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16th Nov 2013, 19:07
Went and watched a football match today in OZ (Perth) and watched this lady of about 60 get her bag searched going into the ground and get this, her perfume and deodorant confiscated; WTF?

Geez ive had enough of this world and its police state mentality, and its rude and ignorant people, its just getting more ridiculous by the minute.

Taking out a second mortgage to pay for a burger and chips at the football, companies making 7 billion a year profit then sacking workers left right and centre.

Last week I went to park my motorbike in would you believe a motorbike bay at the shopping centre, and a car is parked there taking up two bays with the ignorant bitch just approaching it. I get abused for daring to suggest she might want to park in the car bays.

Please Mr Einstein, come back and transport me back to the days when kids could sit around the boundary of a test match and people providing customer service actually did it with a smile.

Back to the early 80's thank you.

Takan Inchovit
16th Nov 2013, 19:18
Are you a Hells Angel?

16th Nov 2013, 19:19
Speed Hump

Agree totally :ok:

(FYI, the reason football matches are so tightly controlled here in Oz
is because of the previous ethnic tensions between teams).

Ascend Charlie
16th Nov 2013, 20:04
...and these ethnic tensions were brought here by ratbag Europeans. Our local ethnics are too laid back to bother with that sort of stuff.

Captain Sand Dune
17th Nov 2013, 05:50
Was boarding a domestic flight out of Perth earlier this year in order to make a timely escape. This was one of the rare occasions I was not taken aside to participate in the random explosives check. (As a white Anglo-Saxon I am clearly a prime suspect!):rolleyes: No, instead I was treated to the sight of an elderly lady in a wheelchair being forced to get out of her wheelchair to be checked instead. :mad::mad::mad:
Similarly, I nearly always found the customs staff at the international side at Perth to be a bunch of little Hitlers as well.
Having said that though, myself and another squadron pilot were having a cuppa at Wagga recently as our aircraft were re-fuelled. Despite wearing military flying suits and carrying ID cards and having walked from our aircraft in full view of everyone into the terminal, we were not permitted to access the ramp area using the same door that the RPT pilots used. No, had to go through the bullsh*t of screening and a lecture from the mental midget manning the security area of how we were to walk to our aircraft. Tossers!! :yuk:

17th Nov 2013, 05:59
"mental midget"

What a super description of the majority of them :ok:

Perth has always had 'lLittle Hitlers" as Custom people in my opinion.

Nervous SLF
17th Nov 2013, 07:24
Intellectual pygmy is another name I have heard/used :)

Ascend Charlie
17th Nov 2013, 09:02
Lobbed into Hervey Bay for a refuel, and when it was done, said to myself, "Self! You need a coffee!"

So Self walked into the terminal through the entry gates, relieved self's distended bladder, and then ordered a nice little cappuccino. Saw the Virgin jet arrive as I headed back to the gate, to find that I now had to go into the passenger departure area and wait until boarding was called, despite being in full flying suit, ASIC and such. Oh, and by the way, you can't go into the departure area carrying that coffee, you must throw it away.

Pig's @rse. I asked for the supervisor to see if he could show a little common sense and let me onto the tarmac to get back to my helicopter and my impatient student, pacing around the tarmac. No, go into the departure area, and by the way, you can't take that..... yeah, yeah.

So, stand there, drink the coffee (darn, it was hot) then strip off all the accoutrements of helicopter flying to get through the detectors, put it back on, and wait for the condescending little Jobsworthy to open the door and let me out.
Only added about 15 minutes to the overall exercise, and achieved absolutely nothing in the safety department. But they all wore the self-satisfied look of a month-old turd, to have done their job and caused an aviator some troubles.:suspect:

Worrals in the wilds
17th Nov 2013, 10:08
Oh, and by the way, you can't go into the departure area carrying that coffee, you must throw it away.Why not? Hervey Bay is not an international airport so LAG screening doesn't apply. A hot liquid can be scanned to meet the domestic security standard by either an X-ray or by being carried through a magnetometer. If you're there again, ask 'em why.

Generally, if you're in a regional port and something sounds suss (security wise) it's always worth asking which section of the Aviation Transport Security Act or its Regulations apply.
If they look :confused: or start dribbling from the ears ask if it's in the airport's TSP.
If they ask what a TSP is tell them to jam the coffee where the sun doth not shine, because they would appear to be flying under NFI rules.:} You won't get all that far complaining about the X-ray/magnetometer screening (like ID checks, it just seems to crop up everywhere these days :( ) but I fail to see why the coffee was a prohibited item.

There is more smelly manure generated in the name of aviation security than by the country's 1.6 million dairy cattle, and at least the cattle produced variety has a number of other uses. :bored: This particularly applies to regional airports where someone read the manual but didn't quite understand all the complicated bits. :\

17th Nov 2013, 10:33
Had flown into a small airport in Northern France a few years ago and while in the town had bought a box of French style knives (the ones that look like daggers).
Had to go back to my aircraft via the lounge with passengers waiting for the main flight and security lady asked me to put my carrier bag (with the knives) onto the belt.
As it was going through I walked ahead and my metal leg 'pinged' the personal scanner so she turned to me and started to run her wand over my body.
Behind her, on the screen, was the Xray showing six daggers nicely laid out in my bag.
Finished with me she quietly reached behind her, picked up my bag of daggers and gave it to me. :D