal requirements were a hell of a lot simpler and thus it was far easier to have a go at an occupation.
I remember a pilot on my airfield commenting that once it was possible for a carpenter to take a mallet and chisel to some wood and earn a living. You couldnt do that now was his comment.

of course what Fckus up the world now is "globalisation" where managers search the world for the lowest cost solution and your competence and enthusiasm for a job count for nothing if you are not the cheapest.

although we have cures for gonhorrea, syphillus, smallpox and beubonic plague we now have the emergence of AIDS, SARS, Influenza, Ebola and a whole raft of superbugs that will test our medical sciences to the limits.

so was it "better"?
it was different, it was simpler, a message to england took 6 weeks either way. computers didnt exist. knowledge was harder to come by. people died at around 50 from medical problems we easily manage now.
you just dont know how good you have it these days so stop gazing at your bloody navel and just get on with life.

22nd Nov 2013, 14:43
Must be close to fifty years ago I did a language course with the Berlitz Language Schools. They had a motto printed at the front of all their training material.

A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Nowadays the equivalent would have to be:

A friend in need is NO friend indeed.

Find the whole world is self-centered to some incredible degree, which was never the case fifty years ago.

tony draper
22nd Nov 2013, 14:55
I know and you just cant get proper bacon these days either.:(:rolleyes:

22nd Nov 2013, 15:05
Things changed with the unwashed dope-smoking
'Me!' generation of the 60s Alisoncc.

At your age there's no need for me to expand on it.

Loose rivets
22nd Nov 2013, 15:27
Bacon? Nor meat with blood instead of water.

This time home I looked in dismay at the latest small business casualty. The last proper butcher in our entire area. They remembered my boss, from 1953 - 7/6 for my Saturday morning butcher-boy efforts, and they remembered how to be old style butchers. Gone, just not there, cos people want meat filled with water and wrapped in plastic. Why must we soffistikates be reduced to the lowest common denominator?

22nd Nov 2013, 15:54
Some winters we had to walk the three miles to school when the buses stopped operating because of the smog. We were totally blinded, and would bang into lamp posts & similar stuff along the way. It's amazing we 65+ old farts have not all succumbed to pneumonia.

Restaurants were non-existant. Kids were left in the car outside grimy pubs while mums & dads huddled round the coal fire inside drinking "mild" (skunk's piss).

The only thing I genuinely miss about those days 50 yrs ago was the freedom kids had. They played outside and could wander anywhere without the parents worrying. That was good, the rest was sh!t.

22nd Nov 2013, 17:46
We not only didn't have a car - we didn't even know anyone who had.

Nor a telephone or television.

tony draper
22nd Nov 2013, 20:16
A Car? I didn't see a car until I was twenty three.
We couldn't afford smog oop North.