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19th Nov 2013, 15:49
For those of you to whom the above were comical messiahs, it would appear that they are about to reform for at least one more hurrah. Maybe they should rename as Money Python ? ;)


Lightning Mate
19th Nov 2013, 15:53
....and how much does John Cleese owe his ex wife ?

19th Nov 2013, 15:57
Is there only one ex?

Edit: Just checked. Three ex-wives and one current. Busy lad, eh?

19th Nov 2013, 16:18
How are they going to do this thing without Graham Chapman? He made up a large part of the whole, and, last time I checked, he was dead.

Loose rivets
19th Nov 2013, 16:23
Four wives . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . one is rendered speechless at the concept.

I supposed Cleese could make rude jokes about Chapman. In his interview he was so rude it was cringemaking. You can only insult your friends, dead or alive, just so much.

19th Nov 2013, 16:23
Yes without Chapman it'll only be a half-Flying Circus.

19th Nov 2013, 16:23
And you can't mock Aussie philosophers or Canuck lumberjacks any more, it's just not PC

19th Nov 2013, 16:26
Or John Denver being strangled....

19th Nov 2013, 16:29
I fail to understand the rules. Leave school with A levels, attend university, meet a nice lady, buy a house, have children, then she kicks you in the balls over the divorce.

I'm glad I have never fallen in to the 'socially engineered expectancy' as how one should live their life. Pertaing to the above. What sucker marries three or more times knowing the financial outcome of a divorce?

Unless your a 'star' and your accountant works a scheme with the tax man. Nearly got married in the past, she hated my ferrets, guess who won before the financial burden of walking down the isle. Word of advice to all you younger readers, marriage is legalised prostitution. Rant over.


19th Nov 2013, 16:33
she hated my ferrets

Maybe that was part of Cleese's problem

I've Got a Ferret Sticking Up My Nose - YouTube

19th Nov 2013, 16:49
What sucker marries three or more times knowing the financial outcome of a divorce?

Paul McCartney

19th Nov 2013, 16:54
What sucker marries three or more times knowing the financial outcome of a divorce?

Well Liz Taylor was certainly no sucker in that regard.

19th Nov 2013, 16:56
Wasn't the 'Contractual Obligation' album about money, although with the BBC?

19th Nov 2013, 16:57
And you can't mock Aussie philosophers or Canuck lumberjacks any more, it's just not PC

But perfectly acceptable to mock and call out mayors of large Canuck cities...

Mac the Knife
19th Nov 2013, 17:08
The sad thing is that many of their funniest sketches are now unperformable as they are now seen to be "offensive" to some group.

And as for the rest, there is bound to be some professional offence-taker who will take it upon themselves to be offended on behalf of the remainder.

Satire, comedy and commentary have now been well gagged.



PS: Anyway, I think they're a lot of tired old sods who would do better to bask in their past glories.

SMT Member
19th Nov 2013, 20:47
But perfectly acceptable to mock and call out mayors of large Canuck cities...

But only when he's a disgusting blob of fat surrounded by yet more fat, who claimed for months he'd done nothing wrong and there was no video tape. Add to that various racial slurs and an alcohol problem, any politician is fair game. That he's your fair haired boy makes no difference because, after all, what have the Romans ever done for us?

19th Nov 2013, 22:51
Chapman's not dead. He's just resting, or maybe pining for the fiords.

19th Nov 2013, 23:36
Chapman's not dead - he just ceased to be, he's no more, he's gone to meet his maker, he's an ex-Python, he's joined the choir invisible . . .

19th Nov 2013, 23:38
A silly idea that might make them some money but... NO!


Edited to say - if you know what a tedious arse John Cleese has become you might agree...!

19th Nov 2013, 23:38
Well, if anyone wants to have an argument....

20th Nov 2013, 00:17
And here I was expecting the Spanish Inquisition.

Give them a fair go - they were funny then - they can be funny still.

20th Nov 2013, 00:23
Monty Python revisits, PPrune's sad lonely usual feckers find fault, imagine my surprise :=

20th Nov 2013, 00:30
sad lonely usual feckers find fault

Damn it! I thought you said peckers...?

The Parrot Sketch - YouTube


20th Nov 2013, 00:31
Nope, feckers :ok

20th Nov 2013, 00:34

Seldom, as you well know, you need your pecker to be a fecker...! ;)

I shan't burst my pimples as I have none... (pimples I mean)...


20th Nov 2013, 11:26
What sucker marries three or more times knowing the financial outcome of a divorce?

I did. The first two just departed and never wanted anything from me. The third time is a success (but financially I suppose you might say so were the first two).

Back to the theme. No I think they should leave well alone. Cleese isn't funny any more, just nasty. Palin has other travelling for TV irons in the fire. Gilliam did some very good history-for-idiots programs for TV.

20th Nov 2013, 13:51
Minority of 1 but I never thought they were that funny.
The parrot sketch for example. A definite 'You had to be there' moment.
I think they only got where they were because there was bugger all else on TV

20th Nov 2013, 13:58
I think they only got where they were because there was bugger all else on TV

In that case they should do well right now !

20th Nov 2013, 14:09
The thing is, even at the time, 90~95%+ of Python was sh*te. It was always about the other 5~10% that was sheer comedic genius.

On balance, RIP I think...

It's bleedin' demised, it's shuffled off its perch and gone to meet its maker etc etc etc. ;)

Airey Belvoir
20th Nov 2013, 15:41
.......and now for something completely different.....

Beethoven's 5th Symphony - YouTube

20th Nov 2013, 15:49
Beethoven's Fifth Movement:


20th Nov 2013, 20:46
I think that like many other fondly remembered shows the memory will be better than reality.

It really was mostly rubbish with occasional flashes of brilliance, like this one.......


21st Nov 2013, 03:36
I have this horrible premonition that the re-forming of the MP mob is going to be on a par with all the "retirement tours" of ancient 60's and 70's pop-stars that have been recently foisted on us - getting ripped-off huge sums of money to see tired veterans of the stage and film arenas, provide us with a pathetic impression of stuff they used to do, before they fell into the "geriatric" stage of their lives.
Every single one of the performances in these "retirement tours", was a total WOFTAM. :(

21st Nov 2013, 07:15
As has been said revisiting the past can be disappointing, mainly because we have moved on, and the society and it's fickle mores as well. The MP team 'might' suprise us all with some new material, but most likely will belt out the well known stuff once more for old times sake. That said a friend went to the one off concert by Pink Floyd/Deep Purple/Led Zeppelin (can't remember which one!) 3 years ago and said the atmosphere and the music was fantastic, so you never know.


Curious Pax
21st Nov 2013, 12:53
So - it's just a single show at the O2 Arena in London on July 1st next year. I'll give it a go, but as I never win anything I don't expect to get tickets!

21st Nov 2013, 18:25
The Press Conference today went off OK. I think the others persuaded John Cleese to keep quiet.

21st Nov 2013, 18:46
The Press Conference today went off OK

The lovely BBC streamed it live on their news channel. Must say that as much as I enjoy the Python humour, I was hoping for a bit of news with my sandwiches.

21st Nov 2013, 21:18
I was hoping for a bit of news with my sandwiches.

Surely you didn't expect the Spanish Inquisition ?

22nd Nov 2013, 00:39

Utterly wonderful...

Clockwork Orange - Beethoven 9th - YouTube


22nd Nov 2013, 07:52
BTW Cac what the fcuk was so special about Clockwork Orange?

I recall when it came out it was 'hailed' by the critics. I don't know
what form the hail was made out of, but to me it was a cheap little
B grade that got some actors on their way.

All I saw was a silly dressed Malcolm McDowell robbing and raping
some poor woman with his mates who opened a door and generally
being a complete utter prick who eventually got his comeuppance.

Big deal. His role in Caligula should've been more hail'der.

22nd Nov 2013, 07:54
I enjoyed MP when I was at school. Subsequently I've enjoyed some of the classics, such as the 4 Yorkshiremen, often quoted, the Dead Parrot, Arguments, etc, but found the rest dated and wearying. I find the idea of them re-forming pathetic and rather sad, but I do wish them the best of luck for the many millions of people who have enjoyed them over the years.

Fawlty Towers, on the other hand, never dates and is always hilarious.

22nd Nov 2013, 08:02
You need to eat an Albatross Cape and have wafers with it. :}

22nd Nov 2013, 09:31
I have to say that much of their material hasn't aged well, although I'm sure they'll find an enthusiastic audience of similarly ageing blokes to indulge them. I hope they let Eric Idle work his magic on the show - I think he more than any of the others has retained his integrity post-MP (well, with the possible exception of his performance at the godawful Olympics closing ceremony).

22nd Nov 2013, 11:13
Nobody expected them to reform.....or the Spanish Inqusition....now give me the comfy pillow....