View Full Version : Syrian rebels behead one of their own by mistake

16th Nov 2013, 00:09
This news article (link below) has given me the best chuckle of the week. A hardline Sunni Islamist Syrian rebel leader, one Mohammed Fares Maroush, is shot up in a stoush.

He groggily comes to in a medical treatment facility, being treated for his wounds - and mistakenly thinks he's been captured by Assads feared shabiha (Shia) militia.

Obviously shitting himself about being discovered as a rebel commander, he starts praying in Shia fashion.
The Sunni rebels, who haven't established his identity, hear him praying in Shia fashion, and immediately presume he's one of Assads mob.

They take him out and behead him, videoing the whole performance and dancing around and claiming another victory over Assads mob - when all of a sudden, one of the rebels says ... "hang on a minute! he's one of our own commanders!" :eek: :O

But not to worry - the rebels spokesman, one Omar al-Qahtani concedes there has been "an error" - but that Allah will forgive any jihadist who mistakenly slaughters any true believer ... :ugh::ugh:

BBC News - Syrian rebel 'beheaded in case of mistaken identity' (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-24957195)

16th Nov 2013, 00:35
Yep. Sorry mate. Listen I've heard of this stuff called Loctite. We'll have it back on in a jiffy. It's either that or you can screw 70+ virgins without seeing the fat yins.


16th Nov 2013, 00:36
Seems to me that allah is assumed to go along with
any rule that any islamic boss suddenly makes up.

So why do these muslim lunatics have a predilection
for decapitation these days anyway? I thought it was
purely a French and Jap bushido thing. Can't see any
thing written in Mo's koran about it.

16th Nov 2013, 00:39
While I can't bring myself to condone beheading, even if inflicted on my enemy, I do take some pleasure when these hideous, ghoulish barbarians do it to themselves.

16th Nov 2013, 00:42
May be wrong but I heard that according to Islamist thinking, decapitation besides being an insult of the worst sort, condemns the victim to hell for all eternity.

16th Nov 2013, 00:47
....condemns the victim to hell for all eternity.

I thought bullets pre-dipped in pig's blood does that.

16th Nov 2013, 01:11
Good on them! I wish them many more such successes!

Guess we will not hear any outcry from the Muslim World about this own goal!

Solid Rust Twotter
16th Nov 2013, 09:29
Or their apologists. About the same silence you'll get from them when the nasty 'ol infidel gets his head sawn off with a blunt bread knife.

16th Nov 2013, 09:43
Yes, there have been some rather amusing pictures on LL of this.

It's okay though.

They apologised. :rolleyes:

16th Nov 2013, 11:41
Why all the fuss, it was only a clerical error.

16th Nov 2013, 11:53
cattletruck... :ok:

16th Nov 2013, 12:43
So a guy lost his head in the confusion.:E

16th Nov 2013, 21:29
Oh dear! How sad!

Possibly some copying might help.....

16th Nov 2013, 21:33
Best chuckle of the week? You are one sad individual.

16th Nov 2013, 21:51
The US Military could learn a lesson about how to properly "Decapitate" Enemy Leadership from these guys.:uhoh:

Nipped in the Bud....one might say!

16th Nov 2013, 22:15
Best chuckle of the week? You are one sad individual.

The sad thing is that a significant element of Islamic culture utilizes beheading, a torturous, agonizing application of capital punishment, never mind the absence of a fair trial.

It will always baffle me that the Western Left has taken their side when their barbarism is so clearly demonstrated day after murderous day, all over the world.

16th Nov 2013, 22:18
A bit more "disinformation" needs to be spread around with "photoshopped" photos !!!

16th Nov 2013, 22:19

Yep, would be much easier just pulling a trigger !

16th Nov 2013, 22:21
that the Western Left has taken their side

I'd say islamics are "useful idiots" to them.

16th Nov 2013, 22:22
Absolutely, because it helps the cause.

17th Nov 2013, 01:58
Not the sharpest knives in the drawer:}

17th Nov 2013, 02:09
Best chuckle of the week? You are one sad individual.

Plazbot - No, I just enjoy seeing the truly sad individuals - the hardline Islamics who believe in a God of murderous hatred, and violent butchery - being on the receiving end of their murderous hatred and violent butchery.

17th Nov 2013, 02:40
Syrian rebels behead one of their own by mistake.


17th Nov 2013, 02:56
Do you rate 72 virgins if you go to Allah sans head and after a case of mistaken identity (brought about by your own stupidity).

This is really just an updated version of the old joke about the WW2 hot ace USN pilot who lands on the carrier, (of course, catching the third wire), unstraps, rushes up onto the bridge and announces that he's just had the most fantastic mission - sank a Jap carrier single handedly, shot down three Zeros making his escape, then, with the last of his ammunition, brassed up a troop carrying barge, killing hundreds of Jap soldiers before they could make it to the beach.

On hearing this, the carrier captain says: "Nice randing, Amelican. You make just one velly sirry mistake..."

Solid Rust Twotter
17th Nov 2013, 05:32

18th Nov 2013, 17:37
In a land where most males have the same name, mistakes are bound to happen.

18th Nov 2013, 20:53
I don't know if this is irony or justice.

Perhaps both.