View Full Version : What is a Human Rights Activist?

15th Nov 2013, 16:48
I'm really not too sure.

Since the BBC like following them around I'm guessing something like rentamob left wing.

15th Nov 2013, 16:55
Rent a mob.

Someone who can't get a real job.

15th Nov 2013, 17:03
A subset from the tribe of usual suspects.

Just another excuse to poke the populace with their "right-on" sticks while living off daddies trust fund.

How many of them would give up a spare room to house those they campaign on behalf of? Zero percent of bugger-all, I would think.

15th Nov 2013, 18:31
A human rights activist? One of those people who have the below plastered onto their vehicle, usually a Prius or some model of Subaru.

They are also known to appear behind, or in front of, a tree. Although it may seem they are humping the tree they are, in actuality, merely hugging it.

15th Nov 2013, 18:34
A target, often moving !

15th Nov 2013, 18:43

I always enjoyed a moving target. Especially one which moves rapidly after being told "You have 30 seconds to disappear from my sight. 25 seconds of which are now gone. Move."

Thomas coupling
15th Nov 2013, 18:48
If their raison d'etre was human rights....to be pedantic, shouldn't there also be human lefts?

15th Nov 2013, 18:48
Warning ? you give a warning ????

So do I, especially when it is big, black and hairy.

Some of my best shots have been on moving targets,
head shots with open (as in V) sights at 100 yards.

15th Nov 2013, 18:48
Someone like this? (http://www3.pictures.gi.zimbio.com/Halima+Bashir+Pres+Bush+Meets+Darfur+Human+Fo4sDEIELHvl.jpg)

15th Nov 2013, 18:51
Someone who thinks they are or can make a difference but in effect
are just part of a bloated organisation like the UN that costs more
than it is worth.

15th Nov 2013, 18:56
Someone who is very big on human rights but ignores the responsibilities that go with the rights? :confused:

15th Nov 2013, 19:00
Someone who is very big on human rights but ignores the responsibilities that go with the rights?

Ah, therefore it must be Obama. :p

15th Nov 2013, 20:29
They are usually named Jesse or Al.