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tony draper
12th Nov 2013, 15:42
We dont need no stinking landing strip.:rolleyes:
Super Cub landing on windy mt. top - YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-9RPJDoC5E#t=185)

12th Nov 2013, 15:47
Oh I thought it was something else, with pictures:p

12th Nov 2013, 15:59
Two of us once had a challenge to see if we could land across the width of either of the runways at BDN. We weren't allowed to try, but instead chalked lines 150ft apart (the width of the runways at BDN) on a local grass strip and managed to land and take off between the lines OK. Always thought it would have been fun to do this for real at BDN, replicating the old Irish joke about short runways that are VERY wide.

Lightning Mate
12th Nov 2013, 16:03
...and I was thinking it would be something interesting.

Try this at 130 knots....


12th Nov 2013, 16:06
Saw a Super Cub at a display once, facing into quite a wind, I swear it was airborne without the wheels rolling at all.

Lightning Mate
12th Nov 2013, 16:08
Love to know how it managed to taxy then.

DX Wombat
12th Nov 2013, 16:23
Try this at 130 knots....The lovely little Cessna 152 doesn't do 130 knots. :{

Lightning Mate
12th Nov 2013, 16:29
Doesn't need a hook then.

12th Nov 2013, 17:17
Oh, I do miss Slasher :{

12th Nov 2013, 18:37
"Oh I thought it was something else, with pictures"

Hmm, commented to a chap known to be 'doing' a rather young looking woman at the surf club ba similar.....his response was...

'If there's grass on the wicket, it's time to play cricket' ........

west lakes
12th Nov 2013, 18:45
Nowt new!

Avro 585 G-EBPH on Helvellyn. (http://www.yorkshire-aircraft.co.uk/aircraft/ebph.html)


A A Gruntpuddock
12th Nov 2013, 18:46
Once saw a Tiger Moth flying backwards at Leuchars Airshow.

Didn't see anything like it until Harrier came along.

12th Nov 2013, 19:08
This is my favorite video of an very short landing roll!

Short Strip, in a valley, no go around......must not land land or fast!

Airplane crash - landing without landing gear HD - YouTube

tony draper
12th Nov 2013, 19:28
Wonder what he put on the insurance claim, me co pilot forgot to put the wheels down,they's speaking in furrin so I dont know what they are saying.

Solid Rust Twotter
12th Nov 2013, 19:41

Twin Otter STOL Landing in high winds - YouTube

12th Nov 2013, 19:52
his is my favorite video of an very short landing roll!

It's always a problem when the 'gear not down' alarm is the same as the 'full ashtray' alarm.

12th Nov 2013, 19:57
Love to know how it managed to taxy then.

Just enough power and forward stick to hold the tail wheel off the ground, then apply rudder. No, I have not done it but have a DVD of chaps in Alaska who do this sort of stuff all the time. :ooh:

eastern wiseguy
12th Nov 2013, 20:14
Lightning Mate......we don't need no stinkin hooks

USS Forrestal C-130 Hercules Carrier Landing Trials - YouTube

12th Nov 2013, 20:25
Many moons ago someone posted a whole series of unbelievable landing strips in PNG. Most of them were like big dippers.

I don't suppose anyone saved them?

12th Nov 2013, 20:43
..they's speaking in furrin so I dont know what they are saying.

Tony that was Luxembourgish for Awwww :mad::mad:

I've flown an Otter on skis backwards, it was quite windy at the time. The passengers waiting on the ice strip were impressed. :D

Angels, the OzExpat and Chimbu Chuckles should have those, I'll see if I can rustle some up.

12th Nov 2013, 20:48
Probably not the videos you were thinking of but here's a couple :